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Kevin Seawright, the Undisputed Business Strategist

Kevin Seawright has defined himself as the businessman whose ethics surpass the ordinary. The Accounting Major graduate has distinguished himself as a business leader who quickly balances the demands of the corporate world with those of the community he operates within.

His charity endeavors have made him renown not only in his workplace but in the communities that he works. He makes sure that the individuals who are within the business web not only get well catered for and but their lives are improved as well.

According to Crunchbase, Kevin Seawright obtained his certificate of Executive Leadership from the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business in the year 2015. He later got recognized by the same college for his exemplary performance of public duty as the Notre Dame Executive Leadership program winner.

Kevin Seawright has a wealth of experience in operations in both the government and the public sectors. He is an expert in human resource management systems. These systems can handle any size of work and are used to analyze massive amounts of data. They are also used in employee management, therefore, reducing the manual workload. They increase the workplace efficiency by providing quick access to information.

Kevin Seawright started off as a career financial manager and human resources expert in 2011. He worked at Tito General Contractors firm as a financial analyst and as a human resource manager. His style of leadership saw an increase in employee productivity and higher retention. In2013, he moved on to the Maryland as the Executive Director of Operations. At Maryland, he introduced the technological changes that saw him receive several awards.

Newark Economic development beckoned him in 2014 where he has been working as the Chief Financial Officer. The working conditions have since improved significantly with better compensations and improved job placements. It has led to employee satisfaction, resulting in enhanced productivity, efficiencies and employee retention.

Kevin Seawright has earned himself several awards from his tremendous work. He was responsible for introducing the integrated IT systems into the Baltimore’s CitiStats. This program yielded information that was used in appraising the performance of the city departments. The same program has been copied all over the country with immense success.

He similarly got recognized for creativity and community involvement. He is a quick thinker who is solutions oriented. It earned him the Met life recipient of the bridges of the future in 2010.

3 Tips for Healthy Hair

Whether you’re spending a day on the beach or a night on the town, having dry, stringy locks can destroy even the most chic of looks. It’s no surprise that women all over the world are suffering from brittle hair. As a matter of fact, most hair products contain chemicals that can even cause further damage. In this article, you’ll receive tips on how to step up your look with products that will leave your hair healthy and keep you looking polished.

Tip #1:

Use a conditioning shampoo. Not all cleansers are created equal! Most shampoos can even dry your hair out due to chemicals such as lauryl sulfate, found in almost every shampoo on drugstore shelves. Try Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint. Not only does this product cleanse the hair, but it also nourishes it. This cleansing conditioner does not strip the hair if it’s natural oil, unlike traditional shampoos that contain harsh detergents.

Tip #2:

Hair oils are your best friend. Oils are the key to keeping hair silky, smooth, and protected from the elements. Although applying oil may seem intimidating for those with naturally oily hair, the results are astounding. Pro tip: Massage the oil only on the tips of your hair. Try WEN Fig Sweet Orange Treatment Oil. A high-quality oil such as this one can replenish dry, stringy hair.

Tip #3:

Find a great hair mask. Not only does wearing a hair mask allow you to pamper yourself, but the benefits can also change the integrity of your hair for the better. Fight damaged locks with WEN Lavender ReMoist Hydrating Mask. A creamy mask such as this one is key for repairing your locks.

Add a few (or all) of these tricks to your routine. Your hair will thank you! Wen products areavailable online thru Amazon and Guthy-Renker.

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Waiakea’s Water Helps People

Forbes has revealed that Waiakea water is a spring in Hawaii that has volcanic runoff that goes into the water. The water is filled with minerals as a result of this and it is believed to have a lot of healing properties for people who choose to drink it. It is an excellent option for people who are feeling run down or who simply want to have a refreshing sip of water to drink. According to Crunchbase, The biggest problem with water from Waiakea water is that people used to have to travel to Hawaii just to be able to get a sip of this glorious, life-enhancing water. It was a major problem.

The founder of the Waiakea water company did not want people to have to go to Hawaii just to get this type of water. He wanted everyone to be able to reap the benefits that came with drinking water straight from Waiakea.

