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Dr. Jennifer Walden’s Patients Leave Impressive Reviews

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s patients are overwhelmingly happy with the services that she provides according to the reviews on many different websites. According to one of her patients that received tummy tuck from Dr. Jennifer Walden, she shows a lot of patience and is incredibly friendly during the entire process. The patient felt as if she was kept well informed about every part of the procedure.

Other patients praise Dr. Jennifer Walden about the environment in which the consultations for the procedures were done. According to this patient who had a breast augmentation performed, she thought that that the office in which Dr. Jennifer Walden works out of was absolutely beautiful. She felt that she was educated properly about the surgery and was made to feel comfortable by the staff.

In the case of another patient who received a breast augmentation under her care, Dr. Walden and her staff were there for her every step of the way. She was made to feel at ease from the moment she walked into the office and was comfortable with the professionalism of entire staff. They were there to answer every question that she had about her surgery and other procedures that were offered by Dr. Jennifer Walden. Even scheduling was an easy task to complete and she felt like the whole process from scheduling the initial consultation to recovery flowed.

It seems to be a trend among the patients that have left reviews for Dr. Jennifer Walden to be extremely happy with how informative and professional everyone involved with their procedure was. Most seem to be very happy with the outcome of their procedures with Dr. Jennifer Walden and would happily recommend her to any of their friends and family and plan to return to her if they need any work done in the future.

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End Citizens United is a political action committee that was formed in 2015 following the Supreme Court decision on Citizens United vs. FEC in 2010. The case ruled that corporations are people, allowing them to spend unlimited amounts of money supporting election campaigns. Special interest groups and the wealthy are therefore given a chance to exercise undue influence on the electoral process. End Citizens United opposes these wealthy people by supporting campaign candidates who support pro-reforms in elections. Candidates who accept donations from the wealthy have an unfair advantage. These candidates end up serving the interests of the wealthy instead of the electorate once elected. End Citizens United accepts donations from the grassroots with an average of $14.

The donations collected are used to endorse candidates who support elections pro-reforms by encouraging campaigns to be carried out by monies that are limited, and that can be traced. Candidates who are supported by End Citizens United have many advantages such as being connected to the grassroots members of the political action committee in their states and districts. They are also connected to a national network of over 400,000 small donors that support their campaigns. Recently, End Citizens United accused Florida governor Rick Scott of illegally using New Republican Political Action Committee (PAC) to support his senate campaign. They filed the complaint with Federal Electoral Commission.

They claimed that Rick Scott is using the super PAC to evade federal limits of direct contributions towards candidates’ campaigns. A super PAC can raise as much money as it wishes and spends it but it is not allowed to work directly with any candidate in election campaigns. Rick Scott was the chairman of the New Republican PAC at the time he announced that he would vie for the Senate seat. Evidence arraigned against Rick Scott shows that both he and the New Republican PAC are using the same fundraiser, Jenny Rucker. Rick Scott campaign and the New Republican are also using the same address. It was also noted that a recent poll paid by New Republican was for Rick Scott. To add to this evidence, it was reported in March that the New Republican was campaigning for Rick Scott.

David McDonald Expands OSI Group’s Global Presence

David McDonald is the President and CEO of the OSI Group based out of the Greater Chicago, IL area. The OSI Group has been in business for over a century and has become a top supplier of meat on a national as well as a global scale. The OSI Group began as a small local meat market on Chicago’s west side neighborhood of Oak Park in 1909. Founded by German immigrant Otto Kolschowsky, the company was renamed Otto & Sons and over the years through growth and expansion it became the OSI Group.

Since teaming up with Ray Kroc in 1955 to become the primary meat supplier for the McDonald’s Corporation, the company has made adjustments to fill the greater demand that fast-food chains and global sales require. Under the leadership of David McDonald, the OSI Group has been able to grow and change with the times.

Having been with the company for over 30 years, David McDonald understands the company culture well. He started as a project manager and has earned his way to the top rung of the ladder as President and CEO of the OSI Group. David received his degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University and has enjoyed implementing what he learned into achieving the OSI Group’s vision of complete customer satisfaction.

