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How Ara Chackerian Acts Philanthropically In Three Nations

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco, California. He is also heavily involved in helping people around the world as both an angel investor and philanthropist. His investing is focused on startup healthcare firms which are designed to revolutionize the healthcare system of America. He has been investing for over 20 years.

Over the years Ara Chackerian has co-founded a number of companies in the healthcare sector. This includes Pipeline Healthcare which is a popular provider of Telepharmacy services. He also co-founded BMC Diagnostics which is one of the nation’s top providers of diagnostic imaging services. Another company he co-founded was TMS Health Solutions which has several offices around the Bay Area with more planned. They help people who have depression and neither talk therapy of prescription drugs have any effect on.

In 2001, Ara graduated from Florida State University – College of Business. He is a board member of Pipeline Healthcare and also on the board of the Mint Medical Education organization. His investment firm is named ASC Capital Holdings and he co-founded it in June 2007. For more details visit LinkedIn.

As a philanthropist, Ara Chackarian is a board member for two nonprofits, Juma Ventures and The Hatlen Center for Blind. The latter organization helps people with blindness while the first one is involved with youth development and getting young people into college. He owns a farm in Nicaragua named Limonapa Teak. In addition to providing jobs for local people he also funds a charity that funds a number of youth development and education nonprofits in that country. Check out

As his grandparents were from Armenia, Chackarian and his father, Richard, traveled to that nation a number of years ago in order to explore their roots. During their time there they found out that there were no mentoring programs in place for orphans. In order to remedy this situation they co-founded the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This organization supports young women who are aging out of the system. They are taught the skills they need to get a job and live on their own. Many of the young girls helped by this program have gone on to success.

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