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Financial Guru Ted Bauman.

 Ted Bauman was a student of the State University of New York where he was able to graduate with a degree in Business Administration and proceeded to Georgia State University where he obtained his MBA in Finance. In the past 25 years, Ted has been working in the nonprofit sector as an account manager. Ted is the editor of The Bauman letter who has specialized in investment strategies, immigration issues, and protection of assets.

Ted was born in United States, Washington D.C and raised in Maryland he later relocated to South Africa. Ted was able to recommend some techniques that were aimed to help taxpayers when they were filing tax returns in April. The strategies when implemented enable people to have to pay smaller taxes without breaking any law.

Recent changes in the tax bill will apply to the income which was earned in 2018 and later on. The characteristics of the new law will see the standard deduction of taxes increase significantly, therefore, allowing those having low incomes pay less. Experts in the sector have stated that many people will not itemize deductions after the change takes place. The advantage that comes with the change is that Business owners will be able to qualify to get a larger deduction while they are paying their taxes.

Some of the changes will lead to increased expenditure for families as the homeowner will face limits on deductions for their home loan interest and the property taxes. The law has seen the banishment of personal exemptions. Bauman has been able to offer tips that will help the taxpayers make out the best in their current situation about taxes. Bauman encourages Americans to have their 2018 mortgage and property taxes paid early as new limits may prevent one to do so in the future.

Ted also states that it is vital to pay for any planned medical service early in December and later on deduct them in April as the affordable care act penalty will be active for another year. Ted Bauman predicts that there would be a significant increase in the equities of ETFs ad EM which were on top of the market in 2017. If this becomes right people who would have invested in the market would see returns of more than 200%.

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Bernardo Chua Has Ganoderma Love

Bernardo T. Chua is a proud Filipino. Many people consider him to be a marketing wizard of sorts in the Philippines, his Southeastern Asian island nation of birth. People who are familiar with him frequently call him “Bernie.” Bernardo Chua is active in the dazzling direct sales universe. People in all corners of the globe link him to direct sales abilities. He’s Organo Gold’s founder as well. Organo Gold Enterprise Inc. is a praised business that revolves around all kinds of teas and coffees. It revolves around basic day-to-day necessities that keep households ticking, too. Organo Gold is a major source of happiness for Bernardo Chua. Gano Excel is yet another one. Chua helped make Gano Excel an admirable company that got a lot done.

Chua’s idyllic upbringing took place in the Philippines. Although he’s a bona fide Filipino, he has a Chinese cultural background. This is the reason ganoderma was so familiar to him as a youngster. Ganoderma describes polypore mushrooms that pop up on top of wood logs everywhere. People in Asian nations such as China have been in awe of ganoderma for what feels like forever and a day. Chua decided to promote the herb in locations beyond Asia. He promoted ganoderma in the forms of teas and coffees.

Organo Gold is headquartered in Canada right now. It’s equipped with an impressive amount of distributors. There are actually a million total. People can find them in nations all over the planet, too. Read more on about Bernardo Chua

Chua is just like many other contemporary and advanced entrepreneurs in this world in that he has a great appreciation for social networking platforms. He loves Twitter and all that it can do for businesses and people. Chua has been a member of the social media staple since signing up back in the winter of 2014. The company leader has many followers who can’t wait to see what he’ll post next. Bernardo Chua has a fascinating mind that’s constantly moving in all different directions. His tweets go into tasty chocolate beverages. They go into the fundamentals of running a big and trusted company as well. Visit:

America investment guru Paul Mampilly talks about Apple stock

American investment guru has thrown in his opinion regarding the Apple stock in 2018. He has bad news for any person who is thinking of investing in the company from this year. Paul Mampilly term Apple as a company that is behind its glory days. Apple right now is no longer the company it was in the past. There has been a lackluster performance from the company due to lack of innovation. When a company fails to bring a new product to the market, it is definitely going to reach a point where the customers will get tired of buying the same product over and over again.The behavior of recycling the same product over and over again is what Apple has been doing for the last seven years. A company that was known for bringing unique innovations to the market is now going for almost a decade with no new product. It is a tragedy for this business.

Sooner rather than later, the company will face problems when customers stop buying their product as a result of monotony. In the spirit of diversification, Apple is supposed to introduce something new that will shore up the stock prices. The continued marketing of its existing products cannot work forever. Soon there will be no improvements worth the increased marketing budget. Just last year, the company was performing badly until Warren Buffet bought shares worth $20 billion for its marketing budget. This is the only reason why the market moved up in the last one year.

