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Eric Lefkofsky’s Unique Fight Against Cancer

Tempus’s co-founder, Eric Lefkofsky proudly announced details on the company’s latest successful round of funding. Tempus has garnered the title of unicorn, a status bestowed to the few elite private startup companies that are valued at $ 1 billion in value. The data analytical company has been the recipient of large investments since 2015. Eric Lefkofsky detailed the company’s investments going back to 2015. Kinship Trust Co., T. Rowe Price Associates and Revolutionary Growth invested $ 80 million during the “Late Stage Venture” Series Round D. In September 2017, $ 70 million was invested by New Enterprise Associates and Revolutionary Growth during the Series Round C.

Tempus is a health information technology company that is taking a unique approach to the fight against cancer. Tempus is finding tremendous value in the large data sets of health information, by using data analytical or machine learning algorithms to identify correlations in current and historical healthcare data. Tempus is creating, with the power of artificial intelligence, patient specific care plans to fight cancer. By analyzing historic cancer fighting data sets, Tempus is identifying successful treatments in the data and apply them to create a personalized fight against cancer. Eric Lefkofsky said the success Tempus is experiencing is due to the current cutting edge state of where we are in health information technology, and investors are realizing the potential breakthroughs in healthcare.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated from the University Of Michigan Law Schools, and is an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. Eric Lefkofsky has had his hands in many startup companies and is co-founder of Groupon, Mediaocean, Echo Global Logistic and Uptake Technologies. Uptake Technologies, received $ 90 million in investments during the Series Round B.

In 2006, Eric along with his wife Liz founded the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, a private charity organization that focuses on four key areas, educational equality, human rights, medical research and arts and other cultural initiatives.

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