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Talos Energy Struck The Oil Again

Talos Energy Incorporated is an independent, offshore oil and gas business that is technically driven. It was founded in the beginning of the year 2012. It is in the Greater Houston area in Texas. Talos Energy was founded by four men, John A. Parker, John L. Harrison, Timothy S. Duncan, and Stephen E. Heitzman. These men have decades of experience in digging wells offshore to find oil. Talos is a small oil company. It brings in five hundred million dollars in revenue, and they have 200 employees.

Two billion barrels worth of oil were spotted has been spotted over time by Talos Energy. There first big discovery was found right off the coast of Mexico. The discovery was so close to the coastline and the water was shallow. The country of Mexico had opened their gas and oil fields to foreign exploration companies about three years ago. This magnificent discovery that was found by Talos Energy is really going to help the oil fields big time. Mexico’s oil business was down for a while, but with this discovery they can be back in business. The Mexican oil and gas company, PEMEX, is auctioning of the land in Mexico so companies from all over the world can find oil.

The oil that was found by Talos Energy Incorporated was about thirty-seven miles off the shore outside of Puerto Dos Bocas. It is located on the Southern Gulf Coast side of Mexico. The well that they have dug is hug. five hundred feet of it is in water, and the total depth of it is eleven thousand feet. They are going to continue to dig until it is up to fourteen thousand feet. They named their well Zama-1. It will be about four years old before Zama-1 will be in working order. It is going to be the fifteenth or twentieth largest shallow water fields in the world.

Over the fourth of July weekend of the year 2015, there was another major discovery. They drilled thru about four hundred feet of rock. Duncan and his crew brought on the wine for this celebration.

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