Glenn Laken

A blend of Bruce Levenson Leadership and Inspiration

Many people in leadership may not be praised for their great contribution. This is because some are not passionate about what they do. This leads to low production at their work place. The dream and love to promote talents have also slowed activities in major companies. However, for Bruce Levenson, he has taken the passion for sports to a whole new level. Today, he is a prominent businessman who loves charity work and supports sporting activities. He is also great lover of the basketball game and continues to be a role model to many in this field. This has made him to even co-own a team called Hawks which has played well and won awards. He has a Bachelor of Arts and a degree in Law both from the Washington University and America University respectively.

Running the NBA team

Forbes’ Bruce Levenson has remained a great lover of sports and other activities that support the young people. The sale will see him leave the comfort of getting the controlling interest. The sale will go to another sports lover named Antony Ressler.Resslers’s group is formed of Grant Hill a former NBA player and Jesse Itzler. The change of hands has been praised as it gives the team a chance to grow in a big way. Although other the years, the hands of Levenson have remained pivotal to the success of the team it will not get a new kick start. This is because as a crucial lubricate, he has remained motivational and caring for the team. The team which is being sold to roughly $850 million is a coveted deal which has been envied by many. However, the deal seems to be closing with Antony Ressler.

Professional management

Over the years, Bruce Levenson has built a team which has hit the world airwaves with their wins. This has seen the team emerging as one of the NBA teams which make history during their sale. This shows that Levenson had taken his work of managing the group in a professional way. The team is also of great potential because of the world billionaires who are making a dare to win the bid. The matches that the Hawks have played have remained memorable. They have also been on the expectant state of winning different matches and they have emerged champions. This makes them to be more than a team.

An-all-time leader

Over the years, the leadership of Bruce Levenson has been showered with praises. He has worked as a co-founder and partner at the UGC (United Communications Group). He co-founded the group together with Mr. Ed Peskowitz. The company which now has recorded 27 years of operation has since been as a star. He has also served with the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association as the member in the Board of Directors. He also worked as the President for the ‘I Have a Dream Foundation’. In this foundation, he was involved in a number of philanthropic works.