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Neurocore-Proven Leaders in Treatment of Depression.

Depression is a widespread issue in the United States as well as the world. Research shows that approximately 18.4 million adults suffer from depression each year. While most people have had depression in their lifetime-it can affect your daily living and that of your family. If you have the following symptoms-speak to your physician:

• Isolation from friends and family
• Anxiety
• Poor self-esteem
• Low energy
• Little interest in even favorite activities

A new treatment for depression is the use of neurofeedback to diagnose and retrain your brain. This cutting edge technology is able to measure and identify brain activity to provide an exact cause of the sad and unproductive feelings. The new neuro assessment can help customize a way back to health just for you. Neurocore, the leader in this new type of treatment, has had great success in creating brain maps for patients. These maps help the doctor pinpoint the exact location of the problems.

The outcomes from Neurocore have been impressive. 84% of patients report a significant reduction of depression that can be clinically measured, improving their quality of life. 51% of patients no longer suffer from symptomatic depression and can return to a productive life. Testamonials from actual patients are listed on the webpage and the remarks are encouraging to other depression sufferers. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The journal for the Society of Neuroresearch, NeuroRegulation published a study in March 2017 that research done shows a “robust” improvement for such conditions as depression, migraines and ADHD from neurotherapy. The lead clinician in this paper, Dr. Elyse White, indicates that the majority of patients treated with brain retraining and neurotherapy showed a marked and measureable improvement in overall condition.

Neurocore was established in 2004 and they now have six locations in Michigan and two clinics in southern Florida. Their staff consists of specialists in the field of the brain, counselors, licensed clinical practioners and brain coaches. There is also a specially dedicated patient advocate for each person receiving treatment.

Whether you are going through life changing events or just dealing with the day to day mental stress, you can find improvement and answers with Neurocore and their specialized treatment.

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