Glenn Laken

Energy Investors In A Dilemma After The Action Of Soros Hedge Fund

Investors could never be confused as they are now about their stocks and trading in the energy sector. A week before the announcement of the performance of the energy market George Soros hedge fund, the Soros Fund Management has dumped all its stocks in the energy market. They had stocks in Chevron, Chesapeake and NRG Energy. From an article in The Street,many energy companies have not been doing so well in the market especially Chesapeake. It is a worry for energy traders because Soros is an icon in the trading field. Most probably he has a view of something not so good happening soon, or he could be overreacting to the situation.

Energy dominates in the stock market with over 25% where many are employed by the oil companies or working in companies directly or indirectly related to the energy market. Despite companies going through a shock that has lasted so long, consumers are in resilience because falling of oil prices is to their advantage. The crisis could be when Iran threatens to release more oil into the market after Russia and Saudi Arabia decided to freeze the oil sector. But maybe there are other sectors worth investing than the oil sector that Soros is pursuing. They could have some promising growth and profits; Soros never goes wrong in the market and trading. He certainly has realized other sectors he could make huge profits from. Investors should watch his moves closely especially in the stock market.

Born in Hungary in 1930 and living in Budapest George Soros always has advice to investors. “Follow the herd”, when making financial investments it is wise to follow what other investors moves because one can end up sinking all alone. The majority is never wrong, and this has earned him a fortune for his hedge fund since 1973. He has several business quotes meant to advise investors like” economy theory is devoted to the study of equilibrium positions”, “if investing is entertaining, if you are having fun, then you are not making money, a good investment is boring”. His quotes create a room of advice, particularly for investors.

Soros is also a great writer; he has several books like Wake Up Europe a book about Russia banning Ukraine and the negative effect if has on taxpayers money and how Europe is at risk with the move by the Russian president. He likes to be referred to as a financial, philanthropic and a philosophical speculator. Soros studied finance and accounts in London and has an honorary degree from Oxford University. He supports the foundation with an interest in democracy and promotion of human rights. Soros identifies himself as an independent thinker something that definitely comes from his wealth because common citizens do not have the ability to think independently without being influenced by their governments. He is the right guy to hold track on in the financial investment sector.

Wake Up, Europe