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How Roberto Santiago Created The Premier Shopping Center In Brazil

Any visitor to Paraiba may not know who Roberto Santiago is but they are certainly aware of his work whether they realize it or not. He is the man who has allowed the area to take all of the strides that they have enjoyed in recent years and he has worked tirelessly to provide local residents with the amenities that they deserve.


Ever since he was a child growing up in João Pessoa, he always knew that he would need to work hard to make all of his dreams come true. His primary objective? Creating a state of the art shopping mall that would provide local residents with the chance to avoid the long and expensive trips to other shopping centers in the region.


He has aimed to improve a number of different platforms on behalf of his people. In addition to the construction of the Manaira Shopping Mall, he also worked in the real estate and investment sector. Roberto Santiago received his degree in business administration in João Pessoa and this experience has also helped to shape his outlook.


After a stint with Cafe Rosa when he was fresh out of college, he would come to a realization that would change the prognosis of the area forever. Assisting Cafe Rosa with their home decor objectives did not make him happy and he knew that there was no point to working with a company that he would be much better off competing with instead.


From there, he elected to quit this job and start focusing his attentions on his own home decor business. In the wake of this success, he began to set his sights even higher. In 1989, he would acquire the land that he needed in order to make all of his dreams come true. He opened the Manaira Shopping Mall with one clear goal in mind: improving the quality of life for his fellow countrymen.


The interior of the mall is certainly impressive, and visitors will find themselves blown away by the craftsmanship that is taking place on the exterior. In addition to all of the natural beauty that is present in this area, visitors and residents also have the chance to take in some of the finest shopping and entertainment that the region has to offer.


Roberto Santiago is making the sort of cultural contributions that are going to live on well after he is gone. Visitors are able to spend their hard-earned money locally as opposed to heading elsewhere and residents now have the perfect place to go when they are in need of merchandise and entertainment. Thanks to his forward-thinking mentality, a landmark has been created that will stand for generations to come.