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About The Company

IAP Worldwide Services is a leading international state contractor which has been in the business for over sixty years. It provides a broad range of services and solutions to both U.S and international state agencies and outfits. As a world class leader in the provision of seasoned program management, the company leverages and integrates it abilities to offer safe, reliable and innovative solution customized to meet the diverse and complex nature of each client’s needs.

Partnerships with Schools and Recognition

Just recently, the company was recognized by the County of Brevard, FL Schools system for being a “Large Business Partner of the Year” during its yearly awards fete. In addition, the company was recognized individually by two of its Partners in Education schools as the Business Partner of the Year for its contributions to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics programs and community development.

IAP Worldwide Services is a proud partner with numerous schools in the Brevard County and works directly with teachers and learners to promote and strengthen academic achievements. The organization’s Human Resources Vice President, Ms. Barbara Jerich believes that by supporting education, the institution helps in the creation of a more positive learning experience and opportunities for teachers and students to succeed and impact positively on the future of the local community.

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Other Services and Roles

The institution’s employees take part in the School Advisory Council meetings where they serve as liaisons for the company by providing input and committing resources to address the major needs for students and their families. They handle such issues as weekend student food packages, career development programs, and educational field trips among others. Additionally, the firm has sponsored anti-bullying presentations to various student body groups, and offers support for many countrywide schools programs alike Brevard Space Week, and back to school supply drives.

The company has exemplified the true partnership spirit between Brevard Public School and a business. Dr. Binggeli, the Superintendent of School notes that it is a big relief to have companies like IAP which can still help in finding special programs for schools, and still continue to recognize those behind the success. The company is dedicated to education and the future of the community. It is making a difference in the lives of both teachers and students.

Where to Find the Company

The company operates in more than 1oo locations across the globe but it is headquartered in Cape Canaveral, FL. It maintains offices in Panama City, FL, and Alexandria, VA.

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