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David McDonald Is Confident In A Successful Future For OSI Group:

Global food solutions company OSI Group has built its excellent century-long reputation on its commitment to customer service, innovation, integrity and improvement. The company’s President and Chief Operating Officer David McDonald has played a large part in maintaining those values in his 30 plus years with the food processing giant. His long Career with OSI Group began in 1987 after graduation from Iowa State University. David started out as a project manager working to increase OSI’s presence in Asia. Company expansion continues to be a major part of David’s role at OSI Group. The last 3 plus years have seen significant European growth, which David has played a key role in. Deals with Pickstock, Baho Food and Flagship Europe have added greatly to OSI’s product portfolio.

David McDonald On How OSI Moves Forward:

David McDonald talked about numerous topics OSI related in a recent CEOCFO interview. Questions included OSI Group’s future and the company’s high standards. On the question of how a large company like OSI Group has been able to maintain such high standards, David notes that OSI heavily values family. The company’s customers and employees are considered OSI family members. He emphasizes that OSI aims to produce products that any company member would be happy to give to their own family. David is also questioned about how OSI adapts to a fast-changing business world. His attitude about this is that change is inevitable and it is pointless to deny this fact. OSI always values adapting to change because it secures the company’s future. He notes that consumer tastes do change and you always have to keep up with these trends. David also remarks on OSI Group’s future affirming that the company will always maintain its core values but will also always continue to innovate in the area of providing the best food solutions for its customers. David personally maintains his entrepreneurial passion because business is always interesting. There are no two days that are the same and this keeps the challenges of the job interesting. David still enjoys delivering top customer service as much today as ever. Finally, David remarks about a few things people might not know about OSI Group. He asserts that OSI isn’t known as a company that makes a point of bragging about its success. The company prefers to enjoy the successes of its customers and take pride in the fact that OSI provided those customers with great food solutions.

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