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James Aziz was born in London, Ontario in the year 1949. After he purchased the National Steel Car Company he became the chairperson, the president and one of the leading chief executive officers the company has ever had. The company’s success is attributed to Gregory Aziz education qualification as an economics graduate from the University of Western Ontario. His National Steel Car Company has partnered with numerous engineering companies as well as supporting community based functions such as the united way, Salvation Army among other functions. Greg Aziz’s respectable performance has enabled the National Steel Car Company gain reward for nearly 21 years in succession. He has also help improve investment boundaries of the company to other countries of the world including Europe and Asia.

National steel car has persistently placed focus in ensuring that they strengthen the efficiency with which they provide investment products and services to their customers. Their major obligation has been to safeguard the company’s reputation, which has grown within a short period in Canada as well as outside countries including powerful countries like the United States of America. National steel car company boasts of a fully furnished industry in North America, producing long lasting, efficient as well as economically competitive tank cars and railroad freight cars. National steel car company has had pride in in their customers who have undoubtedly been profitable by ensuring that the company’s investment strength shifts to the next level. The company’s current developments can be in all aspect be associated with the current chairperson, Gregory James Aziz who initiated the evolution of rail transport.

Gregory J Aziz gained experience through working in family food business as from 1971. Gregory Aziz gained praise as the company became re-known as global major importer of fresh foods mainly in the greater part of America and Europe. Gregory Aziz got additional investments experience by working in investments firms in New York at the end of 1980s and early 1990s. Since Dofasco was in dire need of money, Gregory Aziz bought the company, improving the company’s financial status through capital investments. After a period of five years National Steel Car Company production in terms of cars manufacture increased and labour force grew by nearly 2400 employees. Recently, thanks to Gregory Aziz, National Steel Car Company has become the only North American Company specializing in selling Freight cars. In addition the company has been accredited with the ISO 9001: 2008 certification.