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ECU targets Republican members of the House in California

Several Republican senators have been targetted by the End Citizens United Group in upcoming elections. A recent organized committee geared towards overthrowing Citizens United has plans to spend several million dollars in 2018 in order to support finance reform and campaign adjustment for Democrats. Multiple targets have been announced including the republicans Mimi Walters, Duncan Hunter, Dana Rohrabacher and Darrell Issa. These are four of the noted candidates who are the most vulnerable according to the California House of Representatives.

There are al ot of opporunities in California when it comes to End Citizens United (ECU). The executive director of this organization, Tiffany Muller has explained her interest in supporting ongoing efforts and improving the way that campaign fund usage is analyzed and documented. Some key concerns have been brought up with regards to the noted Republican officials based on their recent election campaign fundraising initiatives. For example, telecommunication companies have donated significantly to Issa. Meanwhile, there was a great deal of potential misuse based on the investigation of Hunter.

Originally established in 2015, End Citizens United focuses on maximizing the positive results and aspects of fund allocation throughout the political process. More than twenty five point five million dollars were spent in the election process from two years ago. The group hopes to expand their focus in years to come with an emphasis on the way that independent voters are targetted and assessed in the election process.

The Federal Election Commission has been responsible for raising awareness about this group as well. More than eleven million dollars have been reported by this organization at the end of October. Leaders of the group have further declined when discussing the amount of money that is potentially going to be spent in the California districts based on future projections.

There are a lot of opportunities related to End Citizens United. They have demonstrated a commitment to excellence in service for the people. In 2015, changes to the national law in the United States have created an environment where election processes can be purchased or manipulated based on large scale donations that can take place from untraceable sources. Both parties have stood up in arms about these problems and the subsequent inaccurate reporting that political figures have been accused of. Several notable Democrats have voiced their concern for this in the Democratic party, while Republicans have only put forth minimal information and efforts about the issue.

With considerable interest and more funding it is clear that the problem of inaccuracy in election process as well as the way that politicians can report their funding sources have made a bit difference in the way that donations have been made and continue to be recorded on a national level.

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Matt Badiali Uses Energy Expertise to Show New Options to Others

As an energy expert, Matt Badiali feels part of the best things he has in the industry is helping people realize what they can do and how they can help. He knows there are things that will often change in the industry, but he isn’t afraid to make those changes work for himself and for the people who are a part of the industry. While Matt Badiali is doing different things with the industry, he knows he can continue helping people with the issues they are facing and with the options they have available to them in various industries around the world.  View Matt Badiali’s profile at LinkedIn.

Energy is an important thing to most people. Since the majority of people around the world require it to live their lives, there is a lot of importance on it in different areas. Matt Badiali knew this and wanted to make sure people were experiencing all the most positive parts of the industry. He wanted all of the people who he worked with to have a chance to experience the best parts of energy and what it could do for them no matter what they were looking for. There had been many different things Matt Badiali put into place, but working toward a more positive energy environment was one of the most important things he had done.

As long as Matt Badiali is learning more about energy and mining, he feels he can continue helping the community he is a part of. There have been many ways in which Matt Badiali has helped up until this point and there are other ways he will continue to help people through the issues he has faced. Matt Badiali is not afraid to learn more about mining and different opportunities. Instead, he tries to learn as much as he can to help people. More info at Talk Markets

After he traveled the world to learn about mining in other areas and how energy is obtained through different sources, Matt Badiali found it was time for him to make a difference for people who were on their own and in the United States. As long as Matt Badiali is doing things to make sure he can help those who are in the industry, he feels he will be able to continue giving them what they are looking for. It is what has given Matt Badiali the ability to change different things and show others what they can do on their own.

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The Inside Scoop On Market America

Market America is the unfranchise business and claims have been made that this company has a proven plan for your financial success. The way the company works; they take the best parts of franchise and they cut out all the bad parts of a franchise. Before you raise your eyebrows in confusion; let me explain. Like a franchise Market America offers market tools, up to date management systems, customers are even offered the opportunity to own multiple business locations, this is only naming some of the tools a customer is offered. The bad parts of a franchise that were not up to this company’s standards are this: no franchise fees, no monthly royalties plus there is little to no risk and very minimal start up costs. When using this company there are three ways for gathering your income. Cash back, provide products and leverage time. Now we’ll go a head and learn more about the company and the company’s credibility. The company was founded in 1922, over $73 billion dollars are generated in accumulated retail sales, some individuals has even reported that they earned over $3.8 billion dollars in commissions and retail profits!