He knew that he wanted to bottle the water, but it did take him some time to figure out what he was going to do to make sure that the water was bottled in a responsible way and that it was not detrimental to the environment. The founder wanted a revolutionary bottled water experience.

He was able to do that. He came up with bottling procedures that are better than any other water company has. He makes sure that he always has the right amount of water and he does all of the bottling at the source to reduce some of the fossil fuels that are used by the company.

He wants to make sure that he does not use up valuable resources that the earth could benefit from just so that people can have bottled water. All of these things are in line with the way that he works to make a better bottled water.

Along with helping people who are able to purchase the Waiakea water in bottles, he also wants to help people who cannot access any clean water. He knows that these people must be helped and that it is the duty of bottled water companies to help them.

For that reason, he supports those countries with donations to clean water sources. He wants people to know that they can have the clean water that they want and that they deserve to be able to have. This is something that has allowed him the chance to make a difference in a society other than his own.

DeVos Family Involvement in Philanthropic Activities

Many years ago, one of the businessmen in the US was greeted with a very expensive compliment by Rich DeVos. Rich is the co-founder of Amway, a powerful company that is headquartered in Michigan. Rich has acquired a lot of money from this company, becoming one of the most powerful billionaires in the US. The Amway founder told the businessman that he looked like a million dollars. The businessman was Leslie Tassel, the popular owner of Lescoa. The compliment made by the billionaire led to a one million donation that was given to a cause that was being supported by the DeVos.


In west Michigan area, being wealthy is not measured by the types of cloths an individual is wearing or the car they are currently driving. The influence of your wealth is measured by the amount of donations you give. In West Michigan, the DeVos family name is highly respected. The family is considered to be one of the wealthiest and philanthropic minded families in the area.


Just recently, the family shed some light on the total amount of its donations to various causes in the recent past. All the family foundations made official reports to Forbes, indicating their lifetime donations. From the Forbes annual list, the family emerged to be 20th in the top 50 givers in the country. By giving these figures to the public, the family hopes that more people in the country will be encouraged to give and support noble causes in the US.


According to the spokesman of the family, Mr. John Truscott, the Forbes magazine is one of the platforms that provide crucial conversations concerning donations and supporting needy people in the American society.


The DeVos family has earned the respect of many people in the world, and it is known for supporting the conservative political aspirants and causes. However, the donations made to this party were not included in the Forbes figures.


Dick DeVos is the son of the founder of Amway. He is a serial entrepreneur and well-known businessman who is based in Michigan. He has served in different positions in the family business. When he was the president of the company, he managed to expand its market in several nations, and its sales improved significantly under his leadership. In 2006, Dick DeVos decided to run for the Michigan gubernatorial race, but he lost the seat to his democratic incumbent. He has started several foundations to help people in his home town.

Is Kyle Bass’ China Prediction Just Another Desperate Gamble?


Looks like the former pseudo-genius of investment Kyle Bass is at it again. Having made his name predicting the subprime mortgage crisis in 2008, Bass has been a prominent, but controversial, name in the financial world. His most recent claim has turned a lot of heads and is making people ask a lot of serious questions.


The latest Kyle Bass prediction is stated thus: “We’re starting to see the beginning of the Chinese machine literally break down.” He made this claim to Grant Williams, a financial author, during a discussion the two were having.


Bass claims that the country’s $3 trillion bond market will fail due to canceled payments and negated sales of debt. This could lead to a near-total collapse of the country’s economy that could cause a global economic crisis.


In other words, it’s another one of Bass’ scare-tactic suggestions. While many people point to his success in 2008 as evidence of his genius, others are more skeptical. Is his prediction accurate or is it another bust for Bass?


It’s been hard to take Kyle Bass seriously over the last few years. He has made a wide range of weird financial decisions, some of which bordered not just on unethical, but immoral.


His support of Argentinian leader Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner has continued to hold the country in the grip of her backward financial concepts, bankrupting the country and putting it on the brink of failure.


In fact, many experts have labeled Kyle Bass a “desperate gambler,” rather than a financial genius. The focus of his empire, thus far, has been to make bold claims and to reap the rewards when they succeed.


