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What To Consider Before Hiring An Event Planner

There is nothing like hiring a planner to reduce the stress of hosting an event. You can hire a planner to take care of tasks such as selecting the venue and hiring a live band.


Twenty Three Layers is a popular event planning company in New York. Jessica Boskoff, Sarah Freedman and Lindsay Hayden work hard in event planning, design and production. The team specializes in services such as custom printing, catering, lighting and floral design.


You can find Twenty Three Layers at 420 West 14th Street, Ste. 2NE, and you can contact them by calling their office or filling out the form on their official website. However, there are a few things you should consider before hiring a planner for your event.


The first thing you should consider is the goal of your event. You may want to host an anniversary party your loved ones or fundraiser for a charity. A corporate function may include a team building event or retirement party. It is best to ask yourself the usual who, what and where questions about your event. Once you figure out your goals, you can look for a planner who has plenty of experience in your type of event.


The next thing to consider is your reason for hiring an event planner. Do you need a planner to build a menu and take care of catering? You may need them to create invitations or flyers for your event. Your planner cannot do their job if they do not know what tasks you need taken care of on your behalf. It is easy to find a certified planner when you figure out their tasks in advance.


The last thing you need to consider is the budget for your event. You do not want to plan a huge ceremony to find out you do not have enough money in the budget for the food or venue. A qualified planner will pitch an idea that fits your goal but does not go over your budget.


It is easy to find an experienced planner when you figure out the details of your event in advance.

Igor Cornelsen – A Well Known Investment Professional, an Established Investor and Native to Brazil

Igor Cornelsen currently operates with Bainbridge Investments, Inc. as the stock market entrepreneur. Cornelsen reunited with the project association in the spring of 2011 and his rule objective at Bainbridge Investments is to discover innovative and empowering ways to deal to use the share exchanging framework for future accomplishment.

If there is something Cornelsen adores it is investment on He is a local of South Florida and more often than not flies back to his country of root, Brazil. He invests around half of his energy in Brazil and the other half in Florida. More so, Cornelsen has enthusiasm for golf when he has some extra time on his clamoring timetable. The puzzle is out with respect to what Igor Cornelsen is doing in the domain of investing and business. As per the Cornelsen, he exercises all his trading weapons in the Brazilian market. It is the fifth greatest economy on the planet however for no good reason is routinely assumed by people who probably don’t realize how greatly they can benefit from the same.

Igor knows more concerning the share exchanging framework than the majority will ever consider a subject on LinkedIn. He is a shrewd person, and the things he needs to state with respect to the share trading system ought to be correctly trailed by everyone who is new to the stock trade and is sure of how it works. He has acknowledged what best need to be done amid investment at, and the individuals who look forward to achieve that should consider the words that leave his mouth. Somebody as smart as Igor Cornelsen who has been known to handle the stock market wisely should be significantly regarded by all, and any person who takes after the tips he gave will turn out to be more fruitful and prominent in the share trading framework than the people who don’t.

Cornelsen just appreciates what truly matters to him, and people need to take after his secrets and know precisely what he does. With regards to issues dealing with stock market and stock industry, it all matters on what the starter should think about. And Cornelsen has shared some resourceful and noteworthy counsel on what exactly ought to be done on matters of business and investment.

Lori Senecal Brings Impressive Growth to Crispin Porter + Bogusky

Lori Senecal is a wonderful business woman that has managed to elevate in the marketing world. In a report by PR News, she is the new global CEO that is doing her duty in helping with the expansion of Crispin Porter + Bogusky. This is the advertising agency that has hired her to do a considerable amount with the further development of this advertising agency.

What Senecal brings to the table is experience. She is putting some time and energy into building up some lofty campaigns for companies like Nestle and Coca-Cola over the course of her career. She has this spirit that just keeps getting better as time progresses. She was deemed an “agency executive to watch” in 2016, and Lori has continued to show her dominance in marketing in 2017.

