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Troy McQuagge Leading the HOPE Initiatives as the CEO and President at USHEALTH Group

The true leader is the one who doesn’t only think about the company’s growth and revenue generation, but also believes in serving the community through the growth they generate. In the insurance sector, there are many firms in the United States, but one of the younger insurance companies that have been making its mark in the last decade is the USHEALTH Group. Troy McQuagge serves as the Chief Executive Officer and CEO of US HEALTH Advisors, whose parent company is the USHEALTH Group Inc. Troy McQuagge has shown remarkable capabilities as a leader by ensuring that the company’s revenue multiplies over ten times under his leadership. The network of the company has grown from being specific to only a few states, to across the country under his able leadership. Read more on about Troy McQuagge Son

Troy McQuagge is also the one who started the HOPE initiative for which USHEALTH Group has become highly popular among the people. The company has reached out to and supported hundreds and thousands of family during Hurricane Katrina and helped them rebuild their homes from scratch. It is not only the finance that the company provided, but Troy McQuagge son ensured that every employee of the company reaches out to and volunteer to support the community in whichever capacity they can. HOPE initiative primarily stands for helping other people every day, and Troy McQuagge feels that it is the core principle with which he wants USHEALTH Group to be identified with.

With over thirty years of experience in the insurance sector, Troy McQuagge knows the industry in and out and has ensured that the company moves ahead on the right track towards innovation and public outreach. Troy firmly believes that health insurance is for everyone and affordability shouldn’t be the reason why one cannot cover their health. It is for this reason; he has introduced various customizable health insurance plans that have helped millions of people across the country purchase health insurance plans for themselves without having to pay exorbitant prices. With HOPE initiative started by him at USHEALTH Group, Troy aims to identify and rehabilitate many local communities through various high-impact initiatives designed to empower people through support in health, education, humanity, and social welfare programs. Learn more: