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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Passion for Medecine

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s love for medicine began at a very early age. In only the eighth grade her interest for surgery was present when a teacher told her she had the hands of a surgeon. Medicine was a part of her heritage as her mother was a surgical nurse and her father was a dentist. She saw the work they did and it’s value and was very attracted to it.

Walden attended Anderson High School and completed a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. It was there she worked with world-famous aesthetic plastic surgeon, Dr. Sherrell Aston, and remained their for eight years.

Today Walden serves as a consultant to the some of the biggest aesthetic companies, such as ThermiAesthetics and Venus Concept. She is one of the first medical professionals within the Austin area to begin using ThermiVa for vaginal tightening and rejuvenation. Furthermore Walden is known for her commitment and excellence with technology. She uses an industry-leading, 3-D imaging technology called Vectra in her practice.

Currently a single mom, Walden takes pride in taking care of her family. Even with the busy life of a surgeon she tries to simplify life as much as possible. She lives ve close to my office, and her boys go to school within close proximity to my home. She also has a live in nanny that helps with the complicated life she has.

Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of the best in her field. Her passion for medicine has taken her to great heights in the profession.


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