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Equity first holdings GC report.

The main reason why Christy started Equity first holding was to provide finance to peoples and organizations for starting and running their business. The company offers a short-term loan with low-interest rate, though their loans are offered based on their valuation.

The company was started in the year 2002. During this time Christy was still working with a finance company, after two years he committed his all-time in running the company as the CEO and the president of the company. Over the first year, the equity first holding was managed to complete over 600 transactions which came as a great achievement of the company.

The principal company office is in Indianapolis where it began. They have been working on extending their services to other parts of the word, and they have opened offices in China United Kingdom, Australia, Thailand and more. Equity first holdings also offer finance, loan and investment advice to their clients.

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