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Susan McGalla Gives Women Useful Career Advice

There seems to be no shortage of advice being offered these days to women about how to improve their career prospects. Online, on television and in the print media there are endless so-called experts claiming they can guide women to success. Unfortunately, most of that advice is so general, so generic and so vague that it is useless when you try to apply it to real life. That is why expert consultant Susan McGalla has been standing out from the pack with her direct, practical and no nonsense advice for women pursuing careers today.

Inspiring Message

The Pennsylvania based McGalla is a widely recognized authority on talent marketing and management on, brand marketing and improving operational efficiencies. She is often invited to speak on issues important to women in business and has spoken to some of the nation’s most prestigious business groups, such as the Women and Girl’s Foundation of Pittsburgh as well as the Carnegie Mellon University Speaker Series held for CEOs.

Keys to Success

According to McGalla, women looking for advice on their careers today are starving for information from an authentic perspective that they can then apply in a practical manner to their own spheres of business activity. For that reason, McGalla has little use for the buzzwords and catch phrases that are all over the media but which are useless to career women whom McGalla claims “don’t want to be targeted as women, but as professionals.”

Inspiring Biography

Growing up, Susan McGalla had to learn to compete in a household where her father was a football coach and she had two older brothers. She credits her parents for having the same expectations for her as they did for her brothers, in no way settling for less from her just because she was a girl. They encouraged her to work hard to get whatever she wanted and to have confidence in her own ideas and abilities. These attitudes enabled her to quickly rise in the male dominated business world, becoming the only woman on the board of American Eagle Outfitters, Inc. Eventually she became the president and chief merchandising officer of the company.

Advising Others

In recent years, Susan McGalla has shared the lessons she learned in her climb to the top to help other women discover how to repeat her success in their own field. She insists that gender discrimination does not have to hold women back, always focusing on her own excellence in performance rather than on what obstacles may lie in the way. “I never carried a chip on my shoulder of what I should be entitled to as a woman,” McGalla explains, “or what prejudices existed.” Instead McGalla is convinced that her own confident, sky is the limit mentality is the real key to success. It is a hopeful and inspiring message that today’s career minded women are responding to.