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Jay-Z Knows How to Party It up for Og Juan Perez’ 50th Celebration

Juan “OG” Perez is the leader of Roc Nation Sports, a sports management agency powered by Roc Nation. Roc Nation is one of the few companies owned and operated by rap megastar, Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. OG Juan’s friendship with the rap mogul started a little over 20 years ago. He met the rapper through one of the founding members of Roc-A-Fella Records, JAY-Z’s first-ever record label. OG Juan shared that he felt an instant click as soon as he was introduced. The two both came from New York City, and have shared a strong bond over its quality food, nightlife and sports. This year, as soon as OG Juan hit the age of 50, JAY-Z made sure to celebrate his birthday like there was no tomorrow.

The hip-hop icon, who ended up dropping around $113,000 by the time the birthday weekend was done, and made headlines after one of his bar tabs went viral. Og Juan and his wife Desiree Perez, along with several other of their closest friends, were all treated to a fabulous night out that ended at the Playroom Lounge in New York City. Throughout their visit, JAY-Z bought 40 bottles of very expensive champagne, and one of the servers had posted the bar tab on their social media. The infamous tab revealed that he had spent a total of $74,000 in bottles of Ace of Spade Rosé and Ace of Spades Gold, the additional tax totaled $6,035 and an $11,000 tip all contributed to the grand total of $91,000.

Achievements of Sheldon Lavin in the Food Industry

In today’s modern world of business, many ventures cannot succeed when there is no commitment to progress and also growth. The market today have very brilliant young entrepreneurs who have a lot of education and a great understanding of tech-related skills. The problem is that their businesses never live to celebrate many birthdays. This is purely because they lack proper managerial skills to manage these ventures. They also lack knowledge and also experience, and when things go back, they tend to give up instead of working to get solutions. Sheldon Lavin, 82 is one of the few and the most successful Chief Executive Officers who possess a wide range of experience in the industry of finance and accounting. He has been working towards perfecting on skills before he could start facing more challenges. He happens to be a very reputable professional who has a lot of experience in building business empires.

Sheldon Lavin always works for his career success and also making the ventures he manages to do better. Sheldon Lavin joined the company that was previously operating as a family business and transformed it into a big company. He has been able to change it from Otto & Sons to OSI Group with over 83 facilities across 17 countries. They have managed to set a good pace for their business and have been able to employ 20,000 employees all of whom are treated as part of their global family.

Sheldon has decided to employ long-term employees who have been with them since they started their businesses to date. He is passionate about progress and has what it takes towards making them the best. Sheldon Lavin as the chairman and the chief executive officer is the person behind the company’s major decisions. He has been on the frontline ensuring that he succeeds so well in what he does. With the help of experienced staff, he has been able to make decisions depending on technological changes and also a market for their produce. He has also been able to take his time well before proceeding to open a new facility or even opening a new branch.

Freedom Checks Look Funny, but the Investment Smells Good

Why do freedom checks look so sketchy it they are actually legitimate? Anybody who has researched freedom checks, or the investor behind them Matt Badiali, has probably learned that they are real. Badiali’s credentials are enough to validate anything. Besides this thought the videos in which Badiali introduces freedom checks still look scammy with a side of skechy. Mostly, this is due to the scrip of the video being the same one they use for all the videos. It also has to do with the fact, that no one fully understand what a freedom check is.

Freedom checks are actually MLPs. These are tradeable exchange stakes investors purchase to gain a percentage of a company. The stakes provide said company with working capital, and also grant the business tax exemptions. Now here is where Badiali’s cash grab claim comes in. To take advantage of the tax break, the company has to pay the majority of its cash revenue to its investors. Freedom Checks: Are They a Scam or the Real Deal?

This means that about 90% of profits go to stakeholders to leave a measly 10% for taxes. If you have purchased a stake, you effectively get to “grab” a percentage of that payout. It comes in a monthly to quarterly payout known properly as a return of capital payment. Badiali likes to call it a freedom check.

MLPs are actual investment, very close to regular stocks. This means that they carry some risk. Obviously, if the company were to close the investment would be lost. Risk is also factored into the performance of the company. If the company makes good money, investors get a good payout, and vice versa. In addition, the percentage is related to the amount invested, so if John Q. Stakeholder only invests ten dollars, which is what some stakes can be purchase for, they will receive a corroborating percentage. So freedom checks are no more of a risk than normal stock.

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Short Business Bio On OSI Group Leader: Sheldon Lavin

Who Is The Popular OSI Group Industry Food Specialist

The exquisite OSI Group, based in southern Illinois, is one of the largest in North America. They’ve proudly served their clients with a complete nutritious and balanced meal each time. If you get your meat from a grocer, a restaurant, or a meet market, the chances are you’ve ate an OSI Industries diet. Feeding millions of families have given them an opportunity to adhere to the strict guidelines set forth by the food industry. Their excellence in food service has allowed them to become the 2016 honorees of the Globe of Honour Award.

