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The Emphasis On Ethics, Professionalism And Transparency Cannot Be Ignored, Says Brazilian Lawyer, Bruno Fagali

According to Bruno Fagali’s blog, for a second year running, Nova/SB have received the Pro-Ethics label being recognized by the Ministry of Transparency and Controller of General of the Union (CGU) who partnered with Ethos Institute. This is in a drive to promote integrity and ethics in Brazil, which are hampered by lack of transparency and corruption. The agency got honored at an event attended by Bruno Fagali, Oscar Kita, and Bob Vieira da Costa among other Nova/SB executive officers. Of the 375 agencies, TV and radio stations that applied for consideration, only 26 qualified and succeeded in getting a seal.

Bruno Fagali is the current Corporate Integrity Manager in Nova/SB, a leading advertisement company in Brazil that has done numerous government advertising contracts and also for the World Health Organization. He takes care of the company’s corporate integrity program establishing an ethics committee. Moreover, he has started equal treatment drives for both members and employees and also offers them with training sessions on integrity.

The Sao Paulo-based attorney is well respected for his conversance with administrative law. He has unquestionable knowledge and experience taking a good number of organizations through merger and acquisition agreements. He founded his legal firm, Fagali Advocacy that specializes in anti-corruption law, electoral law, administrative contracts, bidding law, expropriation actions, public civil actions and regulatory law among others. Bruno Fagali is mainly concerned about ethics in legal practice, professionalism, and integrity.

He attended the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo for his bachelor’s in law and later worked as an intern and law attorney at Radi, Calil and Associados Advocacia. His Master’s Degree in Administrative and Anti-corruption Law is from the University of Sao Paulo among other certifications. Fluent in four languages, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and English languages, Bruno Fagali has cut a niche for himself in the Brazilian law system.