His believers ignore the failures and focus only the successes. However, his financial portfolio has continually shrank as his appearance on television and other media has increased. Whatever the reason for this, it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.


So what is the verdict here? Is Kyle bass correct or is he just making another desperate gamble? Right now, it’s hard to tell. His history of failure is now legendary. But even desperate gamblers sometimes hit the jackpot.

Fabletics Co-Founder Kate Hudson Named Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Campaign Ambassador

Ever since its founding in 2013 by Fab Inc. and American actress Kate Hudson, Fabletics has always been a champion of women’s empowerment. The athleisure wear brand is fueled by Hudson’s desire to make women feel better about themselves by providing them with high-quality clothes that fit comfortably into their active lifestyles while also being incredibly affordable. One of the things that sets Fabletics apart from other brands is its focus on providing comfortable and versatile athleisure on that women across a range of body types and income levels can wear.

The brand has a style quiz that matches customers with Kate Hudson’s thoughts on pieces that are most likely to fit their lifestyle and their body type. Fabletics commitment to women’s empowerment extends beyond their desire to provide women with some of the best athleisure clothing in the market place. That commitment has translated into involvement in issues that impact women’s lives in vital ways. For instance, Fabletics has partnered with the Council of Fashion Designers of America and the England-based breast cancer initiative Fashion Targets Breast Cancer. Fashion Targets Breast Cancer raises capital that is funneled into breast cancer research and leverages partnerships with members of the fashion industry to help those whose lives have been impacted by breast cancer.

The partnership between Fabletics, Fashion Targets Breast Cancer and the Council of Fashion Designers of America will mean that Kate Hudson will become an official ambassador for Fashion Targets Breast Cancer during the month of October at The collaboration between Fabletics and its two partners has resulted in the introduction of Fabletics merchandise that, according to Sourcing Journal, is an “FTBC-branded outfit.” Known as the Hope outfit, the three piece ensemble includes a tank top, a sports bra and a pair of matching floral print capris. Each piece of the outfit is available in multiple colors ranging from Ruby, Cosmo, Black, and Vixen. The proceeds that are raised from purchases of the Hope outfit will go to support the FTBC’s work to fight breast cancer. Fabletics partnership with FTBC and the CFDA will also involve an event whose proceeds will also be used to support the FTBC’s work.

Even though the Hope outfit is being sold to benefit a good cause, Hudson told The Los Angeles Times that she worked to make sure that it fit the high standards of design that Fabletics’ customers are used to. She told the newspaper that she wanted customers “to not only purchase it for the right reason” but that she wanted customers to “love” the outfit. Also Hudson was intentional about the colors that the Hope outfit came in. She wanted to experiment with colors outside of the very popular baby pink that usually denotes breast cancer awareness apparel. She described the darker pinks that the outfit is shown in on her website as a “pink with some depth to it.”

Waiakea: A Bottled Water for Mother Nature

In the past, bottled water and mother nature were not the best of friends. Bottled water is created out of convenience for people and it is harmful to the earth and the things that make up the earth that we know of today. The bottled water companies often do not care about what they do to the environment, but things have truly changed with the way that Waiakea has come onto the scene. Waiakea works to make sure that they are protecting the environment while they are providing water to their customers and also participating in philanthropic efforts around the world.

The process of bottling water is only one of the worst parts of bottled water for the environment. The process usually requires a lot of energy and results in wasted natural resources. It is a huge mess to clean up and causes big problems for the areas where it is done at. The actual bottles are also detrimental to the environment. Waiakea has combatted this by making sure that their process is good for the environment and making sure that their bottles are made from material that is 100 percent recycled. They want to make their water bottling process as good for the environment as possible.

When it comes to the people who they make water for, they want to be sure that they have the best bottled water possible. They find water from natural Hawaiian resources. These are mainly around volcanoes close to the islands. They do this because volcanic water has high levels of silica, a mineral that is able to help people who are sick and to reduce the chances of them getting sick in the future. It can even help people reduce the risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease as they begin to get older.

