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Madison Street Capital Bags the 16Th Annual Award for M&A Advisor

It looks like Madison Street Capital is at it again. The leading company in offering financial advisory services is pleased to announce its association with the world’s award –winning event that seeks to reward leading advisors in the industry of finance. Madison has been selected among multiple nominees in the same category. Named as the Boutique Investment Firm of the Year, Madison Street Capital’s success is appended to its ability to offer advisory services to WLR Automotive.


The nomination


Madison Street Capital was elected on the foundation of exceptional performance. The company passed the initial stage of evaluation that involved the judgment of a competent panel. The focus of these judges was on selecting ultimate award winners. In regards to this announcement, the chief executive officer of Madison Street Capital, Mr. Charles Botchway, cited that they were honored to be considered the recipients of the award. He added that Madison strives to provide advanced services to the middle-market. Recognizing the company’s input to the industry; Charles was elated to have witnessed the proceedings of this revolutionary award winning event.


WLR Automotives’ Transaction


The transaction of WLR Automotive was navigated by Barry Petersen, the senior managing director of Madison Street Capital. It deduced Madison and team’s dedication to offering unparalleled services to their clients. Having been recognized by top tanking professionals from M&A, Madison landed yet an additional opportunity, to expand its service delivery scope to greater boundaries.


The M&A Awards


The M&A Award was launched in 1998. It is convened to honour thriving mergers and acquisitions across the globe. Presently, the award is known for recognizing excellence, presenting thought leadership, facilitating connections and honouring achievement. In the past 16 years, this award has been serving premier leadership organizations through recognizing finance professionals.


Madison’s History


Madison Street Capital boasts of its international recognition as an asset banking firm that is devoted to reliability, leadership, and excellence in commercial and finance industries. Madison is prominent for offering advice in partnerships, acquisitions, valuation and private businesses. The stated services define Madison’s commitment to assist its clients in succeeding.


Madison’s Objective


Madison Street Capital boasts of offering unparalleled finance services through highly trained professionals. Perhaps that is why most clients have given positive feedback in regards to satisfactory services offered by this company. The firm has earned its client’s trust through the unwavering commitment to the leading levels of professional values. Learn more:


Whitney Wolfe: Finding Romance in Turbulent Times

Anyone who is honest can admit that these are some of the most challenging times when it comes to dating and relationships. Even with the dating apps that appeared on the market, there are still many challenges that are to be faced for each individual that is interested in getting a date. For one thing, a lot of these issues in society can play both men and women against each other if they are not carefully addressed. Fortunately, Whitney Wolfe is looking for ways to make sure that everything is working well for both men and women who are looking for love.

Whitney Wolfe has set up dating apps and extensions to her apps for different areas of life. For instance, her Bumble app is meant to make it easier for both genders that are looking for a relationship. With Bumble, men are not allowed to be the first to message a woman. It is up to the woman to reach out to the man. This works well for both men and women because it is easier for them to get into a relationship. For women, it is easier to find men that they can love and not worry about any devastating issues later on in the relationships.

While Whitney Wolfe is here to empower women, she also wants to encourage men. One of the issues with feminism is that it has brought forth a vocal group that is against men as a whole. Whitney Wolfe is not against men. She has spoken up on giving all of the good men a chance. She recognizes that there are good men that can make the world better for women. This is one of the reasons that she has set up her dating app. She wants women to be paired with the best possible men on the market.

Bumble is a very unique and efficient app when it comes to bringing forth connections for women and men. In a world where more people are being vocal about the problems they are having in the world of dating and relationships, Whitney brings something that makes it simpler for both sexes.

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Erick Lefkofsky: Enhancing the Healthcare Industry through Technological Innovations

Statistics show that close to $933 billion Americans directed to health care in 2013 vis a vis 1996 is as a result of the increment in healthcare charges, which has appreciated over time to become more intense and expensive. A major cause of these changes is the abnormal population growth and aging. Equally, a change in the prevalence of a disease meant that just a slight decrease favored the annual spending. The frequency of how the healthcare services are used is less of a factor in the charges incurred.

Gerald Anderson of Hopkins attributes excessive spending on the absurd charges. He later adds that as much as the big-picture revelations are obvious, expenditures by disease is still a key aspect. Different diseases, therefore, have various driving factors steering their increase. For instance, diabetes exhibited the highest increase in yearly spending; $64 billion. $44 billion accounted for use in pharmaceuticals. Other factors involved include population growth, diabetes prevalence, and aging.

