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Don’t save your pennies — buy gold and silver from US Money Reserve

US Money Reserve recommends investing in precious metals, especially gold and silver. As with any investment, an individual should diversify his portfolio to protect from a downturn in one market. However, there are many other places to gain basic investing advice. One metal people may not consider investing in is zinc. Zinc is currently used in electronics and is used to make a certain United States coin. It used to be made of copper. The penny remains in circulation, although many people wonder why the coin still exists. Some people are starting to collect pennies in the hopes that the United States will eventually eliminate the coin.


Eliminating the penny faces challenges, however. Lobbying industries help preserve the penny. Keeping the penny in circulation does not make monetary sense. It costs more to produce it than it is worth, and the user cannot melt it down it down because it is illegal to deface currency under federal law. Even John Oliver did a segment on the Penny on his show, Last Week Tonight. Yet, the lobbies keep it in circulation claiming that dropping the coin might set off a mild inflationary cycle.


United States investors may not want to spend time picking up pennies unless they believe the government is going to come to its senses. It they do not want to wait for something that may never happen they should consider buying precious metals from US Reserve instead. US Money reserve allows its customers to buy real gold and silver that they can keep on hand. These bars can be kept in a safe or a safe deposit box, although the latter makes more sense. Gold and silver can be used as cash on hand in many cases. Zinc, unless it is in penny form, cannot be used this way.