Paul Mampilly says that with the competition which is coming from Amazon and Google, the market is going to face some problems in the future. These two companies are putting up competition that Apple cannot match up to if nothing is done. The company needs to work on introducing a new product in the market, or the prices of its stock will fall hard. Since 2011 the company has only been recycling their iPhone product from one version to another with the only difference being a few specifications. Users of the iPhone have started complaining that there is no need to upgrade their phones to the latest releases since the profits are almost the same.

About Paul Mampilly

Paul Mampilly is a great investor who has high ability to read the market and determine the likely behavior. He has predicted stock markets before, and most of his prediction come to pass.Paul is the owner of the “Profits Unlimited” newsletter.

Ian King: The Crypto Asset Market is Safer in 2018

Ian King is one of the few cryptocurrency experts in the United States. The accomplished entrepreneur and trader has been serving in his career for the last twenty years, and this explains why he has so much investment experience. Ian King is famed for being a role model to the people who want to invest in the modern currencies. King is the founder and president of a company of an organization called Intellicoins. The company was started many years ago, and it has experienced success because of the excellent qualities embraced by Ian King and other professionals working in the company. As the founder of this platform, the investor creates and at the same time produces original content that has helped the average investors when making investments in the market.

With the help of Ian King, many people, especially those with low incomes have been able to navigate the unpredictable cryptocurrency world. Before starting Interllicoins, Ian King was serving as a trader with a leading company that is based in New York City. After working in the trading company for a decade, Ian King discovered that he was only going to be satisfied when working as a cryptocurrency expert. The investment opportunity has only been accepted by many people in the modern times because of the advice they have received from Ian King. Read more about Ian King at for more updates

Crypto assets have been in the market for the last nine years. However, in this short duration, these platforms have changed the lives of many investors. The market has managed to balloon so fast, shocking people from all over the world. At first, when the market was starting, it was only a small project that was influenced by crypto experts in many parts of the world. Nine years later, many corporations and governments are looking for professionals and blockchain experts who can determine how they can integrate the new currency technology to the modern businesses. The game in this field has managed to change; Ian King believes that it has a long and greater path to follow. Ian says that the future of this complex market is brighter than ever before, and people should learn to embrace the changes that come with the currency. According to Ian King, investors who choose to invest in Bitcoins this year will be safer compared to the people who had invested there more than two years ago. Experts in this area want investors to embrace the opportunity and make money before things change.

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Professional Management Opportunities At The Cancer Treatment Centers Of America

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) treats at least 4% of the cancer patients within the U.S. The CTCA is a very important organization in the fight against cancer. This organization ensures that patients are receiving the best care possible. They provide the latest care in terms of cures and technology used to fight cancer. They also use cutting edge surgical practices, treatment processes and cancer research to help patients to live longer and more productive lives while they have this disease.

Oncologists are the medical specialists that confront this troublesome disease every day. They are responsible for ensuring that patients are getting the proper treatment that has been tailored made to their situation. While an oncologist’s role in fighting cancer is extremely valuable; there is a need to use management and cancer support staff to help in this process.

Professional Management employment opportunities are available at CTCA hospitals. These individuals work in a variety of positions that help to support treatment centers as a whole. The people who work in these positions offer business support for the hospital. They ensure that patients are provided with the best care during their stay at a CTCA facility and they work closely with CTCA stakeholders to ensure success.

Communication Specialist is one type of management position at the CTCA hospitals. Their job is to communicate the hospital’s benefit to the public and to be a spokesperson for the senior staff members. They also are responsible for video and photo shoots that take place at the CTCA. Social media, radio and television appearances and organizing events for fundraising, research and awareness are all a part of the Communication Specialist’s job description.

The CTCA uses the services of website developers at their organizations to ensure that their internet presence is strong. These individuals will create the hospital’s persona on the web. They also provide the staff members with internet technology to create personalized webpages that coincide with the CTCA goals. Developers monitor the various sites affiliated with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America and they used to perform safeguarding practices that protects the CTCA systems while online.

Jobs such as Employer Engagement Senior Specialist, Manager of Business Services, Mgr, Advocates, Mgr, Pharmacy Operations and Director of Relationship Marketing. Qualified candidates can also apply for available positions that fall under the title of Integration Project Manager, Payor Contracting Manager and Sr Systems Engineer.