About Erick Lefkofsky

Erick Lefkofsky is the CEO and co-founder of Tempus, a high tech company responsible for the creation of an operating system meant to counter cancer. Erick has co-founded several other technology companies which include Lightbank, a business targeting to invest in disruptive technologies and also Uptake Technologies, a predictive analytics platform for Mediaocean.

Other than his numerous business ventures, Erick is also on the lead in philanthropic activities. In 2006, he established a private charitable foundation, the Lefkofsky Family Foundation, in association with his wife, Liz. Throughout his life, Erick has a record of donating millions of dollars towards cancer research. The foundation targets to improve the living standards of the contact communities through high-impact initiatives. Erick serves as a trustee in several institutions. Among these is the Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, The Art Institute of Chicago, and World Business Chicago. He is the overall chairman of Steppenwolf Theater Company’s board of trustees. Erick Lefkofsky is a distinguished alumnus of the University of Michigan where he earned his Juris Doctor at the university’s Law school.

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Roberto Santiago: Building the Manaira Mall

Roberto Santiago is known as one of the most successful businessmen in Brazil, and he is nicknamed as the Brazilian Mall Tycoon. He was born in the city of Joao Pessoa on July 16, 1958, and he went to the University Center of Joao Pessoa, taking up a course in business administration. He purchased an empty lot in 1987 near the city center and developed it to become the largest shopping mall in the city. Manaira Mall opened to the public in 1989, and it changed the way that the locals live. Manaira is one of the most favorite places to hang out in the city, and locals are frequenting the mall, along with lots of tourists coming from different parts of the world. The mall has a number of facilities to choose from, ranging from cinemas, concert halls, gaming areas, food court, shopping centers, banks, gyms, and even an educational institution.


The Domus Hall is one of the attractions that can be found inside the Manaira Mall. Roberto Santiago thought about putting something on the mall’s rooftop, and the idea of constructing a concert hall crossed his mind. The concert hall was opened to the public in 2009, and it has a wide space for use inside. Ever since it opened, hundreds of events have taken place inside, including musical concerts, exhibits, conferences, fairs, and even weddings and graduation ceremonies. 10,000 people can fit inside for standing events and over 4,000 can fit inside for seated events. The hall has a fully functioning air-conditioning system and it is designed to be sound proof. High end sound equipment is installed inside and the two story concert hall is subdivided into smaller cabins to give everyone a touch of privacy. The Domus Hall is frequented by international artists, and they opt to hold their concert inside the hall because of its prominence and accessibility in the city of Joao Pessoa.


Roberto Santiago also placed a number of entertainment areas inside the Manaira Mall. People are frequenting the mall because of its state of the art cinema complex, which shows the latest blockbuster films. The mall also has a bowling alley and a gaming arcade for families to enjoy. For shoppers, they can hop from one shop to another, buying their favorite international brands which have since opened their branches inside the mall. Foodies, on the other hand, would appreciate the gourmet section of the mall which serves dishes from around the world. Roberto Santiago is thanking the local population for supporting the mall and its facilities. He is now thinking of opening up another mall in the city, and he is also planning of opening a number of malls in Brazil’s prime cities, such as Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.



Ted Bauman: Advocating for Financial Freedom of Americans

     Ted Bauman has seen economies on the verge of booming and others on the brink of collapse. He has been to beautiful flourishing cities and to towns that have been stripped down to their bare skeleton. Ted has traveled to 75 countries, and has concluded that the American people are under financial assault in the name of ‘common good.’ For that reason, he has set on a journey to provide citizens of his beloved country with the tools they need to live a genuinely sovereign life. Where to Stash Your Cash (Legally) by Ted and his dad is an essential guide to simple investment strategies. He reveals the secret to sound investments that the government would not find out about and tips for living on tropical islands free of tax. Ted Bauman believes in helping the middle class keep most of their cash where it belongs, in their pockets.


Ted Bauman’s Voice of Reason

The Bauman Letter provided by Ted Bauman delivers little known yet viable strategies to grow wealth. It helps readers take back control of their financial future while keeping it safe from prying eyes. Ted Bauman runs an investment advisory with Jeff Yastine. The Alpha Stock Alert has beaten the S&P 500 index ten times over a decade. The Alpha Stock Alert has not had a losing year in about ten years; not even during the 2008-2009 economic crisis, courtesy of Bauman’s able leadership.


