Glenn Laken

Hippeas Are Changing The World One Snack At A Time

Chickpeas are one of those healthy snacks that have gained quite the following recently, especially among millennials. That’s because chickpeas are a quick, healthy, and easy snack! More and more people are latching onto them because they’re so versatile and frankly delicious. It seems that every few months, a new superfood is coming out that millennials are dying to try. One that has stuck around for a while is chickpeas, and now one company has discovered how to turn them into a healthy and appealing snack.

Hippeas are appealing to a younger crowd! That’s because younger generations absolutely love trying new things, especially food! These snacks are organic chickpea puffs that come in six delicious different flavors such as sriracha sunrise. Their bags are actually marketed towards things that millennials care about. “Give peas a chance” is one of their taglines and with so many craving world peace currently, it’s easy to see the appeal behind this.

Livio Bisterzo is an Italian entrepreneur who specializes in healthy and nutritious snacks! In 2015, he founded Green Park Holdings which is a food innovation company. That company launched it’s first brand the very next year. That brand is Hippeas! Bisterzo’s goal was to create a snack that becomes globally loved and that’s exactly what is happening! They wanted an affordable, healthy, and unique snack that makes a difference in the lives of those that consume it.

Bisterzo created a brand that isn’t just tasting good, it’s also doing good by giving back to the community. Hippeas has partnered with Farm Africa. Each pack of the snack that is sold, money goes to support farmers in Africa who are attempting to grow themselves out of poverty. Bisterzo currently lives in Los Angeles. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be an entrepreneur. Bisterzo founded an events business in 2003. He’s also created numerous other consumer brands and lifestyle businesses. Livio Bisterzo been listed as one of London’s most influential people and it’s easy to see why.

His love of making a difference and being the leader in trying new things has put him ahead. It seems that his specialty is focusing on healthy snacks. Before Hippeas, he was involved in Little Miracles which was a organic blend of tea and juice beverage.

Overall, Hippeas is a snack that is sure to last. It’s got a unique appeal that hasn’t been thought of before. The founder made sure that he could have a snack that tastes good and does good in the world. That’s exactly what is appealing to so many people.