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Jed McCaleb’s Success as an Online Entrepreneur

Jed McCaleb is an online entrepreneur that has been actively involved with bringing cutting-edge technologies to the masses in order to increase efficiency in an effort to improve the human condition. His first major endeavor was the creation of eDonkey2000 during the early phases of peer-to-peer file-sharing. Since then, Mr. McCaleb has created several influential online companies, including Mt. Gox, which operated as the first Bitcoin exchange. It was his rising interest in the capabilities of Bitcoin, as well as cryptocurrency in general, that led him to the creation of his latest effort,

Realizing that Bitcoin was merely a distributed database used to move value from one place to another, he decided to create, which would be used to connect financial institutions. There are currently roughly two billion people around the world who are considered to be unbanked according to the World Bank. This population has traditionally been neglected by major banking institutions due to the high cost of servicing them, making Stellar an intriguing platform that can potentially change the way in which the world’s economic infrastructure operates. Although Stellar is still in the early stages, several businesses and non-profit organizations around the world have begun utilizing it, most notably, the South African non-profit, Praekelt Foundation.

Aside from building Stellar, Jed McCaleb has garnered quite an interest in a developing technology that he feels will affect the world in a fashion that rivals the agricultural revolution. Artificial technology is not a new concept, but as human capabilities have significantly evolved in recent years, the possibilities associated with the tech are much closer to becoming a reality. Due to this interest, Jed McCaleb has aligned himself with the Machine Intelligence Research Institute, regularly donating funds, while also acting as a trusted advisor. While artificial intelligence was once thought to be a thing of science fiction, Jed McCaleb is of the belief that the world will experience a significant uptick in efficiency due to its implementation in modern society. He constantly practices the habit of focusing on ideas that will have a global effect, while neglecting niche ideas, believing that it is only marginally harder to do so.

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