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Paul Mampilly’s Profits Unlimited

     Paul Mampilly’s newsletter Profits Unlimited is enjoying rapid growth. The stock subscription service recently reached 60,000 customers. It comes out monthly and features one of his stock picks. Investors then purchase the stocks at their discretion in their own brokerage accounts. The newsletter provides a financial adviser apart from a more typical arrangement. His wealth of experience is evident, with eleven of thirteen stocks in his open portfolio up substantially. He also provides stock updates and his website tracks the portfolio.

His years as a hedge fund manager are serving he and his clients very well. He’s worked for such major players as ING, Deutsche Bank and Kinetics International Fund. However, even more impressive is his 2009 victory in the Templeton Foundation’s investing contest. He turned in an incredible 76% return at the apex of the financial crisis, all without shorting stocks.

Profits Unlimited is designed for everyday Americans to achieve financial success by providing access to a talented hedge fund manager. His clients give positive testimony with some sharing their substantial gains. One semiconductor stock in particular is up 160%. Showing the skill to ferret out this opportunity among thousands of others is rare indeed.

Paul Mampilly has spent over twenty five years in the investment business and has enjoyed success at every stop. He’s also lent his expertise to television, appearing on Bloomberg Business, CNBC and the Fox Business channel. Under his tenure as a key manager at Kinetic International, they were singled out by Barron’s as one of the “World’s Best” hedge funds.

Mampilly has some notable victories in his personal investing account. Sarepta Therapeutics returned an extraordinary 2,539% for him when he got in on the ground floor. Netflix was also a big winner for him, with a hefty return of 634%. There are many others as well. So if you need an outstanding stock picker, keep Paul Mampilly in mind.

Banyan Hill Publishing produces his newsletter. They are an independent organization focusing on investing newsletters and research advisories.

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George Soros Fights for Civil Action in the United States

It’s been a long time since the United States had the civil equality that it is supposed to have. There are many different things that have gone into it and that is something that George Soros is working toward constantly so that he will be able to help more people with the options that they need. According to the Washington Times, George Soros recently donated money to Ferguson to help people get more out of the options that they had and to help create a balance in the civil opportunities that were available. It was something that he did to ensure that things would get better in the area and, eventually, for the rest of the country.

George Soros has dedicated nearly all of his time to making things better for people who are unable to make changes for themselves. He has a lot of money and, instead of using that money for his own good; he has chosen to use it for the better of the country and for the people who he cares about. It is something that has set him apart from other people and allowed him the chance to make great decisions for his own business and money.

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Since George Soros has made such a difference with different people, he has been able to try new things and this has given him a chance at making more opportunities for people. There are new options that people did not have in the past that George Soros has done so that he can try new things for people. He wants to see everyone be as successful as possible so that they can have the chance at a life that is both good and rewarding for different purposes that they are a part of.

One of the things that George Soros has invested heavily in is education. He not only wants people to get the basic education that they deserve but he wants them to be educated about the choices that they have. He knows that it is important that people know how to vote and that they do what they can to make the changes that they want to see in the country that they are a part of. He also knows that it is something that he can do with the money that he has so that he will be able to try more things for each of the people so that they can do more things. Visit this site to know more at

Since George Soros first started with the opportunities that he created for other people, he knew that things would get better for them. He wanted to show people that there were major differences in the way that they were living and the way that they were able to live their lives. He wanted everyone, even those who were in dire situations, to get the opportunities that he had and made the decision to donate a lot of money to the causes that he cared about so that they could try new things.

Traveling Vineyard Takes on Napa Valley

     Napa Valley is well known to Traveling Vineyard Wine Guides. Napa Valley is, of course, wine country. It’s what immediately springs to mind. Row upon row of luscious, quality, wine-producing grapes. The chance to sample great wines, enjoy delicious foods and amazing scenery all speak for itself. However, there is more to Napa Valley than these favorites, as Wine Guides have discovered.

For instance, the Napa Art Walk exhibition is a 3D art expo that’s sure to stimulate. A gathering place for artists from across the country, amazing sculptures of all types can be found and enjoyed. Of course, there will be a few must haves, so be sure to bring your credit card. A small portion of the purchase will go to support future events, offering patrons a chance to give back.

History buffs will be compelled to check out the Napa Valley Historical Society. There are artifacts to see and numerous historical facts to uncover. Featuring local historians who help bring history to life, it’s sure to please those who appreciate history.

How about exploring Napa Valley’s other world class product? The Round Pond Estate produces top quality Mediterranean olives using ancient methods. They offer guided tours that illustrate the entire method of olive production, which highlights growing, harvesting and processing.

Another great opportunity is the Robert Louis Stevenson State Park. A fantastic chance to enjoy the great outdoors and the legendarily good California weather. A favorite endeavor is a challenging climb up Mount St. Helena. You’ll be accompanied by beautiful scenery throughout the excursion.

The Traveling Vineyard business entails Traveling Wine Guides hosting in-home wine tastings and helping customers discover high-quality wines from across the globe. It is a direct sales model with generous profit sharing. Each new Wine Guide is paired with a mentor to help them get started. The idea is to make wine tasting more accessible and less formal.

The training program is extensive and effective. A modest startup cost is necessary for the Succes Kit, which includes training materials and enough product for the first two tastings. Flexibility is written into Traveling Vineyard’s DNA. They encourage anyone to try at any level of commitment. From a part-time job to earn extra money, all the way to a full-blown career. Traveling Vineyard offers a unique and exciting opportunity.

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How The Lacey And Larkin Frontera Fund Helps Arizona Communities

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are two journalists how have worked in the industry for many years. On October 18, 2007, they were arrested by Joe Arpaio who is the Sheriff of Maricopa County in Arizona. They were both arrested in the middle of the night and taken to jail because they had written a new article that talked about the proceedings of a grand jury trial.

The article that Michael and Jim were writing about involved Joe Arpaio. They were arrested so that their reporter notes could be discovered to see who they had talked to. Additionally, the subpoenas against them sought to find out the name of each person who had read their article online which had been published in New Times.

Both Lacey and Larkin sued Mariposa County over these events, eventually winning a $3.75 million settlement. They have both used these funds to help nonprofits across Arizona that are engaged in human and civil rights, including the rights of migrant workers.

Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin named their charitable foundation the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund.

One of the nonprofits that the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund provides money to is the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona. This group is part of the national American Civil Liberties Union which provides a free defense in cases of civil rights abuses that occur far too often in the United States. Of particular emphasis is challenging Arizona laws that unfairly and illegally target minorities in the state.

Among their lawsuits is one against Sherrif Arpaio where he and his deputies targeted Latino drivers. The judge ultimately stopped Sherrif Arpaio from being involved in enforcing immigration and a court monitor was placed into his office in order to monitor is continued conduct.

Another nonprofit supported by the Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund is the Center for Neighborhood Leadership. This organization provides an education and supportive environment to young people who are training to be leaders in their communities. These leaders go on to help working families in disadvantaged communities across the state.

One of their projects includes building vegetable gardens in area’s where people need help with providing food to their families. Another effort is putting teachers, parents, students, and board members together in order to help create safe schools. Learn more about Jim Larkin:

Among the other two dozen nonprofits they financially support is the Raúl Castro Institute which is named in honor of Arizona’s only Mexican-American governor. At age 96 he had been arrested in the state of Arizona because his pacemaker had caused a sensor to react. He was left out in 100-degree weather by Border Patrol agents which resulted in him asking for new policies in how they treat the elderly rather than his lodging an official complaint.

The organization named after him now seeks to develop policy issues that help Latino people in regards to their civil rights, health and human services, and their educational opportunities. They hold an annual Dare to Dream Conference which is designed to inspire junior high school students aspire to earning college degrees.

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Tammy Mazzocco Helping Clients Capitalize in Thriving Ohio Markets

In recent years, the Ohio real estate markets have seen rising home values and solid median prices taking the top rankings in the U.S. market as a whole. Central Ohio, in particular, has seen an 8.1 percent increase in home values and median sale prices of $199,950. With no decrease in home values over the past year, Ohio’s real estate market is a solid investment.

A national home builder has recently made plans for a development of 240 homes in New Albany, Ohio. Giving this area a continued boost to home values, increasing commercial interests and creating a demand for more homes in this area for the future. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

A low cost of living, an increase in middle class jobs, a growing tech sector and some of the best public schools in the country make Ohio a great investment for families looking to move to Ohio from other states. These offerings are expected to continue in the Ohio economic outlook.

The Ohio market is expected to attract many new and out of state home buyers. So homeowners who wish to sell are urged to do so now to get the best asking prices.

Since 1995, Tammy Mazzocco has served the New Albany and Ohio real estate areas with her extensive knowledge of the Ohio markets and historical trends. Tammy Mazzocco’s quick responsiveness has given her clients the best advantages and fostered her many successes in the Ohio real estate markets.

