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Adam Milstein Success Through Philanthropy

Adam Milstein is a man who has a world of experience and an interesting start to his life in Real Estate Investing. A native of Israel this soldier of the Israel Defense Force graduated from the Technion, The Israel School of Technology. Those strong ties keep Adam connected today as a top leader in his community. He is a philanthropist with several Jewish organizations and looks to insure that the youth of Israeli-American-Jewish backgrounds learn and appreciate the culture of the Jewish people.

An entrepreneur Mr. Milstein started his company Hager Pacific Properties in an effort to use the education he received getting his MBA at USC. This is the kind of man who enjoys working and appreciates the details. He takes time to follow up and follow through with the in’s and outs of his business. His persistent nature is followed by his consistency all of which he sees as positive traits in being an entrepreneur. For this smart, accomplished man his partner David Hager is someone that Adam looks up to. That itself says a lot.

As for his personal life, Mr. Milstein knows that family is number one. With his wife Mila and their children they make a point of spending quality time together as often as they can. They also contribute a lot of their time to the Adam and Mila Milstein Family Foundation. Through their foundation they have assisted many non-profit organizations that help to strengthen Israel. He also sits as chairman of the Israeli-American Council as well as several Israeli-American organizations boards. It is absolute that Adam has contributed to the relationship of Israel and the United States through his philanthropic work. Though if you asked Adam he would tell you that his philanthropic work is his truest passion and not a single day of work.


Honest Freedom Debt Relief Reviews

When one is straining in business, debts are inevitable but how you pay them is the big question. Therefore, it is imperative to have a program that will help you pay your debt comfortably without excess pressure. Freedom Debt Relief has come with many programs to assist many people affected by debts to settle them. Many clients are very grateful, and they have aired their Freedom Debt Relief reviews.

Among the many Freedom Debt Relief reviews, Gary G. is one of the people who has reviewed the company. Gary is an independent contractor who got into debt slowly by slowly over a long time. He reached a point where thing got tough as what he earned was way below his spending, and he decided to seek help. Gary called Freedom Debt Relief for help. Freedom Debt Relief proposed a program that helped Gary in debt settlement. Gary was happy to see his debt paid comfortably with the support of the company.

Also from Freedom Debt Relief reviews, we find Julie M who has is happy as Freedom Debt Relief saved her marriage. Julie’s husband lost his job, and as he was looking for a new one, the family experienced financial challenges. She spent everything on her credit cards, and it reached a point they were in debt. She decided to take that bold step and look for help. She contacted Freedom Debt Relief via a call, and she felt at ease after talking to the person who picked the call. The company came up with a program that helped Julie and her family settle their debts.

From Freedom Debt Relief reviews from many clients like Gary and Julie, Freedom Debt Relief offers credible services in debt settlement. Freedom Debt Relief is the company associated with Freedom Financial Asset Management. Many customers are benefiting from their services, and that is why they give honest reviews about the company.


George Soros Contribution in Fighting for Human Rights

Soros Fund Management, LLC founder, George Soros was born in Hungary but had to flee his mother country after the Nazis invaded Hungary. He went to London where he took two jobs, a railway porter by day and a waiter at night. He used the money he received to pay for his education at London School of Economics. He managed to become a finance manager at a bank, but he later moved to New York where he joined the Wall Street.

In 1969, he started his hedge fund using $12 million. The fund was later rebranded to become Quantum Fund. In 1992, George made an impressive profit with the British pound. Through the years, through his Soros Fund Management, George remains one of the investment heavy weights. His family office is worth over $30 billion and read full article.

George Soros Philanthropic Contributions

George Soros is an active philanthropist who started his charitable works when he founded the Open Society Foundation. The foundation is run under the philosophy of Karl Popper of building a vibrant and tolerant democracy whose government is accountable to its citizens. Through the organization, George Soros has contributed large amounts of money. By 1992, the foundation had donated over $300 million to support different groups and causes and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

He later established several foundations throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia. This gave Soros a lot of recognition. Today, Open Society Foundation has branches in more than 70 countries globally. In 1993, George founded the Open Society Foundations, which is the flagship for his Soros foundation network. The foundation extends its charitable contributions to several countries worldwide, but its focus is the American groups and learn more about George Soros.

