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Securus Technologies is assisting in law enforcement

For many inmates, staying in touch with their families and friends goes a long way in pushing towards corrective behavior throughout their stay in the correctional facilities. That is where Securus Technologies Company comes into play. This company provides telephone services to over 2500 correction facilities. Their coverage is in the United States of America and Canada.



The company makes a profit from these services and operates from Dallas since 1986. It has other representatives in Carrollton and Allen in Texas and Atlanta in Georgia. They have created employment for over a thousand people and invested over 600,000,000 dollars in three years to improve and expand their operations. The sum of money was used to acquire other companies and advance their technology to improve their services. Among their acquisitions, is the Syscon Justice System which was acquired in 2007. This acquisition led to the creation of a system that controlled the ownership and illegal use of cell phones for inmates. The partnership with Harris Corporation in 2016 furthered an improvement in the control of contraband cell phones. It prevented these phones from being connected to mobile networks. Securus is one of the leading providers in the areas they cover.



Their work has been acknowledged from different angles over the years. Some say that they have been able to solve cases through the phone calls the inmates make. Corrupt employees of the correctional facilities have also been arrested. Public safety has been increased as they are able to bridge the crimes about to happen before they happen. The facilities are able to able to monitor and have control over the use of contraband cell phones and there has been the recovery of stolen property. Securus Technologies products that are supplied weekly have gone a long way in ensuring safety and prevention of crimes.