Market America now serves more than 3 million customers and has well over 18,000 shop consultants worldwide. Loren Ridinger is the executive Senior Vice President of this company, the company has even had celebrities such as Joseph “fat Joe” and La La Anthony. Anthony claims the great thing about Market America’s platform and World Conference are that they serve as a learning tool for entrepreneurs and helps them understand how to grow their own business and truly be your own boss. Doesn’t that sound a lot like  American dream that everyone strives for but not a lot of people happen to grasp?

An update from the company even promises new products, new technologies and new opportunities that will be added to Market America soon!

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Rick Smith Helps Make Prisons a Better Place for Administrators

While Rick Smith recognizes that it can be hard to make prisons better for the people who are stuck in them as punishment, he knows there are things he can do to make the prison industry better for those who have to work in it. Since Rick Smith has always been working to help people with different issues, he is confident in the abilities he has no matter what he is doing or who he is helping through different situations. Part of what has made Rick Smith so good at what he does is the fact he can truly push forward and make Securus better than what it would be without him. In fact, his dedication to Securus is what has made him someone that many prison administrators look up to. They like to see the options he has created and that’s what has helped him grow the business while he is giving back to the community. Read more about Rick Smith Securus on

Even though Rick Smith didn’t know what he was doing when he first started, he knew he could give back to the communities that these prison administrators were a part of by pushing them to make things better. He also knew he would need to try his best to give attention to the different opportunities people could use while they were working in the prisons. For Rick Smith, this was part of how he could help people and part of what made it easy for them to do things their own way. Read more on

When Rick Smith came up with the ideas for the kiosks, many people were concerned about them causing issues in the prison. Rick Smith knew they would do just the opposite, though. They have been successful in all of the prisons and that is what has allowed Rick Smith Securus the chance to keep doing different things and making everything better for people who are running the prisons. Rick Smith also knows there will be a chance he can help people get more from the situations they are in and from the opportunities they have had on their own.

As long as Rick Smith has been doing business with Securus, he has learned the way to show people what they can do and how they can give back. For him to do all of this, Rick Smith has to make sure he is giving people the options they need. He has always wanted to show them what they will get out of different situations and how they can be a better part of the environment they work in. While working in a prison is not easy, Rick Smith believes Securus will make it a more enjoyable experience for everyone who comes there.


Be Healthier Longer With Preventative Testing With Life Line Screening

People go to visit their doctors when they are sick, or worry that something is wrong. The probability of an illness or other health issue is more likely when there are certain risk factors present. Often times, people are not aware of, or do not consider the overall condition of their health. Over 600,000 people died from heart attacks last year, and one in four were from heart related health issues. Research studies indicate that at least twenty percent of these deaths could have been prevented. Early detection of any disease or illness is the best intervention. Life Line Screening is a testing company that screens and tests for many health issues as a preventative course of action for a longer life.

Life Line Screening is focused mainly on cardiovascular health. They recommend that people over the age of 50 get screened to determine if there are any underlying problems that can be taken care of before it gets serious. Heart disease has become the number one cause of death in the United States. It is called the silent killer because most often it has no symptoms. Usually the first sign, or symptom of a heart problem is the heart attack, which could be fatal. Many people do no know that they are at risk of cardiovascular health problems. Life Line Screening strongly suggest that everyone should be screened to ensure a longer, healthier life.

Recent studies show that people who have had Life Line Screening were motivated to chang their lifestyle and eating habits. They are more health conscious, and have a genuine concern about the status of their health. Having the cardiovascular screening will detect problems that you may not know existed, or it will give you peace of mind in knowing that you are not a candidate for a heart attack. It will make you more inclined to change your current way of like and opt for a more healthy lifestyle. Life Line Screening not only does cardiovascular screenings, they screen for every major illness, or disease that could involve various organs and the blood. Since 1993, Life Line Screening has been helping people in Texas. Now they are a national company with facilities in many cities in America. The screenings are affordable, and convenient.