The Ted Bauman Specialty

Ted Bauman was born in the United States of America. He is the son of former congressman Robert Bauman with whom they have co-written a book. He immigrated to South Africa where he attended the University of Cape Town. Ted Bauman holds post-graduate degrees in Economics and History. After his studies, he worked in the Non-Profit sector for 25 years. In the course of his career, Bauman started Slum Dwellers International, which has helped 14 Million people in 35 countries. He then returned to United States in 2008 where he worked for Habitat for Humanity International until he left in 2013 to research and write full time. Mr. Bauman was an editor of Smart Money Alert before moving to Banyan Hill Publishing. As a chief director at Banyan Hill Publishing, he specializes in asset protection, privacy, international migration issues and low-risk investment strategies. Ted Bauman has been published in several notable international outfits.


Dr. Mark McKenna Sets Goals And Uses Visualization To Bring Them Into Being

When someone has many goals that they would like to accomplish in life, they have to take time thinking about those goals and how they will bring them about. Dr. Mark McKenna has said that he likes to visualize his goals after he has made them. Mark uses visualization to help him figure out how he will reach those goals and to help him obtain all of the success that he is seeking.

Dr. Mark McKenna was asked what he would do if he had the chance to start his life over again. He shared that he would like to figure out where his passion lies at a younger age. He wishes that he had known when he was younger just what he would be focusing on today and that Mark started working toward the life that he has now when he was young. He is someone who knows where he is going now, and he wishes that he had started working on his goals when he was younger.

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Dr. Mark McKenna is licensed to practice medicine in both Florida and Georgia. He is a part of those two states and he works to follow after his goals in the two of them. In addition to working as a doctor, he has a real estate development firm that he created and that has done great work. He has dreams and goals, and he chases after those with all that he is.

Dr. Mark McKenna worked to help the city of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina took place. Mark helped the city to rebuild, and he was there for those who were living there during that time. He has a heart for the city where he came from, and he has helped it to heal. This is a man of goals, a man who knows how to follow after those goals, and a man who cares about others.

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Meet OSI Group: The Leader in Custom Food Solutions

Did you know that many of your favorite grocery stores, restaurants and organizations receive most of their food products from the same food supplier? That’s right! Though many of the biggest names in the food industry are known for selling great tasting foods, they all don’t have their own farms or food manufacturing plants. This is where food suppliers come into the picture and one of the best food suppliers in the world is OSI Industries. Better known as OSI Group, this company has a track record of success thanks to its wide array of business capabilities. Headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, OSI Industries actually personifies its very own name. This company is an industry in itself as it provides processing, management, distribution and development services for other businesses.

Being a top 100 company doesn’t happen by chance. This company dominates the field, and it does it in a number of ways. Having a century’s worth of experience in the industry also tends to help. This once small meat market was started by a man named Otto Kolshowski. Kolshowki actually turned his dream into a reality back in 1909. At the time, the company’s name was Otto and Sons. This was a family meat market that offered the best tasting beef in the area. As time went on, the company changed locations on a regular basis. Business was good and Otto & Sons kept on growing. As of today, this food supplying juggernaut is a global leader in its class.

OSI Industries is extremely large. Rather it being a single company with a single location, it is actually spread out across 17 countries. On top of that, it has up to 65 facilities that employ over 20,000 people. The company does a great job by working with its clients throughout the food development stage. Clients actually implement their own ideas for the types of foods that are being produced. It’s a win-win situation on both sides. If a company/organization can think of it then OSI Industries can most definitely produce it. All in all, OSI Industries is at the top of its class, but who knows what the future holds for this Midwest juggernaut.

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Bruno Fagali Advocates For Integrity In The Legal Practice

Bruno Fagali is a Brazilian lawyer and founder of the FAGALI Advocacy. Professionalism and integrity are the attributes that have made him famous in the legal field. His expertise includes public and anti-corruption law. Under this specialty, Bruno can deal with administrative contracts, Urban Law, administrative and liability processes, administrative improbity actions bidding law, regulatory, public civil actions, expropriation actions and popular actions. Bruno has been able to initiate actions to clean systems where corruption has been associated with public funds. His integrity drives have reached departments that are benefitting from government contracts. Bruno’s efforts have assisted the corporate organizations in starting transparency drives within their organizational levels. This is achieved through training and ethics drives.

Bruno’s FAGALI Advocacy was established with the aim of combining the deep knowledge of its team in areas that the office calls for utmost dedication to its clients. FAGALI team is well versed with public law, compliance, corruption law, advertising law, parliamentary and electoral law. Bruno and his FAGALI Advocacy team guarantee commitment and unconditional dedication to its clients and partners defense. It is an ethical, responsible, personalized, attentive and modern way. In other words, FAGALI Advocacy was instituted to offer distinguished legal services to the clients who are distinguished and seek to be treated and identified as such.

