Glenn Laken


End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2015 following the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs. FEC in 2010. The case ruled that corporations are people, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money supporting election campaigns. Special interest groups and the wealthy are therefore given a chance to exercise undue influence on the electoral process. End Citizens United opposes these wealthy people by supporting campaign candidates who support pro-reforms in elections. Candidates who accept donations from the wealthy have an unfair advantage. These candidates end up serving the interests of the wealthy instead of the electorate once elected. End Citizens United accepts donations from the grassroots with an average of $14.

The donations collected are used to endorse candidates who support elections pro-reforms by encouraging campaigns to be carried out by monies that are limited, and that can be traced. Candidates who are supported by End Citizens United have many advantages such as being connected to the grassroots members of the political action committee in their states and districts. They are also connected to a national network of over 400,000 small donors that support their campaigns. Recently, End Citizens United accused Florida governor Rick Scott of illegally using New Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) to support his senate campaign. They filed the complaint with Federal Electoral Commission.

They claimed that Rick Scott is using the super PAC to evade federal limits of direct contributions towards candidates’ campaigns. A super PAC can raise as much money as it wishes and spends it but it is not allowed to work directly with any candidate in election campaigns. Rick Scott was the chairman of the New Republican PAC at the time he announced that he would vie for the Senate seat. Evidence arraigned against Rick Scott shows that both he and the New Republican PAC are using the same fundraiser, Jenny Rucker. Rick Scott campaign and the New Republican are also using the same address. It was also noted that a recent poll paid by New Republican was for Rick Scott. To add to this evidence, it was reported in March that the New Republican was campaigning for Rick Scott.