According to Blog Webpedia Tammy Mazzocco started her career in commercial real estate with The Edward Realty Company. After several years of property management for Scotland Yard condominiums and T&R Properties, a multi-site complex, Mazzocco obtained her real estate license.

Working under top RE/MAX producer Joe Armeni, she went full time in 1999 joining RE/MAX with Judy Gang and Associates in 2000 serving Franklin, Licking, Delaware and Fairfield counties.

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OSI Group And David McDonald Strong Leaders In The Protein Market

     OSI Group, global leader who supplies the world with protein products such as beef patties and sausages. They also supply items such as sandwiches to national food service and retail brands. The company operates in 17 countries and runs 50 facilities across the world. OSI is working to expand its operations in China.

OSI has been operating in China for the last two decades and has expanded while China’s economy has expanded. OSI runs eight factories and is constructing two more facilities, making itself the largest protein producer in the country. The company began construction on a large processing plant in Henan province.

Along with China, OSI runs operations in Poland. The OSI corporation will build a new processing plant that will expand the plant’s staff by 30 percent. The global organization is launching a new plant in the United States where it will be producing frozen entrees. The plant will be connected to a refrigerated warehouse run by the Millard company.

The OSI group works with its clients on the products they need to expand their business and in turn achieve their goals. By partnering with various groups, it helps them reach the consumers who are demanding more natural and organic food that is healthy but tasty and premium.

David McDonald is the president and chief operating officer at the OSI Group, LLC. David McDonald is also Chairman of North American Meat Institute. McDonald earned a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University. While at Iowa State University, McDonald was part of the Alpha Gamma Rho fraternity.

Since 2008, Mr. David McDonald has been the Independent Director at Marfrig Global Foods S.A. Mr. McDonald currently resides in Chicago, Illinois. McDonald is an expert in food processing and the food industry. McDonald has given numerous interviews discussing his work in the industry.

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Rona Borre Carries On and On and On

Rona Borre is the founder and CEO of Instant Alliance, a successful staffing and recruiting company located in Chicago, Illinois. She started her firm in 2001 from a spare bedroom in her condo and in six months had 50 employees working for her. Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest-growing staffing and recruiting companies in the United States.

Borre had previously held a sales position with a large global staffing company where she had led all sales and had shattered all production records of the company. She wound up managing a $30 million book of business. However, the company was sold, and the culture changed drastically, so Borre decided to go on her own, and Instant Alliance was the result.

In a recent interview, Borre was asked what ingredients she brought to the business that has made it so successful, and her reply was that she is seldom satisfied with things on the first go-around. She is always looking for a better way because it is usually out there.  For the full interview, hit on

Borre is concerned about the seemingly little things. She talks about a receptionist job she had with an ad agency when she was just out of college. She was treated very badly there as if she didn’t matter. She learned from that that everyone’s job matters, especially the receptionist because that is the first person anyone sees when they come in the front door. Going above and beyond the norm to make people feel good is one of the main drivers for her in this industry.

Borre is very good at the establishment and the development of relationships with her clients. She especially wants to get to know the upper management echelon, because here is where you learn what kind of company culture exists. This is important information because it tells you what kinds of candidates will fit into the company culture and who will be more likely to fit in.

Rona Borre is very active in Chicago business circles, and she holds leadership roles in organizations such as The Chicago Network, the Young Presidents’ Organization, and the Economic Club of Chicago. She is in demand as a speaker and has been interviewed by most of the media.  Related article on

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Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. He also serves as the president of OSI International Food Company Limited. Lavin is the trustee of Rush University Medical Center. In other words, Sheldon is the head of many companies and trusted for offering quality leadership. Apart from all these companies named above, Sheldon works for National Fish and Wildlife Foundation as the Director.Sheldon entered in his career industry for more than 43 years ago. During that time, Lavin had done a lot of investing in the banking sector and was the owner of successful financial consulting firm. Sheldon expanded this small business into a big and fruitful one immediately after joining OSI group of Food Company as the Chief Executive Officer. Lavin became the supplier of quality food products to retail brands and food services. Some of these food services include LLC in the United States of America and OSI International.

In 1970, Lavin got a path to the meat industry. Through this route, Sheldon started financing for Otto and Sons which is also the predecessor Company of OSI Industries. It is because of all these instructions that Lavin got an ability of filtering and ranking of various companies.On March 3, 2016, Sheldon Lavin received a global visionary award. Lavin got this award from Vision world Academy because he had turned many dreams into reality. Sheldon managed to guide OSI group from a small food company to a global and fruitful dollar food processor in the world.