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Bruno Fagali is one of the best lawyers in Brazil and is adding a new dimension to the legal system of that nation. His years of practices have earned him experience in different fronts of law and an unprecedented reputation. He has worked for several law firms since 2006 where he practiced different legal disciplines.

He is currently serving as the Corporate Integrity Manager at Nova/SB, which is an advertising company that deals government advertisements. World Health Organization also advertises through Nova. Bruno’s initial practice in the legal profession saw him work with Calil, Radi and Associados Advocacia. Bruno Graduated from the Pontifical Catholic University of Sao Paulo with a Law Degree. He sits at the Society of Corporate Compliance as a member and as an Effective Associate of Brazilian Institute of Law and Corporate Ethics. He continues his private legal practice at his Fagali Law Firm.

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Just Listen To Freedom Debt Relief Reviews & Testimonials. Your Journey

Are you sick and tired of those collection calls that has become the order of the day in your life? Relax. You are not alone. The current changes in the world’s economy has led to millions of people of all walks of life be in debts. Simply google “Freedom Debt Relief Reviews & Testimonials” and begin your journey towards living a debt free life.

Regardless of the situation that led to incurring debts that are now a nightmare to you, there is still hope of having all debts cleared in a very comfortable manner. Alone it is impossible to achieve this. You need someone to help you through and walk with you until it is over.

All what you need is to contact Freedom Debt Relief Reviews & Testimonials and get to talk to their kind and understanding staff. By the end of the call, you already start feeling a sense of hope and relief. You get to understand that you are not alone and that many people who had even bigger debts compared to you have made it to enjoying a debt free life.

There is nothing as good as having a genuine partner who understands you and is willing to walk with you during difficult moments till you are settled. Once you share your debt details with their staff, you will be helped to list all the people you owe, the amount you owe them and their contacts.

What follows is coming up with a program on how you could start paying your debts step by step till you are done. You are able to see the listing and you get very impressed seeing the list shrink as time goes on. You won’t believe it how fast and easy you will get to a point of comfortably saying, “I now owe nobody” Don’t wait until the whole debt issue gets you weary and stuck, you help is just a phone call away. Simply sit down at the comfort of your home or work place and google Freedom Debt Relief Reviews & Testimonials. The rest is history.

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Brown Agency Remains Top Notch in the Modelling Industry

Brown Agency is a company that focuses on nurturing talents of various actors, actresses, and models. The company runs different departments hence enabling different people to showcase their best talents. The department offers trade shows, filmmaking, commercial advertisements, runway modeling, fashion, and design promotional shows and many others.

This company was launched in 2010 and has based most of its operations in Austin since it was established. Brown Agency has contributed notably to the related markets and this has drastically reflected in the company’s growth. Needless to say, their standards of operation and uniqueness of their services coupled with high quality has made them emerge the best within the modeling industry.

According to MarketWired, as a result, Brown Agency have auditioned with some of the world’s best brands such as Dell, Toyota, Louis Vuitton just to mention a few. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Justin Brown ensured that his company topped during those auditions and are now working for them. He grew up learning ideas and ways of taking his passions about modeling to the next level. When nature granted his wish, he kept improving and ensuring that he remains top among the many other modeling industries within California.

For one to become their models, they have to follow a set of procedures for their applications, auditions, and recruitment. They audition every week on Thursdays from three to four o’clock. The contestants are asked to submit their resumes and a few of their best photos while appearing for the auditions. The events take place at 100 Congress Suite in Austin where the judges pick the best contestants out of all their candidates. They also engage some of their candidates in interviews which are majorly hosted in Talk Media Africa. However, candidates who don’t make it are encouraged to perfect their skills try in the next auditions. After that, the company avails the scripts for its actors and the companies that their talented models should represent.

Most of their talented models have showcased for companies such as TIGI hair show and many others. Other shows that have worked with their runway models include Dallas Fashion Week, Miami Swim Week, Austin Fashion Week and many others. The main reason behind their success is because they only pick the best and most talented actors and models to work with. The company also ensures that their models and actors are well trained and equipped with the necessary skills that they need for them to deliver their professionalism to the best of their ability. Majorly, they focus on elegance and modernity considering the large markets that they serve. These among many other principles that they have set for the company’s goals have largely contributed to the credibility and excellence of Brown Agency.

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