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Ian King, The Cryptocurrency Guru

Ian King studied psychology at Lafayette College. He started his career on Wall Street while he was still in college. He was an intern at Merrill Lynch. He is currently a senior Analyst at Banyan Hill, and he is there go to guy on cryptocurrency investing.

He fell in love with trading and started out with Salomon Brothers. He progressed working his way up through Wall Street to the point that he was a head trader for a hedge fund. His team made over a 300% return in 2008 when others were being burned by Wall Street.

Wall Street had its tolls on Ian King so much that he left. The day-to-day stress pushed him away from Wall Street. He tired of constantly being pressured to make money for rich people. This caused him to pursue his current passion of cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies is a blend of early-stage venture investing and trading. Learn more at to know more.

Every investor tries to find the best place for their money. In 2008, the Fed wanted to turn bonds into bad Investments. The Fed forced investors into the stock market, because there was no other place to put their money. The Fed had hoped that consumers would become wealthier through the stock market, and they would spend money to get us out of the recession.

Today, everyone is scared that we are due for a big stock market correction which simply means the stock market may go down. Typically, when the stock market goes down, then investors will move to the bond market. Some experts are suggesting that investors not rush into bonds, but rather they may want to use dividend stocks as an option instead of long-term bonds. No matter which direction you think the market may go, Ian King knows that you need to work with a trusted advisor. And if you are interested in cryptocurrency, then Ian King is your man.