Each of these positions play a role with the support that patients and their medical staff need to win the fight against cancer. Each job offers a competitive wage and a very desirable benefits package. Interested candidates can check the Cancer Treatment Centers of America website to find more information about these job postings.

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How Ara Chackerian Acts Philanthropically In Three Nations

Ara Chackerian is an entrepreneur who lives in San Francisco, California. He is also heavily involved in helping people around the world as both an angel investor and philanthropist. His investing is focused on startup healthcare firms which are designed to revolutionize the healthcare system of America. He has been investing for over 20 years.

Over the years Ara Chackerian has co-founded a number of companies in the healthcare sector. This includes Pipeline Healthcare which is a popular provider of Telepharmacy services. He also co-founded BMC Diagnostics which is one of the nation’s top providers of diagnostic imaging services. Another company he co-founded was TMS Health Solutions which has several offices around the Bay Area with more planned. They help people who have depression and neither talk therapy of prescription drugs have any effect on.

In 2001, Ara graduated from Florida State University – College of Business. He is a board member of Pipeline Healthcare and also on the board of the Mint Medical Education organization. His investment firm is named ASC Capital Holdings and he co-founded it in June 2007. For more details visit LinkedIn.

As a philanthropist, Ara Chackarian is a board member for two nonprofits, Juma Ventures and The Hatlen Center for Blind. The latter organization helps people with blindness while the first one is involved with youth development and getting young people into college. He owns a farm in Nicaragua named Limonapa Teak. In addition to providing jobs for local people he also funds a charity that funds a number of youth development and education nonprofits in that country. Check out

As his grandparents were from Armenia, Chackarian and his father, Richard, traveled to that nation a number of years ago in order to explore their roots. During their time there they found out that there were no mentoring programs in place for orphans. In order to remedy this situation they co-founded the Nor Luyce Mentoring Center for Youth. This organization supports young women who are aging out of the system. They are taught the skills they need to get a job and live on their own. Many of the young girls helped by this program have gone on to success.

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Matt Badiali Is An Expert When It Comes To Natural Resources

When a friend of Matt Badiali was looking to make an investment in natural resources, he turned to Matt Badiali for advice. He wanted his friend to do some research to help him figure out if his investment was a wise one. That friend set this man down a path that would change his life. That friend helped this man to know what it was that he wanted to do with his life and to move on to help others. Matt Badiali helps those who are looking to invest in natural resources through writing that he does for Banyan Hill Publishing, and he shares good information with such people through that writing.

Matt Badiali wants to help people with the writing that he does, and he knows that the information that he has to share can help him do that. He has shared that he wants to help people like his father who need assistance when it comes to investing. He would like to empower others with the knowledge that he has so that they can make wise investments. He has worked in the world of geology and he has mining knowledge. He has all of the knowledge and experience that he needs to create a newsletter filled with helpful information, and that is exactly what he has created. In order to make the newsletter that he writes interesting to all and something that anyone can learn from, this man shares real stories from his life. Learn more at Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali

When he was questioned about how he goes about his day, Matt Badiali shared that he spends the first couple of hours after he starts work handling the actual writing that he needs to do. He shared that he is most productive at that time and it is best for him to handle the writing right away. When he was asked how he stays productive, he shared that he tackles one project at a time. He feels that the brain does best when it is only focused on one thing at a time. Matt Badiali believes that it is important for a person to know when they are in the wrong and to make a change right away, and he also believes that a person should always attempt to give others more than they are expecting to receive from him. He is a successful man and an expert regarding natural resources.



Jeremy Goldstein on his career and using EPS’s the right way

Issues relating to business can be quite complex and that is why lawyers can be so very helpful. They know the ins and outs of the legal system that often plagues the general public. There is no difference when it comes to employee compensation matters. There are a lot of details involved, making it a sensitive matter at times. There is also a lot of finances included and lawyers know how to deal with these matters in the right manner. Learn more:


Performance based pay programs is a heated debate that has everyone running for the hills. Jeremy Goldstein knows all too well how these issues start and how they play out. With a lot of work in this particular field, he has a few suggestions on how to make it fair for everyone included the long goals of the company.


Earnings per Share is a way to compensate employees and influences other factors in a company. They encourage non-employee shareholder to buy and sell them and for employers to increase the amount of each share they compensate employees with. Sounds like a win-win for everyone right? It seems like a great idea but not all things are perfectly flawless. There can be complications when it comes to earnings per share when human nature gets involved. People in places of power like Chief Executive Officers, Presidents, and other leaders take advantage of it to personally profit from it. This leaves stockholders, employees, and the longevity of a company in the hands of someone who doesn’t anyways have the best intentions at heart. They use their power to change numbers and results. They may have accomplices that will be compensated accordingly to stay quiet. There needs to be a level of accountability, responsibility, action, and what not for those who abuse these benefits which are intended for the employees. Jeremy Goldstein agrees with this and says leaders need to focus on the long run of a company, not just instant profits.