Soros Network Foundation Leadership

George explains in his book “Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism” that he is looking for an open society whereby the rule of law, democracy, freedom, human rights, social justice, and responsibility is universal. Soros assures that he will use his wealth to support this idea through philanthropic contributions. He has elected Aryeh Neier as the president of the entire Soros Network Foundation. In the 1960’s, Neier founded the Student for a Democratic Society (SDS), and the group rose to become the most radical and largest group at that time and Follow his

The organization realized several achievements including overthrowing of the American democratic institutions, undermining of the nation’s war in Vietnam, and remaking of the government in a Marxist image. Neier has experience working for 15 years for the American Civil Liberties Union, eight of these years being the organization’s national executive director. He founded the Human Rights Watch in 1978 and worked as the organization’s executive director for 12 years.

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Neurocore-Proven Leaders in Treatment of Depression.

Depression is a widespread issue in the United States as well as the world. Research shows that approximately 18.4 million adults suffer from depression each year. While most people have had depression in their lifetime-it can affect your daily living and that of your family. If you have the following symptoms-speak to your physician:

• Isolation from friends and family
• Anxiety
• Poor self-esteem
• Low energy
• Little interest in even favorite activities

A new treatment for depression is the use of neurofeedback to diagnose and retrain your brain. This cutting edge technology is able to measure and identify brain activity to provide an exact cause of the sad and unproductive feelings. The new neuro assessment can help customize a way back to health just for you. Neurocore, the leader in this new type of treatment, has had great success in creating brain maps for patients. These maps help the doctor pinpoint the exact location of the problems.

The outcomes from Neurocore have been impressive. 84% of patients report a significant reduction of depression that can be clinically measured, improving their quality of life. 51% of patients no longer suffer from symptomatic depression and can return to a productive life. Testamonials from actual patients are listed on the webpage and the remarks are encouraging to other depression sufferers. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

The journal for the Society of Neuroresearch, NeuroRegulation published a study in March 2017 that research done shows a “robust” improvement for such conditions as depression, migraines and ADHD from neurotherapy. The lead clinician in this paper, Dr. Elyse White, indicates that the majority of patients treated with brain retraining and neurotherapy showed a marked and measureable improvement in overall condition.

Neurocore was established in 2004 and they now have six locations in Michigan and two clinics in southern Florida. Their staff consists of specialists in the field of the brain, counselors, licensed clinical practioners and brain coaches. There is also a specially dedicated patient advocate for each person receiving treatment.

Whether you are going through life changing events or just dealing with the day to day mental stress, you can find improvement and answers with Neurocore and their specialized treatment.

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Clean Elections-End Citizen United

It is the latest Political Action Committee in the United States. The group End Citizen United which was recently formed worked hard to a major player in the 2016 political campaigns in the United States of America. End Citizen United was at the forefront of making changes of the ruling done by the Supreme Court of the nation about campaign funding. It also too the responsibility of supporting Democrats Senate candidates as well as in the competitive house all over the United States of America. Few days after their launch, the Political Action Committee; End Citizen United made a huge contribution of $2million form their supporters. The organization was planning to raise about $25million to $30 million to support their political members, as they raised awareness.

The primary reason for the establishment of the group is to pull down the dark money issues in elections campaign in the United States of America. Ever since their foundation, the organization has been gaining popularity among Americans and they have registered about 325000 members. According to the management, the number increased because a year before the nation conducted their elections, they had teamed up with “Ready for Hillary” who assisted them to reach for more people. Before the end of 2015, End Citizen United had given out a list of about 11 politicians who they were to support during the 2016 general elections. Some of the politicians included Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado and Senator Russ Feingold of Wisconsin.

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According to Richard Carbo who is the Communication Director of the organization explained the reason why the group is considered to be a unique Political Action Committee. He said that even before the foundation of the group there has been a hole to get the Americans in the conversation and also getting them elected and there was no one to fill the hole by changing the laws of elections especially the financial part of it. End Citizen United’s aim is to stand with the politicians who support their reform as they end the groups and individuals associated with unlimited election campaign funding which is mostly meant to buy Americans votes.

End Citizen United is a Political Action Committee which was established on 1st March 2015 with a primary aim of fighting dark political money as they make new reforms. The organization was founded by grass root donors. End Citizen United is devoted to letting the press know that together with other dedicated Americans and members of the group are fighting hard to end the norm of billionaires in the country buying Americans elections with their money. The Political organization has been created with a strong mission of ending dirty cash in elections, selecting political finance reforms, as well as inspiring the election finance subject in the national conversation. The group is planning to meet their mission by doing the following.
1. Using their active grassroots members raise the issue of money in politics.
2. Electing pro-reform individuals.
3. Passing the pro-reforms in the States by working with ballot measures.

