Glenn Laken

The Development Of Talos Energy.

Talos Energy is a company which is In Texas, and it invests mainly in the Gulf Coast and also in the Gulf of Mexico, and it deals with exploration and production of natural gas and oil. Timothy Duncan started the organisation in 2012 and e managed to get financial support from Apollo Global Management which aided in the starting of the company. Talos Energy discovered a large quantity of crude oil in the Zama-1 field.

Premier Oil company and Sierra Oil and gas also took part in the drilling exercise, and that is when they discovered the oil. Talos Company, a gas producer, is currently regarded as a public company after it closed its $2 billion mergers with a company by the name Louisiana’s Stone Energy. A larger offshore energy market was made up and it had most of its focus on the US and Mexican sides especially around the Gulf of Mexico. Private equity firm which backed Talos managed to acquire a controlling interest in stone after Talos went public and it was then publicly traded instead of filing for a public offering which is initial.

After the changes, Talos started trading on the New York Stock Exchange market, and this is referred to as a transformational decision by Tim Duncan who is the Talos Chief Executive Officer. The companies and individuals who backed Talos owned 63 per cent of the shares while the stone shareholder got 37 per cent of the company shares. Talos is currently in a position in which it can capitalise on its return together with the high-quality assets which focus on capital programs primarily in the US and other areas such as offshore Mexico.

Tim Duncan has also stated that there are more business opportunities which will develop later. Talos was started mainly to look into the Gulf since it had the financial backing of major firms in the sector such as Apollo Global Management and another institution called Riverstone Holdings. An idea to take Talos public was hindered by an oil bust which made it impossible until now. The discovery of Zama is one of the breakthroughs for the company.

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