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The investment freedom Fortress Investment Group has acquired

Fortress Investment Group is a firm that deals with the alternative asset manager and management of the investment. From the time it was founded in 1998, it has since grown to what it is right now because it manages an asset of over $40 billion for 1750 clients. Softbank Group Corp that is a Japanese investment company bought Fortress Investment Company for $3.3 billion on December 28th 2017. That’s has been one of the latest acquisition that Softbank has been able to handle. They have so many businesses that they have acquired and adding Fortress Investment Group to the team they will be able to obtain the power needed in that sector. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group by Softbank is different from the investment they have been making in the past. Though the deal made the founder of Fortress Investment happy and that is they will be able to make a long-term investment. With that partnership, Fortress will not have to explain to potential shareholders that if they invest, it will be worthwhile.

Fortress Investment Group can still take advantage of the opportunity and expand to have the freedom in making other long-term investments so that to produce higher yields. Looking at other firms when considering the alternative asset management companies Fortress was the first to go public. After they went public on February 9th, 2007 in the New York stock exchange they became the first common stock to the delisted. The one goal that fortress has is that with all they are doing they will be able to help their clients in achieving money in the investments that they make. So that to support their customer in achieving all their goals Fortress gives them the level of commitment in listening to their needs. Not forgetting their employees Fortress Investment Group ensure that they have created an environment that the employees will feel comfortable. All employees have to say about the company is nothing but praises because all their needs are met.

Fortress will arrange for training so that their employees will know what is happening in the investment world so that they will be able to advise the customers correctly. With that, the knowledge that the employees have is expanded.Fortress Investment Group is active on social media, but one thing that they always make sure of is that all their posts are educative to the clients. Through social media, they communicate with the clients of what they should expect from them, through giving them a grip of how they perform their work. Fortress Investment Firm makes sure that the needs of the customer will come first. Social media provides the customer a chance of seeing what it will be like if they were to interact with the firm personally. Social media has been so helpful to Fortress Investment Group because with that they will be able to get the word out about what exactly they are offering and that’s why social media is a big part of Fortress Investment Group. Learn More.