David McDonald has been an instrumental force in leading the OSI Group into the global economy. Under his tenure as President, the company has established a presence in China with 10 poultry facilities, in the U.K. through the acquisition of Flagship Europe and the purchase of Baho Foods has allowed them to enter the Dutch market. In the United States the company purchased a former Tyson production facility to further enable wider distribution within the nation’s borders.

Because of David McDonald and his ability to adapt to the changes in the global business economy the OSI Group has thrived and benefited not only its employees but also has helped the communities in which they have become a part of. By respecting the societal culture he has grown the business and strengthened human bonds.

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The Role of Employees towards the Success of Fortress Investment Group.

Most of the big companies in the investment management sector tend to concentrate so much on their external customers, who are the clients, and often forget to recognize their internal customers, the employees. This is a factor that has led to the downfall of most of the companies. Employees constitute a very fundamental part of any organization and can determine whether a company excels or fails. This is a fact that many companies ignore, and could bring to their collapse if enough attention is not granted. Fortunately, Fortress Investment Group, with the help of its able presidents, have realized the importance of employee satisfaction to the organization’s success. Due to this, the Fortress Investment Group has designed a masterpiece strategy that they have been using to recognize and acknowledge the best performing staff members.

This tactic has gone a long way to enhance the motivation of the employees and consequently increasing their productivity. Another method that Fortress Group uses to motivate their staff is by providing free training and opportunities to sharpen their professional skills. This has been through facilitating education programs for their staff. Promotion opportunities have also been provided with a lot of fairness at Fortress Investment Group. All the employees are provided with equal opportunities to rise the job ranks, depending on their performance and leadership ability. All this fairness has made the employees working at Fortress love the company and continue serving their clients with a lot of kindness.

They have also marketed the company to prospective customers hence leading to the increase in the company’s portfolio.Fortress Investment Group manages assets and wealth of their customers who comprise both institutions and other individual clients. More than 1800 investors have trusted Fortress with their investment to manage, which amounts to more than $63 billion. Apart from the investment management operations, Fortress Investment Group also engages in corporate social responsibilities (CSR). Here, the company engages in activities that are geared towards the improvement of the society and the surrounding environment. For instance, it engages in philanthropic activities where it funds education for the less privileged families’ children. This is an activity that has been greatly supported by the three leaders, especially Peter Briger.

Robert Ivy Lives Upto His Title Of Master Architect With Lifetime Achievement Award

Robert Ivy, the EVP for the American Institute of Architects, has contributed to the growth of the institution internationally making it a force to reckon with in the Industry. He has been awarded the Noel Polk lifetime achievement award and has joined the ranks of previous honorees like Shelby Foote and Leontyne Price. The AIA president, Carl Elefante commended him on behalf of the whole AIA fraternity saying he was an excellent promoter for both architecture as a profession and American Institute of Architects.

The respected architect received his award on the 2nd of June at the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters (MIAL) alongside Andrew Curry young, a stained-glass engineer from the Pearl River Glass studio. Nancy LaForge, the MIAL president, applauded him because nobody in the whole of Mississippi had made architecture available to the natives like he had done. Before this honor, Robert Ivy had been acknowledged by Alpha Rho Chi, for his incredible explanation on the importance of design and had been designated a master architect, a title that was held by only seven other individuals since the inception of the architecture society.

Starting off as an officer in the US Navy, Robert Ivy has beaten all odds to achieve an immeasurable level of success. He was rewarded with the Deans medal by the University of Arkansas, Fay Jones School of architecture and given the Crain award by the American business media house. He has published a Fay Jones biography, a book that talks about a follower of Frank Wright. The book that was published in 2001 is currently in its third edition.

