Glenn Laken

New hit and new vision from The Chainsmokers

American Society of the Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) recipients Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are bringing 2018 with a different outlook on their music. Magic duo of the Chainsmokers, are moving away from their traditional heartbreak songs such as 2015’s “Until You Were Gone” (co-written by Emily Warren) and 2016’s “Closer” featuring Halsey and heading for some straightforward lyrics such as “make no mistake, I live in a prison, that I built myself, it is my religion,” from their 2018 track and self-titled EP “Sick Boy.” Nothing short of elevation, following the release “Sick Boy,” featuring vocals from Andrew Taggart, is their new song “Somebody.” “Somebody has topped the Canadian iTunes charts at number 9.

Looking into the behind-the-scenes process, released a snippet by videographer Roy Kramer, of how the song “Somebody” was created. The snippet features a classic piano, multiple synthesizers, a MacBook Pro with music software and the Chainsmokers giving a taste to their recipe of a great hit. With a step change and San Antonio native Drew Love on vocals, you are lured in with the sultry nostalgic appeal. A signature the Chainsmokers are known for just like in their 2017 hit topping at number 6 on the Billboard charts, “Paris.” Animator and director Jim Batt and Canadian filmmaker Kim Boekbinder provide the clever artistic sketches that take the music video “Somebody” from typical to memorable.

“Somebody” has lyrics you can lose yourself in such as “when I dreamed about it, all the things I could live without, I need it now ’cause they’re all around me.” Known for their ingenious beats and gifted vocal choices this American duo keep things interesting year after year. “Sick Boy” peaked at number 65 on the Billboard charts and in time, “Somebody” will follow suit and crack Billboard’s top 100.