The thing that may make Mrs. Senecal stand out from her peers is her tireless dedication to bringing something that is innovative to the table. In a report by, when she left her position as president for McCann-Erickson there was a void at this company. She was there for 2 years, and during this time she gained valuable experience as a president. She was in charge at a company that reaches out to more than 120 countries around the globe. This is a lot of pressure. There are bountiful deadlines and business agendas to consider.

Lori Senecal has made sure that she stands strong in the midst of the difficult situations. She has led several companies during her time in the presidential role. It may not have been easy for Lori to carve out her path, but the end result shows that she was tenacious enough to stick with it.

Senecal knows better than anyone that first impressions are golden. She knows all about how this can play a big part in the way that customers perceive a certain company. She knows about the importance of expansion, but this can be difficult at times. When companies have a headquarters and a plethora of other geographical locations there has to be some uniformity across the different locations. That is why someone like Lori Senecal is needed. She has the ability to oversee the various locations and build an audience.

There have been a lot of people that have been interested in what is happening with the new firm that she has joined. Everyone wants to know how she will change the course of action as she becomes the Global CEO.



Mike Baur Extends Support To Upcoming Entrepreneurs Through The Swiss Startup Factory

Mike Baur has been in the world of entrepreneurship for barely four years and the progress he has made with the Swiss Startup Factory is pretty notable. Launched in 2014, the Swiss Startup Factory has been working with entrepreneurs by offering them support to establish their businesses. When he launched the incubation facility, he came from banking, where he resigned to venture into entrepreneurship. He did not imagine the facility would grow to become the best incubator in the country, but just two years later, it became the biggest.


To touch the entrepreneurs and to help them manage their ideas, Mike Baur offers a three months incubation program that is managed by highly experienced individuals. Offering support to young entrepreneurs offers Mike Baur the satisfaction he has for many years sought to achieve. His effort has helped to raise the bar for many businesses and he is looking to expand the reach of the Swiss Startup Factory so more can also benefit to launch their ideas after the three months incubation. He is optimistic about the growth of the company and is hoping to see more successful companies in the market that went through the incubation system.


Law and taxes

Young entrepreneurs often lack understanding beyond the product they are dealing with. They do not factor in some things like taxation and law that could possibly hinder their progress. While the idea could be perfect, lack of skills and knowhow about law and taxation could bring the business down, should there be a contravention of any section of law. This is why the Swiss Startup Factory offers support to entrepreneurs to ensure they understand about law and the impact it could have to the progress of the business.



Design and presentation is something that matters a lot in business. How the product is presented and designed determines the first impression that will be created and whether it will get as many sales as required. Through the Swiss Startup Factory, the ideas entrepreneurs present are shaped into products through creative design and presentation.


About Mike Baur

Mike Baur is a banker by profession who served in the Swiss private banking sector for more than 15 years before he exited to join entrepreneurship in 2014. He studied Finance and Banking but later went for an MBA at the University of Rochester. Mike Baur also received an Executive MBA from the Bern University.



Martin Lustgarten’s Impact in Investment Banking

An investment bank is a business entity that provides financial services to individuals, corporations, and governments for capital creation. Investment banks underwrite new debts and equity securities on behalf of organizations, assist in the sale of securities, and facilitate amalgamations and acquisitions. The investment banks also facilitate the reorganization of private institutions while offering brokerage services.

Investment banks are sub-divided into two categories namely the buy side and the sell side. The sell side deals with the placement of new bonds, issuing of the Initial Public Offerings (IPOs), and assists clients in the execution of complex financial transactions. An Investment bank also acts as an advisor to institutions and individuals seeking to raise capitals. Furthermore, the banks help in the management of assets for large investment companies as well as determining their share prices.

About Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten is an accomplished international investor and investment banker based in the United States. He is a citizen of Venezuela and Australia. Martin Lustgarten is an ideal role model for many investors. Martin’s ability to anticipate oncoming market trends makes him an investment guru. Throughout his entrepreneurial journey, Martin distributed his wealth across several countries to reduce investment risks. Over the years, Martin Lustgarten encouraged the development of investment plans as it helps create wealth quickly. Martin attributes his career success to his ability to inform clients about impending investment conditions.

According to Lustgarten, patience and success are inevitable as the investment banking industry grows gradually. Many investors champion Martin’s smart investment tips and use them as a model to advice retirees. Martin Lustgarten owns Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, an internationally recognized investment bank based in Florida. At one point, the bank earned the accolade of the world’s best investment bank. For the two decades that Martin Lustgarten served as the CEO of Martin Lustgarten Investment Banking Firm, he has influenced its success significantly. Martin’s ability to communicate effectively to his clients and employees has been instrumental in the success of his firm. Today, Martin Lustgarten remains a force to reckon in the investment banking industry.

Madison Street Capital Secures a Sound Minority Recapitalization on Behalf of the Renowned ARES Security Corporation

The global investment firm, Madison Street Capital, took the role of exclusive financial advisor in planning a debt investment for its long-term customer, ARES Security Corporation. Situated in Vienna, VA, the prominent ARES Security Corporation is a security risk management heavyweight that provides wide-ranging security software solutions. Madison obtained the recapitalization from Corbel Structured Equity Partners. CEO of Madison, Mr. Botchway, announced the recapitalization transaction on January 10, 2017. Reginald McGaugh, the managing director of Madison, was the supervisor of the transaction.


McGaugh’s declarations


McGaugh thanked the president and major shareholder of ARES Security, Ben Eazzetta, for his collaboration and efforts of making the transaction successful. He stated that ARES Security is a premier firm that offers sufficient security to the world’s precious assets. McGaugh said that Madison has succeeded in matching ARES Security with the suitable financial partner.


Ben Eazzetta’s opinions


Ben applauded Madison Street Capital’s group of talented experts for their commitment and efforts in handling the recapitalization transaction professionally. He said that everyone at ARES Security was impressed with way Madison handled the entire process, from the initial due diligence, the assessment, to the capital creation. Ben could not hide his excitement for obtaining a new capital structure.


ARES’ objectives


ARES plans to partner with Corbel to develop investment that will boost the equity value significantly. ARES Securities will maintain its sales at a higher level by leveraging Corbel’s robust capital solutions and supportive collaboration. The firm will also take advantage of diverse revenue opportunities that Corbel’s extensive network has to offer.



Madison Street Capital


Madison Street Capital is one of the trusted middle market investment banking companies. Its team of specialists has a deep background, extensive experience, and deep connections. The company is a powerhouse of corporate finance, recapitalization, and M&A advisory services. Situated in Chicago, Illinois, the investment-banking giant has instituted service centers in strategic cities of Asia, North America, and even Africa. Madison Street Capital reputation comes from cumulative years of experience in providing a variety of unique financial service, which includes restructuring services, buy and sell side services, business valuation services, and financial opinion services.


Professional expertise creates a noticeable difference in the field of investment banking and having served clients in broad range of sector, Madison’s veteran experts are aware that all circumstances need intense analysis and clear-cut recommendation. The company assists business owners who are planning to sell their businesses, acquire new companies, or develop a unique exit strategy. Additionally, the firm concentrates on improving lives within the community through engagement in numerous charitable initiatives. It is a long-term supporter of United Way, a community-based foundation that works in close collaboration with the local communities to resolve pressing issues.



Why Stem Cell Therapy is a Pragmatic Alternative to Lung Cancer Patients

It is no secret that the number of lung cancer patients is on the rise. Unfortunately, there has been no substantial solution to the malevolent cells that cause the condition. Even so, a number of therapies have been advanced to counter the effects of the ailment. Stem cell therapy remains the most popular lung cancer therapy. The therapy’s widespread use is credited to its ability to ease pain and suffering among lung cancer patients.

