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COO and President of OSI Group, David McDonald has been a successful executive at a top 100 American food company

David McDonald is the President and COO of OSI Group, a well-respected American food company, which is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Over the last few years, OSI Group has been aggressive in its acquisitions of some essential food businesses. Making essential purchases of top food companies in Europe is an integral part of OSI’s business strategy. This strategy at acquiring companies overseas is one factor that has helped make OSI’s steady expansion into Europe over the recent years a successful venture.

Under the senior tutelage of COO, David McDonald, and CEO of OSI Group, Sheldon Lavin, these top executives have helped their global food company win many spectacular awards and receive top kudos for their remarkable achievements as a food company. David McDonald has helped to improve OSI Group’s reach internationally. In late 2016, OSI Group procured Flagship Europe, which is a subsidiary company of Flagship Food Group. Flagship Food Group is headquartered in Denver.

This UK-based foodservice company, Flagship Europe includes a portfolio of products. This food portfolio includes pies, mayonnaise, frozen poultry, sous vide products, sauces, and dressings. David McDonald remarked about the purchase of Flagship Europe by OSI Group that Flagship Europe’s addition to OSI’s portfolio of businesses would provide a more significant presence in Europe for the company. McDonald also stated about the purchase of Flagship Europe that their company portfolio of brands and products align well with OSI’s line, which will complement OSI Group’s company strengths. Expanding into Europe will help to broaden OSI’s capacity to attend to the customer’s ever-changing needs. Mr. McDonald stated about the tastes and needs of his customers and food consumers that they dictate to us about what we should sell, not the other way around. And that if companies don’t adapt to the changing consumer trends, they will not stay in business according to McDonald.

Three decades ago, Mr. McDonald joined OSI Group as a project manager — he also earned his Bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in 1987 before being hired by OSI. As COO and president of OSI Group, McDonald and the other executives have earned many accolades and awards from food industry peers and stakeholders.

David McDonald has improved OSI’s business influence, by successfully hitting critical milestones by selling their brands and products in Europe, China, and India. Under McDonald’s key leadership, OSI Group is leading by example when it concerns sustainability and energy efficiency.

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