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Tony Petrello – Thriving And Triumphing

Tony Petrello life is full fascinating and surprising twists and turns making him a successful businessman. A man who started the success journey from a humble family surrounded by working class people in Newark in New Jersey and went through the process of motivation and learning before becoming a great Chief Executive Officer. Tony is well philanthropists who give millions of funds toward getting a cure for neurological diseases and best renowned for running the most significant world land drilling company. Tony Petrello has genuinely tasted the beauty of success.

In 2015, Tony Petrello was named in the U.S as the highest paid Chief Executive Office earning a tune of 60million dollars yearly while working at Nabors Oil Company. He states that his success is due to creative thinking, hard work and excellent workforce leading him to enjoy the platform of high levels of triumphing. According to Tony, his natural gifs has also played a significant role in crafting his life for decades. His open hand of giving has received admiration and its worthy emulating.

He attended public schools in Newark New Jersey, but he was an intelligent individual who was best known for his mathematics skills. He had an outgoing attitude and spoke in perfect accents of New Jersey with the exceptional confidence of speaking publicly on subjects that mattered to his life.

Petrello has a sense of humor that attracted people. His unique love for mathematics made him famous locally and nationally getting him a scholarship to prestigious Yale University and under the care of great mathematician Serge Lang. Lang was Tony Petrello mentor and a brilliant author, professor and mathematician who migrated to the US from France and advanced his career in the groundbreaking of different number theory.

However, Tony decided to shift gear from mathematics to law, and his friendly attitude introduced him to his future wife Cynthia who they got a daughter together after marrying. Cynthia became a well-known dancer, TV and movie actress, and later soap Opera producer. Tony moved to Harvard Law School after graduating from Yale University, and in 1970 he got his J.D and joined Baker and McKenzie a well established American Law firm.

Tony specialized in taxation and arbitration and later moved to Nabors Industries his previous client and worked in executive level offering unique natural skills. Tony later became the company Chief Executive Officer and the board executive committee member, and in 1992 he was appointed the company president.

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