Does Stem Cell Therapy Work?

The management of lung cancer through stem cell therapy involves a holistic procedure. According to PR Web, analogous stem cells are removed from other parts of the body and thereafter, implanted on a patient’s body parts that are affected. The aim of this therapy is to stimulate the patient natural healing process. The process has a high success rate since the stem cells are harvested from the unaffected parts of a patient’s body. This eliminates the possibility of a rejection.

Patients who have undergone stem cell therapy attest to the fact that it helped them undertake their normal routines since it completely reinvigorates the body’s immune system. Normal breathing patterns resume soon after the procedure is undertaken. This negates the need for oxygen supplementation as it is the case with other procedures. Stem cell therapy is also painless, and doesn’t have any known side effects to a patient’s body. The Lung Institute is among notable facilities that offer stem cell therapy. See,

Brief Notes about The Lung Institute

The institution has distinguished itself as the go-to facility for alternative lung cancer treatments such as stem cell therapy. Its procedures are undertaken under the watchful eyes of renowned medical practitioners and doyens in the field of cancer research and therapy. Since opening its doors to the public, the facility has treated close to 3,000 lung cancer patients.

The Lung Institute has strategic clinics in Florida, Texas, Nashville, and Pennsylvania. The clinics collaborate with other cancer treatment facilities in a bid to provide high quality lung cancer treatment. It also collaborates with research institutions with the aim of advancing better therapies. The organizations similarly provides outpatient stem cell services to lung cancer patients. Visit the Lung Institute’s website for more information.

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The Investment Guidance that Brad Reifler Provides to His Clients

Brad Reifler is a well-established entrepreneur who has founded many companies. One of the recognized firms that he created is the Forefront Capital Management, and he currently serves it as the chief executive officer. The company acts as an outstanding advisory board that has been providing the best counseling in the commodities and forex sector. Brad has acquired exceptional expertise and experience in the field since he has been serving it for more than three decades.

Mr. Reifler schooled at the Bowdoin College, and he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Economics. After completing his college education, he established the Reifler Trading Corporation. The firm started its operations in 1982, and it mainly dealt with global derivatives. It made huge profits, and its ownership was later transferred to Refco. The businessman then created another firm that was called Pali Capital, and it helped him to make significant returns. He managed it by serving as its CEO and chairperson for about 13 years and supported it to make more than $200 million. It created branches in various countries such as Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Brad later left the firm and focused on the growth of the Forefront Advisory. He has gained exceptional skills that he uses in providing reliable guidance to the customers. The products market and the foreign exchange is characterized by a lot of instability. The investment advisor has been using the experience that he has accumulated in the past three decades assist anyone who would like to generate great profits from investments.

The entrepreneur has attended various conferences and has offered guidance on how one can be successful in the investment business. He has also made many public appearances and has discussed how the middle and lower class society can handle their money so that they can have savings that will help them in future. His advice has been quoted by various business media, and they include Yahoo Finance, MarketWatch, and the Reuters news. Mr. Reifler is highly devoted to offering his outstanding guidance to communities around the globe. His counseling assists clients to learn new and remarkable methods that they can use in developing a future that has a financial freedom. Brad served various advisory boards, and one of them is the European American Investment Bank. He has also been acknowledged for serving as a director of organizations such as Sino Mercury Acquisition Corp and the Finance Holdings Inc.

A Look At Sam Tabar’s Impressive Career

Sam Tabar is a capital strategist and an attorney. He is based in New York City. Previously, he worked for Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP as a senior associate. He handled the structure and formation of funds, hedge funds, as well as regulatory and compliance issues. In his life, Tabar has accomplished many successes. He is an alumnus of the prestigious Oxford University where he graduated with the highest honors. His interest in law saw him enroll at the Columbia Law School. Because of his leadership skills, he served as an associate editor for the Columbia Business Law Review. He held this position until he graduated from the law school.

