Glenn Laken

Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Keeping Pace with Amazon

There are not too many clothing companies that can keep pace with Amazon for one reason, Amazon has the highest sales numbers in this space. Pulling in a whopping 20 percent of all the sales, you need to be making serious sales in order to even be in the same universe as this clothing giant. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics may be the one company that can catch Amazon, already pulling down $250 million in sales in only a few years, they are poised to make a play for the top spot in women’s active-wear and workout apparel if things continue at this pace.


Hudson talks about the success of her athleisure brand mentioning her membership package and reverse showrooming. These are definitely not new sales techniques, but someone the team at Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to make them work. Look more closely at how things are unfolding at the Fabletics stores in your local mall, and you see women buying all sorts of workout apparel, trying on all the exciting new active-wear releases, even taking the Fabletics lifestyle quiz. This is more of a shopping experience for these women, something they are positively responding to by spending more money each year on this unique brand.


To see what separates Kate Hudson’s Fabletics from the rest in this very busy and crowded niche, we simply visit their e-commerce store. This is where women visit when they have more time to shop the larger inventory and take advantage of the fact they have an easier time shopping. Since clothing was tried on inside the stores at the mall, those items get uploaded to a member’s account, and they can shop now without concern about sizes. Being able to shop the leggings, yoga pants, or tank tops inventory, and just buy exiting colors and styles makes it easier to spend more.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about giving these women a shopping experience they can remember fondly. membership perks also include free shipping for online orders, discounts on the active-wear, and even the assistance of your very own shopping assistant. Your assistant picks one item based on your quiz answers each month, then you consider if you like or want to shop for something else. Amazon can not compete with Kate Hudson’s Fabletics as far as customer service and pampering, something these women are certainly responding to in a positive manner.