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Traveling Vineyard Takes on Napa Valley

     Napa Valley is well known to Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. Napa Valley is, of course, wine country. It’s what immediately springs to mind. Row upon row of luscious, quality, wine-producing grapes. The chance to sample great wines, enjoy delicious foods and amazing scenery all speak for itself. However, there is more to Napa Valley than these favorites, as Wine Guides have discovered.

For instance, the Napa Art Walk exhibition is a 3D art expo that’s sure to stimulate. A gathering place for artists from across the country, amazing sculptures of all types can be found and enjoyed. Of course, there will be a few must haves, so be sure to bring your credit card. A small portion of the purchase will go to support future events, offering patrons a chance to give back.

History buffs will be compelled to check out the Napa Valley Historical Society. There are artifacts to see and numerous historical facts to uncover. Featuring local historians who help bring history to life, it’s sure to please those who appreciate history.

How about exploring Napa Valley’s other world class product? The Round Pond Estate produces top quality Mediterranean olives using ancient methods. They offer guided tours that illustrate the entire method of olive production, which highlights growing, harvesting and processing.

Another great opportunity is the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. A fantastic chance to enjoy the great outdoors and the legendarily good California weather. A favorite endeavor is a challenging climb up Mount St. Helena. You’ll be accompanied by beautiful scenery throughout the excursion.

The Traveling Vineyard business entails Traveling Wine Guides hosting in-home wine tastings and helping customers discover high-quality wines from across the globe. It is a direct sales model with generous profit sharing. Each new Wine Guide is paired with a mentor to help them get started. The idea is to make wine tasting more accessible and less formal.

The training program is extensive and effective. A modest startup cost is necessary for the Succes Kit, which includes training materials and enough product for the first two tastings. Flexibility is written into Traveling Vineyard’s DNA. They encourage anyone to try at any level of commitment. From a part-time job to earn extra money, all the way to a full-blown career. Traveling Vineyard offers a unique and exciting opportunity.

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