Stream Energy, a Premier Energy Provider

Stream Energy company is a premier provider of connected life services. In the past, it has received recognition by Market Strategies International as one of the top ten Retail Electric Providers (REPs) which are trusted by customers in Texas. The honor was made after a study was conducted to measure 52 Retail Electric Providers (REPs) within Texas in which over five thousand customers participated. This exercise considered the following factors: competitive rates, environmental dedication, local reputation, customer focus, communication effectiveness, and community support. The study concluded that Texas Retail Electric Brand had impacted positively on the lives of customers and community especially during difficult times like Hurricane Harvey.

In the recent past, Stream Energy donated $25,000 to American Red Cross. The donations were to support the Hurricane Harvey disaster as this would waive late fees for the company’s energy and wireless customers who were not able to make timely bill payments during the recovery period. Stream energy is set to waive calling fees for long distance calls which came from different countries and placed in the United States to areas that were affected negatively by the storm. Get details on Stream Energy at

Stream Energy has been recognized and honored by many due to their outstanding company culture. The organization has a team of the dedicated workforce which works around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. It has proved to its esteemed customers that they are the best REP with the best value and services within the energy industry.

Stream energy came into existence in the year 2004 as an American natural gas and retail electricity firm through its founders Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. Currently, it is the leading energy, wireless, home and protective services provider. Stream Energy is headquartered in Tollway center building, Dallas. The company has expanded its energy services to Maryland, Washington DC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Read more about Stream Energy at

The firm applies multi-level marketing strategy as a sole sales channel. In the year 2014, the company merged its multi-level marketing division to form a stream brand. Significant parts of the United States receive most of the firm services.

As per the stream energy financial statements, there was bonus commission award to sales associates who maintained their position qualifications through the 2013 fiscal year. The company is experiencing tremendous growth under the able leadership of Larry Mondry who is the company’s president and chief executive officer.


All You Need to Know About Butt Lifts in Dallas Texas

Over the past few years, butt lift surgery has become a more popular surgical procedure. This surgery is ideal for people who wish to enhance their butt due to sagging, drooping, or loss of volume due to weight loss. Patients also elect to have this procedure done just to improve the appearance in general. There are typically two different types of this procedure: the traditional butt lift and the Brazilian butt lift.


The traditional butt lift is done for those who may have sagging or droopiness in their rear and just want to lift the area. The Brazilian butt lift is more focused on adding volume to give the patient a more fuller looking rear. In a traditional butt lift, the surgeon creates an incision into the buttock area and removes layers of tissue, fat, and skin. Underlying muscles in this area may be tightened as well sutures may be creates within the tissue to hold the buttocks into a lifted point. The Brazilian butt lift begins with the surgeon performing liposuction to other areas of the patients body such as the abdominal area to remove unwanted fat that will later be inserted in the buttocks through multiple incisions.


The overall pricing for the both procedures differs because there are many factors that contribute to the cost such as location, medical history, the surgeon, etc. The price range can be anywhere from $2,000 or over $10,000. Candidates for the procedures do have the option in most cases to finance their procedure and make payments over time if they are not able to make the full payment at the time of the procedure. Medical insurance may cover a portion of the cost if there is a demonstration of a medical need for the procedure.


There are many boarded certified surgeons in the Dallas, Texas area that perform this procedure. The Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute is one of many plastic surgery practices with offices in Dallas and Plano, Texas. There is also the North Texas Plastic Surgery Office as well as individual surgeons with private practices. Candidates and those interested in either procedure can contact the offices directly for consultations, interviews, and to make preparations to get the rear end of their dreams.


Dr. Sameer Jejurikar

Doctor Sameer Jejurika is a plastic surgeon who is situated in Dallas, Texas. He studied at the University of Michigan as a medical student. He also enrolled for residency at University of Michigan Hospital and Health Center. He has been licensed and certified by several boards such as American Board of Plastic Surgery and Texas State Medical License and has offices in Plano and Dallas. Moreover, he is a member of Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute. He not only has a specialty in Cosmetic surgery but also, can perform re-constructive surgery on face and hands.

In addition, he is a renowned doctor to patients, therefore, he has received awards due to patients’ response about his service, such as the Compassionate Doctor Certification. Doctor Sameer has been known to offer voluntary surgeries to his community to those who are in need and are unable to afford the expenses. Furthermore, he is a philanthropist who is willing to travel the world to help people in need of surgery and are unable to access the service. For example, he has volunteered to participate in several medical missions to Bangladesh to help the needy.