Based on annual revenues, OSI team was amongst largest food donors in the world. On November, OSI Food solution in the United Kingdom was given a prestigious Globe of Honor by British Safety Council. The award luncheon took place at Drapers Hall in London. Apart from Globe of Honor Award, OSI is also the owner of Globe of Honor in 2013 and 2015.The success of OSI group is behind Sheldon Lavin’s effort.



The Benevolent Businessman, Dick Devos.

Dick and Betsy Devos are among the few philanthropists around the world. The couple is committed to making a difference and every year they donate millions of dollars to projects that benefit the people. In their lifetime, their charitable contributions total is about $139M. I would say that the couple hails from a family with a giving tradition as Rich Devos, Dick’s dad is also known for his generosity. In 2015, the total charity giving of Rich together with his children was $104M. Dick and Betsy consult their children on where to donate and through the dick and Betsy Family Foundation, they gave $11.6M in 2015.


The West Michigan husband and wife give education priority and are dedicated to seeing that education system is effective, affordable and fulfilling to the students and the educators. Lakes Education Foundation and Michigan-based Charter School are some of the beneficiaries. The couple is the proud patrons of West Michigan Aviation Academy, which had 15 licensed pilots graduating last year. In 2015, education was allocated 26 percent of the total donations and giving towards arts and culture was 21 percent. 16 percent of their contributions that year was for civic and community. Leadership and development projects got a total of $ 1.5M which is 13 percent. Public policy, health and human services and churches were offered 12, 5 and 4 percent respectively.

Dick’s Work and Personal History.


Dick Devos is a dedicated businessman and is the president of his company, The Windquest Group, an investment management company. His responsibilities started at an early age as he would work at his father’s company, Amway Corporation. Dick formally joined Amway in 1974 where he served in departments such as research and development, finance, manufacturing and marketing. As the vice-president of the company, there was tremendous growth in sales and the company opened new markets. Under his leadership as CEO and president, Amway expanded operations in new countries and continents. He also oversaw the restructuring of Amway to Alticor Corporation. He retired from the company in 2002. The philanthropist was the CEO and president of Orlando Magic for about three years after its acquisition in 1991.


Dick is an alumnus of the Northwood University and holds honorary doctorates from several institutions. He is an author and his book “Rediscovering American Values” was a New York Times bestseller. The qualified jet and helicopter pilot is passionate about community initiatives something that played a role in his race to be Michigan State governor in 2006. The father of four is a national champion sailor and serves on boards such as Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan, Spectrum Health System and Michigan State Chamber of Commerce. Dick and his wife Betsy has touched many lives through their charity foundation and I would be right in saying they are a couple with golden hearts.


Comparative Constitutional Law Expert Sujit Choudhry

Comparative law is a field of study that looks at the legal systems of different countries. It is a method used to compare laws, mostly regarding the similarities and differences. Some of the legal systems of various parts of the world are Islamic law, socialist law, Hindu law, common law and civil law. Considering that we are in the age of globalization, comparative law has become crucial in the efforts to unify laws and ensure nations live in harmony. In the process of making laws, legislators in most cases draw inspiration from the laws of other countries.

Sujit Choudhry is internationally recognized as an authority on comparative constitutional law. He is the I. Michael Heyman Professor of Law at the University of California, Berkeley, School of Law. Check this on  He has been doing various researches in comparative law and has a wide field of experience considering he was an advisor to the constitution building process in countries such as; Libya, Sri Lanka, Jordan, Egypt, Nepal and South Africa. Professor Sujit Choudhry’s research, analyses issues like; decentralization and secession, federalism, the design of the constitution in ethnically divided societies, constitutional courts, and semi-presidentialism. He has made over ninety publications (articles, book chapters, reports, and papers).

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Professor Sujit Choudhry is the founding director of the Center for Constitutional Transitions, a group which brings together law experts from all around the globe for the purpose of constitution building. In his interview with IdeaMensch, he states that he starts his day by updating himself with news about the state of constitutions of various countries on the internet. He adds that at any given time, around six constitutions are being rewritten. Working on his research agenda, Professor Choudhry spends a lot of time talking to the policy partners to find out what will suit a particular country. He attributes his success to his habit of always thinking about what to do next. Sujit Choudhry earned law degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Toronto Universities.  Read an interesting article on

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