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The Chainsmokers’s Alex Pall on the Future of Electronic Music

Despite coming up as radio bangers and taking the music industry by the storm, most electronic music fans have no more than a beat to relate to. This is explained by the fact that most of the producers for this journal of music solely rely on songwriters and vocalist’s to add the human element to their music. These producers, regardless of the end products bearing their names, pay more attention to developing beats than generating the content. According to Alex Pall, one half of the The Chainsmokers duo, this has the effect of alienating the brand from their fans especially as they don’t a have a tangible point of connection.

Personalizing their music

Alex made this announcement arguing that his duo brand, together with fellow DJ Andrew Taggart, seeks to revolutionize the idea of electronic music by personalizing them. It all started with The Chainsmokers shifting from over-relying on songwriters and vocalists in their music production. The duo started directing the content of their music and only engaging songwriters who are ready to tell their life stories. Alex mentions that they even wrote some of their songs in entirety.

Most importantly, the duo started shifted from the trend of relying on vocalists and started singing their songs, such as closer. Alex appall believes that this personal touch will help endear and draw them closer to their following all over the world by offering them a unique voice that they can relate to the brand. The duo seeks to also start featuring in more of their video songs in what they believe further helps achieve a level of connection with their fans.

About Alex Pall

For the better part of his life, Alex Pall has always had a deep interest in DJing. The New York-born celebrity grew this from a hobby that he has gradually nurtured into a full-blown career. He first ventured into the entertainment scene during his college days where his manager would help book him gigs. He would later partner with a fellow DJ and form The Chainsmokers band. However, his partner left soon after school leaving a gap that the Andrew Taggart has since completely filled.