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Whitney Wolfe Knows Best When It Comes to Dating Apps

The dating app world is comprised of many people that are going to be interested in finding the perfect mate quickly. There is no quicker way to find the perfect mate than by connecting with a dating app that really keeps people in tune with the potential matches that they have. When Whitney Wolfe decided to design an app where there would only be a 24-hour period to respond to matches she was onto something that was new and exciting.

This would be the first of many trends that would change the way that people took a look at dating apps. As time progressed Whitney Wolfe would discover that she had a profound way of looking at dating apps. She was actually doing the research and talking to women about what they wanted.

She was not going with what the mainstream was doing. Instead Whitney Wolfe was creating a dating app that was going to look different than everything else that was out there. This would give her a grand opportunity to make a completely different connection with the dating app community.

While other app developers may have only put time into creating a dating app Whitney Wolfe was working on expanding the dating app that she created. She would also explore possibilities with simply building friendships and networking with other working professionals all through the Bumble company that created. This is a great platform for Whitney Wolfe to develop. She already knew the dating app world well, and it made sense for her to go forth with expanding with other components like Bumble Bizz.

The fact that she has been so confident in establishing apps in this way has made her someone that is trending in the social media arena. People want to know about the person behind the company that is rising to the top.

Fortunately, Whitney is someone that has no problem letting the public in to her private life. Wolfe got married recently, and there are an assortment of pictures that have been posted online. people get the chance to see directly into her life. They get the chance to find out exactly what it is like to work as a person that owns a company while still getting acquainted with a fiance. Whitney Wolfe has been very busy in the last three years since Bumble was created, but she still found time to date.

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Sheldon Lavin Contributions at the OSI Group

OSI Group has been in the food processing industry for more than one hundred years. This means that it has a lot of expertise and experience in the market. This is one of the reasons the company has done well regardless of the changes in the economic climate. OSI Industries was started in the year 1909 by individuals who wanted to give customers an enjoyable experience. Its main founder, Otto Kolschowsky was just an ordinary butcher who was selling meat in Chicago. His shop was known as Otto& Sons, and it achieved a lot of success.The company grew to form one of the largest companies in the world with over sixty-five locations all over the world. At the moment, Sheldon Lavin is working as company CEO.

Sheldon Lavin focuses on green practices, food safety, and sustainability. The businessman has shocked the international community by ensuring that the institution is always registering great profits.The hedge fund manager uses market focused methods to grow the global market. In the recent times, the company has expanded by acquiring several institutions in different parts of the world.

When Sheldon Lavin joined the international company more than four decades ago, he did not know that he was going to introduce so many changes. However, he has brought a successful culture thanks to his experience as a banking executive and investor. The businessman is one of the people who has played a fundamental role in pushing the OSI Group to the international state. The company experienced a lot of growth in 1970 due to his presence. This was when he had just joined the institution as a third partner. Several years later, the hedge fund manager announced that he was now the half partner after he acquired some shares from the original brothers. When one of the brothers retired, Sheldon Lavin was voted to become the chief executive officer.

Unlike most of the current managers, Sheldon Lavin understands the modern food processing company. The strategies he has been using have proven to be successful, and they have taken the company to the international community.As the leader of a company that has a workforce of more than twenty thousand employees in many parts of the world, Lavin works hard to make sure that the clients in the grassroots get the quality products they deserve.The businessman has acquired several food plants to make the food processing activities easier.

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An Impressive Insight to Boraie Development

Boraie advancement is a standout amongst the most best looked for after improvement firm in New Jersey. It was established in 1986. At present, its income remains at roughly 9 billion every year and has a staff of 35 individuals. Omar Boraie is the leader of the Development. The warm on the most fundamental level is the president as well as a patriarch of this firm. His fantasy was to revamp New Brunswick as he had at first saw in Europe direct as a voyaging researcher. Omar had at first portrayed New Brunswick as “dreadful” and a place where one couldn’t stroll in the lanes past 4 pm. With the condition of land showcase in New Jersey getting ugly, a few contracting organizations tried to come in and make changes in light of their steady improvement after some time. Visit Fundacity to know more on this latest changes .