Among his most significant achievements is the successful launch of a mandarin’s version of McGraw hill record that he promoted while working as the chief editor at the architectural record. Under his guidance at the firm, they managed to sell the highest number of the architectural journals globally and eventually winning awards like the national magazine award. In AIA, he has seen the company into hitting the highest level of memberships since its establishment. Robert Ivy has managed to create a solid reputation as a renowned architect and has become a household name the architecture industry.

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Adam Milstein On Israel Celebrating The 70th Anniversary As An Independent Jewish State

Adam Milstein is a co-founder of the IAC, an activist and philanthropist. He is also a managing partner at Hager Pacific and real estate developer. In 1981, Milstein moved to the United States to pursue his MBA at USC (University of Southern California).

Milstein found success in commercial real estate after graduating from the University of Southern California. He continues to work in the commercial real estate industry while dedicating his time to charitable causes that promote Israel and the Jewish culture. Adam Milstein is a regular contributor of the Times of Israel publication and other publications such as the Jerusalem Post.

One of the pieces Adam Milstein has written lately for the Jerusalem Post is about “Why Americans Are Celebrating Israel’s 70th.” People across America shared melodies, words, as well as images and videos as part of this celebration. The celebrations were held on 14th May and they marveled at the unbelievable accomplishments of the country.

For example, Adam Milstein stated that the 1995 Jerusalem Embassy Act recognized Jerusalem as the capital city or State of Israel. As a result, the United States Embassy in Israel had to be relocated to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. This year, Jews in every part of the world celebrated the official recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital state by US President Donald Trump. They also celebrated the opening of the US Embassy in Jerusalem.

According to Adam Milstein both Israel and America were established by individuals in search of religious tolerance and freedom. Both countries were founded on Western values with regards to freedom of the press, free speech, Judeo-Christian values and democracy.

The Zionist Dream and American Dream are more or less the same. According to Adam Milstein, both are rooted in the principle that every person should have the right to self-determination. Another principle shared by both dreams is the right for everyone to achieve success through determination and hard work.

Somehow, Israel has achieved the same. This is despite being surrounded by enemies and being thousands of miles away without any natural resources. Both Israel and the US have withstood existential threats through patriotism and courage of their people.

Do Not Try To “Keep Up With the Joneses”

A common obstacle that people face when they try to stay financially fit is something known as “keeping up with the Joneses.” keeping up with the Joneses is just a term for the need to fit in. In other words, many people feel peer pressure to live a certain kind of lifestyle that their friends and neighbors are living. For that reason, they will often go into debt even when they can not afford to do so. If you want to get out of debt and start being financially fit, there is no other option except to stop caring what other people think and start focusing on your own needs and life. Do not look at others and try to mimic or copy them because it is not worth it. Besides, it really does not matter what they think. What is more important is that you take care of yourself and your own needs.


When it comes to being financially fit, the first step should be figuring out where you went wrong. What happened that caused you to be in such a big debt? Of course, it usually has something to do with your habits. Often, you need to change your spending habits if you want to create lasting change in your situation. However, knowing what happened is crucial, because if you do not know the root of the problem, you will never be able to fix it. It is just like physical fitness. If you know which foods you are eating or not eating and what is causing you to gain weight or experience other health problems, you will be able to change your behavior and remedy the situation. You need to figure out whether it is your lack of discipline, your need to keep up with the Joneses, or something else that is causing you to go into debt and spend more money than you have. Perhaps you simply need a second job for a while. Learn more:


You also need to build an emergency fund. Most experts suggest that you build a fund that will cover three to six months of living expenses. This way, if you lose your job, you will have time to find a new one. However, if you need to pay off your debts and can not apply your money to an emergency fund of six months, you can still build a small emergency fund of at least one thousand dollars until you finish paying off your debts.


Finally, get a financial coach to guide you through your situation. Read Infinity Group Australia reviews for more information about how to get in touch with a professional coach.


Anil Chaturvedi Brings Revolution to the Banking Sector

The banking industry is a very crucial sector in an economy of any country. Anil Chaturvedi is one of the greatest capitalists who has stood firmly by the industry. This has been made possible by the training he acquired in economics way back in Meerut University. He is also a master’s holder in financial management which he acquired in Delhi University.

