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Michael Zomber’s Firearms Expertise

Michael Zomber is an avid antique armor and arms enthusiast. That’s why he’s been acquiring those things for over four decades so far. He’s been on the “Tales of the Gun” program on the History Channel. During his appearance, he gave the nation some insight into his knowledge. He’s a historian who is passionate about all matters that relate to guns and their histories.

Guns aren’t Zomber’s sole source of enthusiasm in life, either. He has significant knowledge that pertains to samurai swords from Japan. His authority on this subject is acknowledged globally as well.

Zomber deep down inside is an individual who has a zeal for communication and relaying stories to others. He’s penned various historical books and screenplays, to be specific. Examples of these are “Shogun Iemitsu,” “Jesus and the Samurai” and “Sweet Betsy That’s Me: A Child of the Civil War.” “Jesus and the Samurai” is non-fiction piece.

Zomber is also the mastermind behind the highly regarded “Soul and the Samurai.” The documentary movie was a collaboration with Andrea, his wife. It was a Renascent Films LLC effort. Zomber and his wife created the production company together back in 1998.

The married couple have a son and a daughter named Christopher and Gabriella respectively. The family resides in the outskirts of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Although Zomber currently is a happy resident of The Keystone State, he wasn’t always one. His life actually began in the United States’ capital, Washington. D.C.

Zomber has quite an extensive education on his side. He’s earned a pair of bachelor’s degrees in both psychology and English literature. He graduated with honors as well. After he completed his undergraduate training, he enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles, a prominent public research university. He earned an English Literature master’s degree from the acclaimed educational institution. He attended UCLA between the years of 1974 and 1976.

Some of Zomber’s many abilities and areas of expertise include, other than history, strategic planning, public speaking, editing, creative writing, event management, publishing and marketing. Zomber, above all else, is one of the planet’s most famed firearms gurus.