OSI Group Team Leader: Sheldon Lavin

The OSI Group has a mirage of team players that includes professional businessman and COO, Sheldon Lavin. They have been able to expend their international network by securing a partnership with the popular Flagship Europe food network. Lavin played a major role in the the success of the acquisition. OSI will be responsible for processing their meat patties and food condiments says, Lavin. Their President, David McDonald, has also played a significant role in the merger that was made with the Dutch food network through Baho Foods, alongside Sheldon Lavin.

Charity News: OSI Executive Starts Job Initiative

Sheldon Lavin has been able to start a job program that has created 6,000 jobs worldwide. He decided it was a necessity to give back to the communities they feed by creating jobs for at-risk adults. His efforts have been a success. OSI has also been able to acquire a Tyson food plant in Chicago to help a few hundred workers secure their current job position. They will continue to process their organic vegetables with Tyson foods. Learn more about the premiere OSI Group by visiting their official website today.

Guilherme Paulus is 2017’s Entrepreneur of the Year

After reaching success when he co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. in the 1970’s and turning it into one of largest tourism agencies in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus has focused on creating a hotel empire and tapping into another sector in the hospitality and tourism industry.

Guilherme Paulus agreed to an interview with the television program Foreign Currency, a show on TV Dinheiro, where he described his business plans. After the interview, he learned that some of the members of the audio-visual team were about to go on vacation and promptly handed out business cards for his tourism agency. This happens frequently and reveals much about the success of the 68-year-old millionaire and founder of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. After selling some shares of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. for an estimates R $750 million, he then sold the airline WebJet to Gol for R $70 million and then occupied a chair on the tourism board. Visit Guilherme Paulus at Forbes to find out more.

Guilherme Paules like to comment that he sells dreams. The sale of dreams is profitable and has made Guilherme Paulus into a successful businessman and multi-millionaire. Over the years Guilherme Paulus has accumulated many assets and still owns 8% of CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens S.A. which has an estimated market value of R $6.35 million. Guilherme Paulus claims that he continues to work because he enjoys helping Brazil by generating jobs. Recently he has invested R $600 million in the growth of the hospitality industry, mainly in the GJP Group which has over 20 hotels scattered over 11 states in Brazil.

The network of hotels created by Paulus has four flagship hotels: Wish, a five-star hotel, the Prodigy a four-star hotel, Linx a three-star hotel, and the Saint Andrews Premium line which is located in the city of Gramado. Over 92,000 guests have stayed at a GJP Hotels and Resorts hotel. The hotels currently employ over 1.9 thousand people. The GJP Group has also taken over the Marulhos Suite resort in Porto de Galinhas. These are some of the most celebrated and visited hotels in Brazil.

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A Century’s Worth of Innovation & Excellence: OSI Group

There are very few companies whose history dates back to over a century. Being in business for over 100 years isn’t an easy feat, but there are some exceptions to the rule. OSI Group is definitely one of those exceptions as it has set a new benchmark in the foodservice field of work. OSI Group is an American wholesaler of foods, but it has history that dates back to the wave of German-immigration that entered the US post World War I. This just so happens to be the ultimate American-immigration experience. Fast-forward to today and the company has gone international. In 2011, Forbes ranked the Aurora-based business at 136th position. This position is a ranking of the largest independent companies in the US. In 2011, OSI Group generated over $3 billion in revenue.

In 2016, the company had moved up the ladder to the 58th position while generating over $6.1 billion in revenue. As you can see, there’s a huge increase in profits. Cutting-edge technology has played a major role in the company’s growth. At OSI Group’s Spain location, the company has been able to double its production in chicken products from 12,000 tons to 24,000 tons. Thanks to its $17 million investment, a new high-capacity production was implemented into the system. The company as done so well to where it will be adding an additional 20 positions.

In 2016, the company was able to acquire stake in Tyson Foods by purchasing the Tyson’s facility in Chicago for $7.4 million. This acquisition will definitely strengthen the company’s infrastructure as it is in close proximity to other OSI facilities. BAHO Food is another acquisition that has strengthened OSI Group’s infrastructure. This private-Dutch company produces and sells an abundance of deli meats, snacks and convenient foods. OSI Group is simply winning, especially when it comes to conducting business. This short article can’t do the company any real justice, but you should have a much better understanding of how powerful the company has become.

Splendid Sussex Healthcare Facility

In bold terms, Sussex Healthcare is described as an independent organization that is centered on providing medical care for the households as well as supporting the services for the elderly. The company is attributed to operating about twenty homes that offer a wide range of services that primarily aimed at the welfare of the old people. The care welfare does not only constitute the old individuals but also those parties that are mentally incapacitated as a result Alzheimer’s disease or Dementia affection.

It also encapsulates people particularly adults with both learning and physical complications alongside with the victims of neurological disabilities. Sussex Healthcare was incepted in the year 1985 before developing into the current 20 facilities that operate under it. It provides welfare to people with the variety of needs ranging from mild to the extreme. In particular, the facility is endowed with competent staff as well as sustenance team that is nurtured and committed to caring for its prospective clients.

Also, Sussex healthcare’s management embraces training, competitive compensation as well as continued education as its best practice endeavor. In regards to the services that are being offered by the facility, the jobs that are available at Sussex Healthcare entails; Care Assistant, the Kitchen Assistant at Horsham, Registered Care Home Manager, Domestic Assistant who is sometimes called the cleaner as well as the Account Assistant all based at Horsham.

