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Fortress Investment Group Expands To Lending

Fortress Investment Group is a globally known corporation. The company has been involved in many transactions, since its’ inception, that has brought it into the spotlight. The latest dealing the company is working on is no exception to this pattern.Recently, Fortress Investment Group was highlighted in a post about the company entering into the lending sector of the finance industry. This expansion into the lending sector will be done under the SoftBank Group Corporation name. The post also discussed the recent promotions of two key employees and the departure of another one. The post can be found on the Bloomberg website for more information.

An Investment management firm, Fortress Investment Group specializes in hedge funds and a variety of other investment tools for businesses and individual investors. The company was founded in 1998 By Wesley R. Edens and Randal A. Nardone. The company’s headquarters is located in New York, New York. The company also has additional offices located throughout the world.The company has a power house of a team for leaders. The co-founders are very active in the day to day activities of the company. Mr. Nardone also serves as a Principal and Director for the company. Adam Levinson is the Chief Executive Officer.

Peter L. Briger Jr. is another Principal of the company. His is also co-chairman for the Board of Directors. The managing partners for the company include Matthias Moser, Andrew Berman, and Dana Latendre. Josh Pack and Drew McKnight were also recently promoted to the positions of managing partners too.The company, Fortress Investment Group, is very well established and have over 1700 active clients on their rosters. These clients have over forty billion dollars of funds invested in the various funds managed by the corporation. These customers are served by the hundreds of professional and experienced employees that are located at the various offices.