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All You Need to Know About Butt Lifts in Dallas Texas

Over the past few years, butt lift surgery has become a more popular surgical procedure. This surgery is ideal for people who wish to enhance their butt due to sagging, drooping, or loss of volume due to weight loss. Patients also elect to have this procedure done just to improve the appearance in general. There are typically two different types of this procedure: the traditional butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift.


The traditional butt lift is done for those who may have sagging or droopiness in their rear and just want to lift the area. The Brazilian butt lift is more focused on adding volume to give the patient a more fuller looking rear. In a traditional butt lift, the surgeon creates an incision into the buttock area and removes layers of tissue, fat, and skin. Underlying muscles in this area may be tightened as well sutures may be creates within the tissue to hold the buttocks into a lifted point. The Brazilian butt lift begins with the surgeon performing liposuction to other areas of the patients body such as the abdominal area to remove unwanted fat that will later be inserted in the buttocks through multiple incisions.


The overall pricing for the both procedures differs because there are many factors that contribute to the cost such as location, medical history, the surgeon, etc. The price range can be anywhere from $2,000 or over $10,000. Candidates for the procedures do have the option in most cases to finance their procedure and make payments over time if they are not able to make the full payment at the time of the procedure. Medical insurance may cover a portion of the cost if there is a demonstration of a medical need for the procedure.


There are many boarded certified surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area that perform this procedure. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is one of many plastic surgery practices with offices in Dallas and Plano, Texas. There is also the North Texas Plastic Surgery Office as well as individual surgeons with private practices. Candidates and those interested in either procedure can contact the offices directly for consultations, interviews, and to make preparations to get the rear end of their dreams.