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Gourmet Pet Food Sales on the Rise

Man’s best friend seems to be getting extra care in recent years according to a Daily Herald news article that indicated premium dog food sales are up 45 percent since 2009. New companies like Freshpet and Blue Buffaloe Co. have come onto the scene offering food that tastes and looks like human food as well as healthy grain-free options. Big names are also coming up with innovative pet food such as Purina offering a create-your-own-blend section of the website where pet owners can make a special blend just for their dogs. Mars’ Cesar Home Delights has always marketed pet food as more like human food using the tag line “he’ll have what your having,” and offering recipes such as lasagna and beef stroganoff. However, one of the first companies to ever market pet food as human-like was Beneful in 2001 with the highest grossing commercial in Nestle history up until that point. The food was marketed as looking like stew and tasting better than other dog food. Today, Beneful offers several varieties of wet and dry dog food as well as treats. All food has the freshest ingredients and has real meat as one of the main ingredients. In 2005, the Healthy Harvest line came along making soy the main protein instead of meat. In 2006, Beneful introduced prepared meals in re-sealable packaging. Beneful has always been dedicated to the highest quality ingredients. All vendors are subject to Beneful’s stringent safety standards, and are audited regularly to ensure they adhere to the standards. Beneful meets or exceeds all safety regulations, which are some of the most stringent safety regulations in any industry. Safety is ensured by quality control labs, which are located in every plant. They test for aflatoxins, mycotoxins, lead, arsenic and many other toxins that could hurt pets. Beneful employs experts in the fields of safety and pet nutrition to ensure only the highest quality pet foods are produced at each plant.