With his impressive academic papers and excellent personal skills, Tabar received invitations from many prestigious law firms. He decided to join Skadden, Arps, Slater, Meagher & Flom LLP as an associate. At the company, he was engaged in advising clients on employment issues, hedge fund formation, compliance issues, and investment management agreements. He rendered his services for three years before joining Sparx Group Co. in Hong Kong as counsel.

Tabar was later promoted to serves as the managing director & Co-Head of business development. He was in charge of a $2 billion hedge fund. Tabar was also responsible for developing and executing business strategies. His marketing plan targeted large family offices, institutional investors, and wealthy individuals around the globe.

In 2011, the Bank of America Merrill Lynch appointed Tabar to work as its director and head of capital strategy. He was in charge of the Asia-Pacific region. Tabar was responsible for advising the firm’s hedge fund clients. He was also involved in managing the capital allocations. Later, Tabar joined Adanac LLC where he helped in financing Verboten and Thinx. He went back to practice law as a senior associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.

Different companies have been enlisting Sam Tabar’s services considering his extensive experience in law and investment. His advice has been accurate, informed, and visionary. Sam’s clients have been able to transform their businesses and investments by using his advice.

Sam is also an active user of social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. His posts highlight the interesting and informational subjects that he comes across. His insights have seen the number of his fans in the platforms increase over the years.

Brian Bonar Shows Considerable Interest in the Restaurant Business

Brian Bonar is undoubtedly a mogul in his standards. Aside from steering big corporations like Dalrada Financial Corporation into greater successful heights, he has been striving to create his business empire. Bellamy’s, a restaurant based in Escondido, is one of Bonar’s business ventures in San Diego County. This restaurant has been a home to one of the best cooks in the country, Patrick Ponsaty.

Chef Patrick Ponsaty is a French native. He is one of the only two individuals to attain the highly coveted designation of Master Chef of France. Before joining Bellamy’s, he worked as a chef at the Rancho Bernardo Inn where he helped Gavin Kaysen rise to prominence.

Brian Bonar has done a commendable job of ensuring that the staff at the Bellamy’s is well-qualified and experienced for the job. He did this by drawing several members of his staff from one of his favorite restaurants in San Diego area, El Bizcocho at Rancho Bernardo Inn. Some of the key staff drawn from El Biz include Trevor Da Costa and Mike Reidy.

As part of a larger venture, Bonar aims at transforming the Bandy Canyon into a four-star event location that will feature a signature restaurant. With Ponsaty as the chef, his goals are bound to come to reality. Currently, Ponsaty is helping to design his kitchen at the ranch in a suitable way before it becomes his official workplace.

Thanks to Ponsaty and Reidy, they have made Bellamy’s one of the most preferred restaurants in San Diego. Some of the popular cuisines that lure in customers include mushroom ravioli, parsley risotto and saffron panna cotta.

Brian Bonar

According to San Diego Magazine, Brian Bonar has established himself as an avid financial and entrepreneurial expert. He boasts of various financial specialties including mergers and acquisition, sourcing, venture capital private equity and sales. Over the years, Bonar has held numerous executive positions as well as built several successful business entities.

He embarked on his career as a procurement manager at IBM. This was before he joined QMS as an engineer. He oversaw the work of more than 100 hardware and software engineers. Since then, he has served in top capacities in various companies such as Smart-Tek Automated Services Inc., Dalrada Financial Corp and Allegiant Professional Business Services, Inc.

Bonar is known for creating his businesses including Bezier Systems, which is prominent for creating the first of its kind SCSI technology based printer. Aside from being a business guru, Bonar has also displayed academic prowess through his education track record.

He is a proud holder of an undergraduate degree in mechanical engineering from Strathclyde, an MBA and a Ph.D. in international development from Staffordshire University. In terms of accolades and recognitions, Bonar was named 2010 Who’s Who Executive of the Year in the finance category.