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Boraie Development: Shaping Up New Jersey into a Better State

Boraie Development LLC started up its work in New Brunswick four decades ago, in 1972. The company’s CEO and founder, Omar Boraie, is overjoyed with the progression done by his company, in the development of New Brunswick. Omar in an interview took a walk down the memory lane explaining how far they have come.

According to WSJ, Omar envisions a Better New York City-style deluxe luxury residential. He started buying one building after another in the same block. Afterward, he went to the city council and explained to them his big plan. The council thought he was crazy and that he could not fulfill his dreams. Ignoring their comments, Boraie went ahead and built Albany Street Plaza Tower one. The building covered 250,000 square feet with class A office space. Later on, he added a second tower next to the first.

However, people started believing when Boraie built Spring Street, a 25 story, condominium building. The building covers 40,000 square feet of office space. It is also the tallest in New Brunswick. Boraie at the time was working on The Aspire, a 17 story building. Omar envisions a next generation office community in New Brunswick. Boraie next project was Albany Street Tower Three. Omar is proud about his accomplishments and is happy his family is working alongside with him. Check out Crunchbase to know more.

Philip Purge published an article about Boraie Development and how the company has shaped up New Jersey. According to the article, New Jersey’s real estate is dragging the country. Though having the most sought after residences, the state undergoes a real estate marketing crisis. The Realtor Chief, Lawrence Yun, said that shortage of houses would intensify with time. He accredits this to the growing gap between housing supplies and housing demands. For

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The end of the Great Recession has seen some towns receive high housing demands alongside excellent inventories. This is despite the fractured real estate market in New Jersey. Each of the towns is minutes away from The New Jersey Transit station. This biggest trend is attracting prospective home buyers. Boraie Development is one of the many companies involved in improving the Real Estate Market in New Jersey.

With its perfect track record, Boraie Development is among development companies most sought after. The company uses private sources of capital such as banks, as its main source of capital. Boraie works perfectly with financial institutions, contractors, and architects in ensuring projects are completed on time.

Boraie uses its project to attract tenants and financial partners. The company uses its properties to fill the growing demand for housing properties. Boraie manages its properties well, hence, increasing its assets value. Boraie is a most trusted company and is the best development company in New Jersey.

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