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Ara Chackerian Discusses How Startups Are Thriving In The Healthcare Industry

There have been a lot of startups in the healthcare industry in recent years. There has been a lot of venture capital flowing into this sector of the economy who are driving innovation and striving to come up with medications, products, and services that improve people’s lives. Ara Chackarian is one of the people both creating startups and investing in other ones. He says that some investors aren’t getting nervous that the companies they have invested in haven’t achieved an initial public offering or gone into a merger or acquisition with another firm. However, he says a lot of these companies are really healthy and have great cash positions so he isn’t too concerned.

Since entering the healthcare industry 17 years ago Ara Chackerian has introduced a lot of technology into healthcare. Ara has been behind companies that have innovated when it comes to robotics, digital imaging, and AI. He says that technology can both help healthcare companies operate a lot more efficiently as well as improving the outcomes that patients have seeking help for various conditions. He says the keys for startups in the healthcare industry are to innovate, convince people this innovation solves a real-world problem, and then provide its investors with solid returns. For more details visit LinkedIn.


Araq Chackerian invests in healthcare firms through his venture capital company, ASC Capital Holdings, which he established in June 2007. He is also one of the founders of TMS Health Solutions and serves on this business’ board. He is also on the board of other organizations such as Juma Ventures, Pipeline Healthcare, The Hatlen Center for the Blind, and Mint Medical Education.

He is also a philanthropist. Through Juma Ventures Ara seeks to reduce poverty across the United States. He is also active in helping children in other parts of the world. In Armenia, for example, he was one of the people who established Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This organization helps orphans make the transition from living in an orphanage to learning how to support themselves. He also operates a nonprofit in Nicaragua where he helps children from poor villages earn a college education. Check out for more.


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