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Personal Nutrition for Life with IDLife

The task of staying healthy and eating well can feel like just that sometimes – a task. It can be hard to know exactly what your body needs and what nutrition is right for you. With that idea in mind, Logan Stout founded IDLife, to customize and simplify health and wellness for each individual person. Logan Stout, along with some of the top health and fitness industry leaders, customize a nutrition plan that is healthy and natural.

Founded by former professional baseball player and entrepreneur Logan Stout, IDLife was born out of one of Logan’s greatest passions, wellness. Being a former professional baseball player since high school, he was already familiar with how important wellness and fitness are to the body. When he came across the science behind the idea, he knew that it would be a great way to help people get the nutrition they need naturally and through organic ingredients. Not only that, it could be customized based on the individual and not just a one-size-fits all approach. Since its inception in 2014, IDLife has gained the partnership of Troy Aikman, Jen Widerstrom, Darwin Deason, as well as many other nutritional and wellness experts. This growth enabled them to become one of the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the country by 2016, just two years after launching.

When beginning the IDLife experience, visitors go to and fill out the free health assessment to go over their individual needs and wellness goals. Based on this information, IDLife generates a scientifically backed report with how to approach your personal goals and areas of focus. The convenience of IDLife is that your nutritional needs and wellness goals can be fulfilled on-site. Whether your needs are weight management, bone or joint health, increased energy, or sleep aids, IDLife has the products in their one-stop shop of products.

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