As per WSJ, Boraie Development is much appraised in light of the fact that it for the most part utilizes private wellsprings of cash-flow to be its essential wellspring of financing for undertakings, for example, the business banks. A one of a kind forte of Boraie Development is its capacity to frame partnerships with solid and right now settled budgetary associations, temporary workers, and modelers who have center and comprehend the significance of auspicious consummation of ventures. The staff at Boraie improvement is completely dedicated to the arrangement of value benefits and furnishing the customer with differing and incredible properties. The administrations it offers are altogether centered around parts of urban land markets, for example, administration of the property, improvement, and furthermore advertising and deals.

Boraie goes for shaping long haul cooperations with customers through making ventures that will draw in their consideration. Administration of expanding interest for lodging properties is done through advertising of securing and improvement properties. Overseeing resources is a fundamental component in Boraie Development system. The most considered properties incorporate retails, private, inn resources, and understudy lodging offices. This is the manner by which the firm can guarantee its benefits create an incentive after some time. Besides, Boraie Development monitors subtle elements through documentation subsequently making them the most fitting firm to consider while settling on long haul responsibilities. Omar Boraie has sold over $100million in both business and private exchanges. For more details visit Crunchbase.

Along these lines, it is a genuine organization as its division of offer incorporates with the administration of properties in order to assess the complexities of improvement exercises. Organizations with Boraie Development regularly go for discovering ventures devoted with the fulfillment of urban improvement other than just talk and heedless great arranging.

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Securus Technologies is assisting in law enforcement

For many inmates, staying in touch with their families and friends goes a long way in pushing towards corrective behavior throughout their stay in the correctional facilities. That is where Securus Technologies Company comes into play. This company provides telephone services to over 2500 correction facilities. Their coverage is in the United States of America and Canada.



The company makes a profit from these services and operates from Dallas since 1986. It has other representatives in Carrollton and Allen in Texas and Atlanta in Georgia. They have created employment for over a thousand people and invested over 600,000,000 dollars in three years to improve and expand their operations. The sum of money was used to acquire other companies and advance their technology to improve their services. Among their acquisitions, is the Syscon Justice System which was acquired in 2007. This acquisition led to the creation of a system that controlled the ownership and illegal use of cell phones for inmates. The partnership with Harris Corporation in 2016 furthered an improvement in the control of contraband cell phones. It prevented these phones from being connected to mobile networks. Securus is one of the leading providers in the areas they cover.



Their work has been acknowledged from different angles over the years. Some say that they have been able to solve cases through the phone calls the inmates make. Corrupt employees of the correctional facilities have also been arrested. Public safety has been increased as they are able to bridge the crimes about to happen before they happen. The facilities are able to able to monitor and have control over the use of contraband cell phones and there has been the recovery of stolen property. Securus Technologies products that are supplied weekly have gone a long way in ensuring safety and prevention of crimes.

The Widespread Success of Waiakea Water

Once in a blue moon, consumers come across a product or company that has instant appeal. Waiakea Water is one of those fresh, entrancing brands. Packaged in a cool ultramarine recycled bottle, it practically screams, “Drink me, I’m refreshing!” Branded as the first volcanic water brand in Hawaii, Waiakea is loaded with natural minerals and a fresh, almost sweet flavor. The company has soared to the top 500 of Inc 5000 list of elite companies, making Waiakea bottled water one of the fastest growing and successful companies in America.

Founded in 2012, by 22 year old entrepreneur Ryan Emmons, Waiakea’s success has been reflected by several awards since the company launched. Emmons, a young man with refreshing ideas and a social conscience was bound for success.Ryan has created a product people are drawn to, while being able to use his company to help impoverished countries. Socially responsible companies like Waiakea Water are a refreshing change in today’s world. By the end of 2017 Waiakea plans on having a fully biodegradable bottle further reducing their environmental foot print. For every liter of Waiakea sold the company donates 650 liters of clean water. In rural parts of Africa, Waiakea Water has partnered with Pump Aid to bring over 4000 life saving water pumps to people that would not otherwise have clean water to drink, wash and clean with.

This refreshing liquid, derived from Mauna Loa Volcano, is naturally loaded with minerals, a pure alkaline water. The process takes snow-melt and rainfall over 14,000 feet down the mountain through a natural porous lava filtration system. It is a young vintage water, taking less than 30 days to arrive from the source and that means the taste is light, clean and crisp. No worries for those consumers that live far away from Mauna Loa, Waiakea will deliver their product to your door with free shipping. This young company strives to create the best customer service that they possibly can, their customer service is even available to chat on their website. No wonder Waiakea Water has skyrocketed to the top of the bottled water brands.