In conclusion, Doctor Sameer Jejurika is a doctor who listens to his patients’ needs and then uses the simplest most innovative method, to resolve the problem, leaving the patient with less time to fully heal. Additionally, it is easy to deal with him in terms of payments because he accepts several insurances companies for health. He also has an affiliation with three hospitals making it easy to deal with his patients.


Matt Badiali: A Geologist and Writer

The United States Farm Bureau not long ago revealed its newest Thanksgiving meal price survey findings. Thanksgiving meals are actually going to be cheaper than they’ve been in five full years, believe it or not. If you’re planning on feeding 10 individuals turkey, expect to fork over a little less than $50.00. That’s 75 cents less than the average cost of the year before. If you take inflation into consideration, a Thanksgiving meal in 2017 should cost merely $20.54. Thanksgiving meal prices honestly haven’t been that cheap since 2013. Turkeys are in many ways responsible for the price drop, too. Turkeys in general aren’t as costly now as they’ve been in recent years. You don’t have to wonder about this price shift, though. That’s because it’s actually related to prices for oil, oddly enough. Oil price adjustments influence grain prices. That, in a nutshell, is why you don’t have to fret over Thanksgiving meal prices much in 2017. Visit to know more.

Matt Badiali is a seasoned writer who has a lot of knowledge that relates to the agricultural, mining and energy worlds. He’s on the Banyan Hill Publishing team as well. Banyan Hill Publishing is the name of a Delray Beach, Florida organization that concentrates on investments that are promising, secure and reliable all at the same time. Badiali does a lot of traveling for his job. He’s been to many diverse spots all over the planet. Some of these spots are Switzerland, Papua New Guinea, Turkey, Iraq, Haiti, Singapore and Hong Kong. Badiali has spent time in front of many mines. He’s thoroughly examined all kinds of oil wells, too. Badiali has been in the company of many CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) who are highly respected within their industries. He’s asked them comprehensive questions regarding available resource opportunities, geologic information and more. Badiali is a person who gets a lot out of writing. He gets a lot out of studying up on investment concepts of all types. This Senior Editor is practically unstoppable. His advisory services column is known by the name of “Real Wealth Strategist.” This column assists people who want to figure out the intricacies that are associated with genuine wealth. It aids people who want to get wealth in the first place. It even aids individuals who wish to maintain it for good. Badiali understands investment methods that span all sectors and categories. He’s always learning more and more. For more information, visit:


OSI Group Is Ensuring Its Future As A Global Leader In The Food Industry

OSI Group is a multi-billion dollar American company that has been expanding into a worldwide market for many years, now. By recently positioning itself, in a fresh way, in new markets it is cementing its place as a global leader in food industry. Forbes has named OSI Group as one of the top 100 top American companies, and it is currently listed that its total revenue, to date, is $6.1 billion. The company’s Chief Executive Officer, Sheldon Lavin, has been with OSI Group since early on and plans on staying with the company for the long haul. He believes that expanding OSI’s capabilities across seas and in the United States, itself, is crucial to creating the network of plants and other facilities that will help the company serve its customers better and better.

OSI group’s main headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois, and the company’s main focus is serving its client base with specialized food options that best serve the needs of their customers. OSI has meat processing capabilities and offers a variety of food options including, bacon, hot dogs, pizza, poultry, sauces, marinades, sandwich fillings, vegetable products, and much more. Its clientele is the food service and retail food industries, and OSI brings custom food options, which includes food specific to a region that is prepared by their own staff of chefs. This means that OSI is able to give its clients food options that are decided by what their specific local customers desire.

OSI Group is a wonderful place to work at, and their leadership, including, Sheldon Lavin treats all employees of the company like they are a part of their own family. The company is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate based when hiring employees. Each employee of the company can expect to get treated with respect and have their opinions heard. This is the way the company has always operated, and it is in the same entrepreneurial spirit that drove the original founders of the company who created it in 1909. The company hires for a variety of positions, which include Quality Assurance Supervisor 2nd Shift, Kitchen Manager, Plant Manager, Administrative Assistant, Supervisor, Assistant, and a whole lot more.

Recently, OSI Group acquired the popular Dutch Food Company Baho Foods and expects the move to increase its capabilities greatly. Baho Foods has plants in the Netherlands and Germany and has been serving customers for close to 60 years. OSI’s president, David Mcdonald, was happy to announce that the acquisition will greatly expand the company’s presence in Europe.

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