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When Jeff Yastine Speaks – Wall Street Listens

     Mr. Jeff L. Yastine, is the investing guru among key investors, entrepreneurs, and highly successful financiers. Presently, he is the Editorial Director of Banyan Hill Publishing. He has served in this position since 2015. He has decades of experience in the stock market and as journalist on the financial industry. His 1994 to 2010 career consisted of the financial anchor and correspondent at the prestigious PBS Nightly Business Report.

Today he is an editor, as well as a regular contributor and writer for his publication the ‘Total Wealth Insider.” He enjoys sharing his financial insights which is why he also writes and contributes articles to the Sovereign Investor Daily and the Winning Investor Daily produced by Banyan Hill. These publications gives his investing thoughts on subjects including business, monetary trends, economic, and profit-making opportunities.

Apparently, his opinions are catching the eyes of financiers like Warren Buffet and fund manager Bill Miller as Jeff talks about Christmas shopping at retail stores. Mr. Yastine writes about the “death of retail,” meaning the slow disappearance of brick and mortar stores, while consumers are choosing to shop online.

Happening now and forecasted as vehicles for shopping are new technology devices on the horizon to bring shopping options to consumers. These include drone and short-distance air deliveries and retail giants like Amazon introducing newer delivery methods.

However, Jeff Yastine said that there is a light at the end of the deserted mall landscape and that is the real estate that the retail stores and shopping centers are leaving behind. These real estate assets are a great revenue solution. The properties are being looked at for redevelopment for building apartment buildings and other similar projects.

Owners of mall retail properties are being courted by asset giants like Bill Miller of Miller Value Partners, Warren Buffett of Bershire Hathaway, and Paul Singer of Elliott Management Corporation. They have been buying stakes in REITs (real estate investment trust) and negotiating in potential sales.

Mr. Yastine states that the Amazon model is partly why mall centers and stores are vanishing from the shopping landscape. Therefore, when stores close, retail asset prices fall and wealthy bargain hunters appear on the REIT scene. Merry Christmas!