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Dr. Mark McKenna Sets Goals And Uses Visualization To Bring Them Into Being

When someone has many goals that they would like to accomplish in life, they have to take time thinking about those goals and how they will bring them about. Dr. Mark McKenna has said that he likes to visualize his goals after he has made them. Mark uses visualization to help him figure out how he will reach those goals and to help him obtain all of the success that he is seeking.

Dr. Mark McKenna was asked what he would do if he had the chance to start his life over again. He shared that he would like to figure out where his passion lies at a younger age. He wishes that he had known when he was younger just what he would be focusing on today and that Mark started working toward the life that he has now when he was young. He is someone who knows where he is going now, and he wishes that he had started working on his goals when he was younger.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. He is a part of those two states and he works to follow after his goals in the two of them. In addition to working as a doctor, he has a real estate development firm that he created and that has done great work. He has dreams and goals, and he chases after those with all that he is.

Dr. Mark McKenna worked to help the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina took place. Mark helped the city to rebuild, and he was there for those who were living there during that time. He has a heart for the city where he came from, and he has helped it to heal. This is a man of goals, a man who knows how to follow after those goals, and a man who cares about others.

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