In the accomplishment of his program, he started growing his career at State Bank. At that moment, he majored in the development and planning section. Due to his unceasing performance, he was appointed as the chair of that very department where he was to oversee the marketing scheme. Eventually, it was evident that Anil was a real performer. Other banking sectors also hired him since his name had been selling all over. At ANZ Grindlays Bank he served as the head of operations for some time where he was known for producing a sizeable profit.

Anil offered his services with commitment and diligence to Merrill Lynch for about one decade. Having worked for different institutions with various departments, his performance in the field was now undebatable. He had lots of experience and could handle more banking challenges. Apart from the great experience, promotion followed. It was at this point where he moved to the other side of life as a senior banker.

Anil Chaturvedi has managed to work as the banks managing editor in Hinduja Bank. While in the position he has assisted many venturing enterprises to stand and still survive in the market. Some years ago it was impossible for Europeans and Indians to make a conventional trade. The change in laws and regulations in India have brought an opportunity. In one of his accomplishments, Anil carried off European enterprises to India making trade convenient.

It is evident that Anil has been in the banking industry for over three decades now. Just like any other professor, he has a good name for himself. With all the experience, he has been on the lead in training other upcoming investors in the same field. Many banking institutions and companies have taken the initiative of inviting him to their advisory bodies for decisions.

Equities First Holdings Is Helpful For Reaching Goals

Equities First Holdings (EFH) opened its doors in 2012 via acquisitions. The two main products offered by EFH has been equity-loans and financial advice. Equity loans are a popular item for most people trying to reach. personal and professional goals. Equity loans has a few benefits that most businesses will find. Great to use. In equity loan can be used as working capital for cause. The loan can be used for Almost anything. The UK office has cleared almost 700 transactions, and the global corporation has delivered nearly $1 billion to assist clients.

Performance in the office of the UK has influenced expansion into locations around world such as Australia. They are able to expand into different countries because people find the products reliable. There are celebrating 15-year anniversary because they have performed well and found companies in different countries to do well as also. EFH’s great integrity is unmatched.

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Randal Nardone – A billionare by choice

As a self made man, Randal Alan Nardone at some point reigned number 557 on the list of Forbes Billionaires (at $1.8 Billion Dollars). Having an educational background from The University of Connecticut (Bachelors Degree) and The Boston School Of Law (Juris Doctor) Randal Nardone started out working with Thatcher Proffitt & Wood and went on to climbed his ladder of success through BlackRock Financial and UBS until he began his entrepreneurial journey. Cofounding the famous Fortress Investment Group in 1998 with Wesley Edens and Peter Breiger Jr. Acting as President, cofounder, and Principle, Randal Nardone was finally admitted to the board of Directors in November 2006.

Aside from his roles in Fortress Investment Groups Randal currently holds 4 Board and Advisory positions; at Gagfah (Director), Springleaf Holdings (Director), Brookdale Senior Living (Director), and New Residential Investment Group (Executive Management). Randal Nardone graced the pages of the Forbes in the year 2007 as a result of Fortress Investment Groups IPO on the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). With possessions on 53 million shares (at the time worth something around 1.7 Billion Dollars) and earning around $100 million dollars in other compensations his net worth was established. That was short lived because as his return to Fortress Investment Group and CEO in late 2011 that title was no more.

With Randal Nardone at the reigns of the firm, its AUM (assets under management) had grown from around $43 Billion to recorded on June 30, 2016 $70 Billion. His efforts did not go unnoticed, in 2014 his guidance gained Fortress the accolade of “Hedge Fund Manager of the Year” from Institutional Investor and well as “Management Firm of The Year” from HFMweek.In more recent developments, the highly revered Japanese investment giant SoftBank has made an acquisition of Fortress Investment Group in December of 2017 for $3.3 Billion Dollars. Randal Nardone has truly experienced much in his 61 years, being affiliated with a whopping 26 entities according to bloomberg.