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The Joining Of Divergent And Info Technologies

Diversant is an African American company that is owned by Gene Waddy. This company specializes in having viable solutions for a variety of problems involving IT staffing. The immense growth of this company can be attributed to Waddy’s experience, commitment and drive to help people. A well deserved reputation combined with an outstanding drive has caused Diversant to be noticed among many Fortune 500 companies in a relatively short period of time.

To benefit the senior executives, Diversant formed an advisory board. This board is only meant for the executives who are not responsible for the day to day company routine in the running of the business. This board utilizes the knowledge of experts and leaders in the business community, in regards to commercial developments. These members regularly meet with Divergent to discuss both the performance of the company and the conditions of the market.

John Goullet is the principle executive at Divergent. He is responsible for developing many incredibly successful ventures for Divergent’s IT area. He originally began his career as a consultant before moving to staffing in 1994. John has an unusually clear image of the marketing trends, backed with a lot of experience in the IT industry. He successfully started Info Technologies, an IT staffing firm who provide plausible solutions for the Fortune 500 firms.

Inside of a five year period, Info Technologies was worth Thirty million dollars and were placed eighth on a list of the most quickly growing private firms in the United States. A merger in 2010 joined Info Technologies and Divergent, allowing John the freedom to continue looking for new ideas.

John Goullet graduated from Ursinus College, where he received his masters degree. His career truly began when he envisioned Info Technologies, and then made his vision a reality. His knowledge, experience and foresight have built a minority owned company that is exemplary in the market.