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Sanjay Shah: Founder of Autism Rocks

For the great majority of people, life is something that simply happens to them. Instead of going against the grain, they simply throw up their hands and give up. However, the term “giving up” is not something that is in British Millionaire Sanjay Shah’s vocabulary. When one of his sons was diagnosed with autism, he could have simply given up. However, as the innovative professional that he is he chose to do something about it instead. He could have given up in other areas prior to this as well. Before he started his own business, he was a broker. However, once he found himself downsized in 2009 he decided that the last thing he wanted to do was look for another job. He started Solo Capital, his own brokerage business, later that same year. For a number of years, life went really well for Shah and his wife. In 2011, Shah and his wife Usha had to take their son to the doctor, and there it was discovered that he was autistic. Shah did not give up on his son, and that is how his activism in the field of autism research began. He is the founder of the charity Autism Rocks and currently is administering a GoFundMe campaign to help his efforts.

As an individual with a net worth of over $280 million, Shah is in a great position to influence individuals and make some great societal changes for people like his son who are also afflicted with autism. Shah used his immense clout to start the charity Autism Rocks. The main idea with this charity is that they attempt to raise funds utilizing rock stars. Shah said that he got the inspiration to start this type of charity through a chance meeting with a world famous rapper, that of Snoop Dogg. It was a cordial meeting, and after the rapper left, Shah had an epiphany: what if he were to start a charity where he would stage concerts and pay the artist directly, all in an effort to raise funds for autism research? This is how the charity “Autism Rocks” was born.

Sanjay Shah says that he has been very successful so far, having persuaded such well-known names as Prince and Lenny Kravitz to play for the charity. He recently began a GoFundMe campaign in order to assist him in raising funds for this effort. This campaign, which is simply called Autism Rocks, was established last month and all the funds raised will go to worthwhile endeavors such as the autism research trust and the autism research centre. This page can be viewed here.

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