Glenn Laken

Groundbreaking Approach to Customer Service Nets Securus Technologies A Gold Stevie Award

Securus Technologies is an American firm providing groundbreaking technology for correctional institutions and law enforcement. The Dallas-based company is a for-profit corporation that currently serves 1.2 million inmates and more than 3,000 corrections, public safety, and law enforcement agencies.


Securus Technologies provides services ranging from emergency response, biometrics, communications and information management, incident management, inmate services, and monitoring equipment and services that ensure personal and property safety. Over the course of its existence, Securus has evolved with the acquisition of companies already concerned with providing inmate communication services such as Primonics Inc., Archonix Systems, and DirectHit Systems.


Securus’ Chief Executive Officer, Richard Smith, credits the company’s success to their ability to fill a market gap by providing innovative technology, as well as excellent customer and support services. Securus has established a top-of-the-line call center ran by U.S Customer Service Center, one of the largest and best equipped national call centers.


Earlier this year, Securus Technologies won the coveted Gold Stevie Award for the Best Customer Service Training Department. The Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service is a distinguished global award program that recognizes firms that offer quality sales, customer support, and business development services.


For this year’s awards, independent judges received more than 2,000 nominations for consideration. This number represented a 10 percent increase from the number received in 2016. The awards recognize excellent service in 61 different categories, ranging from innovation in customer care and excellence contact centers to achievements in consultancy services. The awards also recognize top-performing individuals and executives within companies.


Securus Technologies won the judges’ nod of approval because it provides a service that is critical to the society today. The company’s improved ratings, from customer feedback, was attributed to a willingness to learn, address problems and train its employees to ensure greater customer satisfaction.


Securus received its Gold Stevie Award in February of this year, at an awards banquet held at Las Vegas landmark, Caesars Palace. Over 600 business leaders and executives from around the globe attended the event.