The American Bar Association Business Section has named Jeremy Goldstein as their chair of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee. He has been named leading executive compensation lawyer by two well known companies. These are The Legal 500 and Chambers USA Guide to America’s Leading Lawyers for Business. They have recognized Mr. Milstein to be an excellent lawyer with a passion for law and helping others. He also sits on the Board of Directions for Fountain House. This incredible organization helps women and men recover from mental illness.


Jeremy Goldstein helps transform and help corporate governance matters, CEO matters, sensitive issues, advises executive committees, management teams, and executive compensation issues within companies and businesses all over the United States. Before becoming a lawyer, Jeremy Goldstein received a Bachelor and Master of Art in Art History.

Tony Petrello’s Child Changed His Life

Antony Petrello commands respect in the corporate world because of his numerous accomplishments in the market. The businessman has climbed the corporate ladder to become one of the most paid leaders in the United States, and he has proven to the society that honest people can be successful. Although he has done so much for the oil department in the United States, the renowned businessman remains to be unknown in most American households. Petrello does not like television interviews that give speeches like most politicians and successful company leaders. The businessman knows his role in the American society, and he is only interested in changing the lives of the people in this country.

Three years ago, the businessman attracted the attention of the international community when he was recognized as one of the leading CEOs in the country. At this time, the businessman was pocketing almost seventy million dollars every month as a salary. His contributions in energy sector remain to be respected by all individuals. His honesty and humble nature is what has attracted the attention of people in the society. Wealthy people in the American society are criticized because of their corrupt and greedy ways. Most of these figures do not consider the needs of the less fortunate personalities in the community. The tycoons only care about luxurious lifestyles and expensive vacations. Tony Petrello does not resemble these wealthy people. Although he has risen to become one of the wealthy business people, he understands the challenges faced by people who are at the grassroots, and he is doing his best to give them a good life.

Tony Petrello came from a very humble family. His parents were based in Newark, and they did not enjoy too many luxuries. The businessman had to struggle with education, but he worked hard in school, attaining great qualifications academically. His good grades at the university assisted him to acquire several positions in the corporate world. His story changed when he joined Nabors Industries several years ago. The businessman worked with a lot of dedication to make sure that the firm becomes a leader in the oil drilling industry.

When Tony had his daughter more than eight years ago, he was very excited. The baby, however, was born with several ailments that have made him achieve his milestones differently. The child has motivated Tony and his wife in so many ways, and he has chosen to assist parents who are going through challenges like him.

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Igor Cornelsen Is Widely Sought After For His Investment Techniques

Igor Cornelsen is widely known in the industry of banking and investing, especially throughout South America. Igor is mostly retired as of today from his major business exploits of the past. Igor mostly spends his time relaxing in the Florida sun on a nice golf course. Igor still offers his advice and consults the banking industry in Brazil, where he has had many executive positions in the past.

Igor has been extremely successful in investing throughout the course of his life, that’s why he can take it easy and relax in his retirement. Most of the work he does is right near home in Florida at his compy Bainbridge. At Bainbridge, Igor can manage portfolios for his clients and give them proper investment advice for the current markets in the United States and around the world. Igor’s success in the industry is well-known and he is regularly sought out for his advice and strategies for the day.

A notable company that most people know of, Burger King, has even sought out the investment king for advice on how to increase their annual profits. Many companies around the United States and Brazil have been aided by Igor’s advice to increase their revenue.

Igor has a talent for spotting patterns in the stock markets, and he is always able to predict the coming rise and falls of the current market he is investing in. According to Igor Cornelsen, he mostly advice’s his clients to stay away from markets that fluctuate a lot or seem unstable. Although, he also expressed that these can be the most profitable markets to invest in if you are experienced enough.

Igor Cornelsen is not only known for his investment prowess in Brazil and the US but many other countries as well, including China. Igor Cornelsen has invested in many other economies and says China’s economy will be one of the most important to support. The large population in China means there are a large number of consumers, which is a good place to invest for profits. Since China is one of Brazil’s largest trading partners, great returns can be made through the merging economy.

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