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Sawyer Howitt Innovates Business Industry

     Sawyer Howitt is making a name for himself thanks to his inspired understanding and knowledge of the financial aspects of entrepreneurship. His ideas on customers interaction is considered to be innovate in the business industry. Due to his success and progressive ideas, Mr. Howitt recently started working with the Meriwether Group as their project manager. At this development company in Portland, he will aid companies in working with new and upcoming technologies that can be beneficial to the business world. Mr. Howitt is also involved with charity and is decided to giving back to his community. He is involved with programs that aid in mentoring young children, and he is also a defender of women’s rights. He leads an ethnic study groups that has contacts all over the world.

Mr. Howitt believes that anyone can open their own start up if they dedicated enough. It can be done in any area, but there factors that you should take into effect like the age of people who live there and access to internet. San Francisco is one of the top places to enter the business community. Austin, Texas is another great place to go if you want to start your own business. Salt Lake City, Palo Alto, Denver, Yorba Linda, and Santa Monica are also great places to look into.

Mr. Howitt previously worked with RFID Checkout as their business strategist analyst. He was there for almost a year and during which time he worked closely with a group of experience executives in order to reinvent the retail experience. Before that he was employed at the KURE Juice Bar in their customer service division.

Mr. Howitt is showing to be very promising in media and marketing. He has been able to help a variety of businesses and individuals improve upon themselves and is building up a strong foundation of experience.

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