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How Philanthropy Work of Betsy DeVos has Contributed in Building USA

Betsy DeVos is the current secretary of education of USA upon nomination to the post by U.S president. She has been advocating for educational reforms to help children from low-income families for more than 30 years. She worked as an in-school mentor at public schools in Grand Rapids for 15 years. She has empowered many parents and helped their children in 25 states to be admitted to their schools of choice.Betsy DeVos worked in the position of a chairman at The Wind quest Group. Her vast knowledge in education and the reforms which she has brought in the country made her be appointed in many charitable organizations. Some of the organizations which she served in include Kids Hope USA and ArtPrize. The educational background and the experience which she has attained helped her to achieve her goals of bringing reforms in education and overseeing the operations of non-profit organizations which she has funded. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Calvin College.

Betsy DeVos has been at the forefront in improving the standard of living through her philanthropy work. She has given academic scholarships to many children from low-income families. The scholarship funds have enabled the children to attend the right schools in the state despite coming from poor families. The tax –credit scholarship which she started in Florida has enabled more than 50000 students to attend their school of choice. More than one million students from Louisiana and Indiana have also benefited from the program. She has championed for vouchers which have resulted in various reforms in public schools. She has established a committee which foresees the charter school system to ensure that the objective is achieved.Betsy DeVos has donated a lot of funds to various non-profit organizations to improve the conditions of life of the beneficiaries.

While serving as the chairman of Alliance for School Choice, she donated $100,000 to the organization.She has also donated $10,000 to Institute for Justice which is a non-profit organization dealing with the law. Intercollegiate Studies Institute which in an institution campaigning for conservative viewpoints benefited from Betsy DeVos’ donation of $6,500.she has funded many Colleges and universities with the aim of improving the way in which they provide training to the students. She donated, for instance, $55,000 to Davenport University while the Rollins College received $50,000 to improve their educational facilities. She has also donated a lot of funds to Christian groups which provide religious education to the public. She donated $1.8 million to Xprize Foundation and $305,000 to Boy Scouts of America.Betsy DeVos is a well-experienced leader with a goal of bringing reforms in the education sector of USA. She has the heart to touch the lives of many children in the state to access high-quality education.