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Boraie Brings Life Back to a Little New Jersey Town

Boraie Development LLC will expand Atlantic City by this summer by 250 apartments which will help house approximately 50,000 people. It is a much-needed addition to the area which should bring some more life to the area.

The development, which is called The Beach at South Inlet, will cost $81 million. It is a welcome addition to the resort area where housing is seriously needed. Many of the people that run the town have had a need for new housing for some time now. Not only will this bring housing to the area, but it will also bring some sense of community design to the little resort town.

It is progress for a town that has been experiencing a slight economic slump in recent years. This might have been connected to the lack of housing or perhaps a simple decline in morale from the lack of growth in the area. This new development should help the area to have a sense of community as well. Check out his website

Considering the casino closings that happened for a while, developers hope that the new additions will help attract newcomers to the area. Housing is always in demand for the area, and businesses cannot run without people living in the area to handle them. Stability is much needed for the growth of any community. This one is no less important. Once the developers realized this at Boraie Development, they approached the town with this construction idea. It has gone well so far. Expectations are high for the future of the town.

Boraie Development has been working in development for thirty years now. This has been a company which focuses on helping people find their own little corner of the world to call home and this is owned by Sam Boraie. This new development is one that allows people move to the area and those that live there, find a new one. Headquartered in New Brunswick, NJ and staffed by a team of 35, the company offers some of the best staff to handle the development needs of any community. You can visit his page for more info.