Besides, among the jobs that are available at Sussex Healthcare entails the Deputy Care Home Manager, Activity Assistant, Support Worker/HCA/ Care Assistant, drivers, Physio Assistant, registered nurse, Administrator among other many. It is essential to understand that Sussex Healthcare constitutes skilled nursing care that operates on a 24-hour basis every day and is also known to have expert therapies as well as purpose-established facilities that entails spa pools, track hoisting and multi-sensory that enhance a lot of processes in the entire facility. In essence, Sussex facility works under a philosophy that stipulates that all the clients in the facility are eligible and entitled to consistent access to recreational amenities, social and as well as leisure activities.

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients Leave Impressive Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients are overwhelmingly happy with the services that she provides according to the reviews on many different websites. According to one of her patients that received tummy tuck from Dr. Jennifer Walden, she shows a lot of patience and is incredibly friendly during the entire process. The patient felt as if she was kept well informed about every part of the procedure.

Other patients praise Dr. Jennifer Walden about the environment in which the consultations for the procedures were done. According to this patient who had a breast augmentation performed, she thought that that the office in which Dr. Jennifer Walden works out of was absolutely beautiful. She felt that she was educated properly about the surgery and was made to feel comfortable by the staff.

In the case of another patient who received a breast augmentation under her care, Dr. Walden and her staff were there for her every step of the way. She was made to feel at ease from the moment she walked into the office and was comfortable with the professionalism of entire staff. They were there to answer every question that she had about her surgery and other procedures that were offered by Dr. Jennifer Walden. Even scheduling was an easy task to complete and she felt like the whole process from scheduling the initial consultation to recovery flowed.

It seems to be a trend among the patients that have left reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden to be extremely happy with how informative and professional everyone involved with their procedure was. Most seem to be very happy with the outcome of their procedures with Dr. Jennifer Walden and would happily recommend her to any of their friends and family and plan to return to her if they need any work done in the future.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2015 following the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs. FEC in 2010. The case ruled that corporations are people, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money supporting election campaigns. Special interest groups and the wealthy are therefore given a chance to exercise undue influence on the electoral process. End Citizens United opposes these wealthy people by supporting campaign candidates who support pro-reforms in elections. Candidates who accept donations from the wealthy have an unfair advantage. These candidates end up serving the interests of the wealthy instead of the electorate once elected. End Citizens United accepts donations from the grassroots with an average of $14.

The donations collected are used to endorse candidates who support elections pro-reforms by encouraging campaigns to be carried out by monies that are limited, and that can be traced. Candidates who are supported by End Citizens United have many advantages such as being connected to the grassroots members of the political action committee in their states and districts. They are also connected to a national network of over 400,000 small donors that support their campaigns. Recently, End Citizens United accused Florida governor Rick Scott of illegally using New Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) to support his senate campaign. They filed the complaint with Federal Electoral Commission.

They claimed that Rick Scott is using the super PAC to evade federal limits of direct contributions towards candidates’ campaigns. A super PAC can raise as much money as it wishes and spends it but it is not allowed to work directly with any candidate in election campaigns. Rick Scott was the chairman of the New Republican PAC at the time he announced that he would vie for the Senate seat. Evidence arraigned against Rick Scott shows that both he and the New Republican PAC are using the same fundraiser, Jenny Rucker. Rick Scott campaign and the New Republican are also using the same address. It was also noted that a recent poll paid by New Republican was for Rick Scott. To add to this evidence, it was reported in March that the New Republican was campaigning for Rick Scott.

David McDonald Expands OSI Group’s Global Presence

David McDonald is the President and CEO of the OSI Group based out of the Greater Chicago, IL area. The OSI Group has been in business for over a century and has become a top supplier of meat on a national as well as a global scale. The OSI Group began as a small local meat market on Chicago’s west side neighborhood of Oak Park in 1909. Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, the company was renamed Otto & Sons and over the years through growth and expansion it became the OSI Group.

Since teaming up with Ray Kroc in 1955 to become the primary meat supplier for the McDonald’s Corporation, the company has made adjustments to fill the greater demand that fast-food chains and global sales require. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the OSI Group has been able to grow and change with the times.

Having been with the company for over 30 years, David McDonald understands the company culture well. He started as a project manager and has earned his way to the top rung of the ladder as President and CEO of the OSI Group. David received his degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University and has enjoyed implementing what he learned into achieving the OSI Group’s vision of complete customer satisfaction.

David McDonald has been an instrumental force in leading the OSI Group into the global economy. Under his tenure as President, the company has established a presence in China with 10 poultry facilities, in the U.K. through the acquisition of Flagship Europe and the purchase of Baho Foods has allowed them to enter the Dutch market. In the United States the company purchased a former Tyson production facility to further enable wider distribution within the nation’s borders.

Because of David McDonald and his ability to adapt to the changes in the global business economy the OSI Group has thrived and benefited not only its employees but also has helped the communities in which they have become a part of. By respecting the societal culture he has grown the business and strengthened human bonds.

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