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Jim Hunt Launches Wealth Wave

In the past, market crashes have seen investors lose millions of dollars in just a few hours or days due to lack of the right skills and market information. This situation has prompted Jim Hunt to launch a product called Wealth Wave. This new product allows investors to ride the wave rather than being swept by it. It was launched in July 2016.

Since the data generated by the market is usually too much for most investors to analyze, the new product will analyze on their behalf. The investors will then be provided with information on the right time to invest or pull out during a bear market. This product is based on the premise that during a market crash, money is not destroyed but transferred to someone or something else.

The new product shall be offered to clients with the assistance of VTA Publications. VTA has skilled professionals who will be charged with the duty of teaching and providing clients with information on the right time to make trades. The clients will access this critical market intelligence through their phones or emails.

All Wealth Wave clients will have access to tons of webinars and DVD training videos. The lessons contain all the strategies that the customers need to know. In addition, it contains what the implications of various market conditions to their investments. From the videos, one will also be able to learn how to identify an impending bear market and how to make money from it.
Hunt also believes that the new product would encourage more people to invest. He noted that most people are afraid to invest because they do not understand the market. The training videos are also aimed at solving this problem. Additionally, the training videos will be updated on a frequent basis in order to help investors improve their skills and teach them new tricks.

About VTA Publications
VTA Publications LTD was established in 2012. It is known for publishing distance learning courses. Its quality online platform has ensured that its products are available for consumers located in any part of the world. In addition to digital materials, the company also publishes physical materials such as DVDs. Moreover, VTA Publications has a strong focus on the quality of their products. This has resulted in recruitment of professionals from all over the world. These professionals are recruited in order to develop their training contents. They are going to use this approach to develop content for Wealth Wave.  Learn more about the system on Jim Hunt’s YouTube, which has more informative videos like those above.