Not only does Waiakea care about the environment and their customers, they also care about people who don’t have access to clean water. They have worked to make sure that the people who they help are the ones who aren’t able to get water on a regular basis. They recognize that this is a crisis in a large portion of the world and are now doing something to change that. They want everyone to have the chance of getting clean, high-quality water. The efforts that they provide are sustainable so they will last for a long time even after they are not actively working in these areas.

Online Reputation Management: How to Eliminate Bad News About Your Company

Everyone understands the value of a positive reputation to a business and losing a good image could lead to a crisis. Regardless of how careful a business is about managing online mentions, once or twice situations come in that leave a bad reputation. Even the most established businesses have at one point encountered a low moment and what determines the progress thereafter is the measures taken to clear the bad image painted by the developments.

If you want your brand to succeed and remain strong amid bad mentions, it’s necessary to come up with an effective strategy that can clear its reputation. Below are strategies that one can apply to remove a bad reputation.

Engage excess positive activity

This is an old trick that still works perfectly well. If you are looking to clear bad mentions, it is advisable to engage excess positive activity that would outperform bad news. This is possible through the creation of profiles and sharing articles that show the achievements of your brand and what you are intending to do more to benefit customers. Come up with content that shows the strength of the company and emphasize on what you do.

Appreciate the importance of SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies help your business to emerge competitive on the search engines. It offers your brand an opportunity to emerge successful and show its strengths when compared to competitors.

When people are looking for products online, they first Google to know what is ideal for their use and in this process the shops that come up on the first page of Google are what the person will choose. If your website can manage to rank among the best, then you will sure receive many clicks, which translates to traffic and eventually conversions if customers are convinced.

Most importantly, there is one rule about online reputation that you must respect all the time: never ignore bad mentions. You should be quick to respond to bad mentions so you can keep your business clean of any bad reviews. You can even create a better impression if your response to the issue will appear friendly to the customer.


How Class Dojo Is Influencing Teachers And Parents And Enhancing Learning

An emerging application is sweeping the tech world within the U.S. and working to streamline learning. The Class Dojo app is a startup that was launched by two tech experts, Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary. The teaching community is appreciating the changes the application has brought by making the interactions between teachers and parents easier. Students have also been factored in and it is estimated more than two thirds of schools within the U.S. have already adopted the application.

The Class Dojo application is available for download on Apple Store and Google Play and works like a social community where parents can access the activity of their children at school through videos and photos that are uploaded by the teachers. It is a good way to update parents and let them understand how their children are faring in the learning environment and most people who have adopted the technology are now appreciating the benefits since they have been able to contribute towards the learning process of their children.

Initially, parents would have to wait for as long as three months before engaging with teachers but with the Class Dojo application it has become easier to interact with the school to help in the development of students.

To fund the development of the application, the company organized for funding that saw them raise at least $21 million in the B Series round that was meant to fund the venture to expand into other regions. During the company’s first institutional funding in 2013, they were able to raise $8.5 million and they recently reported over 500,000 downloads daily during the summer back-to-school period.

Basically, the Class Dojo application offers a shared classroom where parents, teachers and students are the participants. There are several features that enhance communication like private messaging, and picture/video upload features that make it possible for the students to catch up with their parents.

About Class Dojo
Class Dojo is a company that is offering a new way in which teachers, parents and students can interact to make the learning experience enjoyable. The application offers students a voice to showcase and share their experience in the classroom through pictures and videos and allows teachers to have easy time consulting with parents on matters that are vital to the growth of the students.

Additionally, the application creates a positive culture that encourages students to do more or work smart to achieve their goals. It helps to instill values like kindness, working hard and promoting peace in a lovely manner.

The Kabbalah Centre Offers Expert Advice

Learning is a life-long task that is all about being able to absorb knowledge and use it well. Those who love to learn are those who can find out what they need to know from life. There are many places to learn in the world. One such place is the Kabbalah Centre in California. The Centre places an emphasis on multiple kinds of learning including learning that is highly spiritual in nature as well as learning that can come from the study of ancient texts. They know here that finding spiritual knowledge is often the key to a feeling of contentment in life and a feeling that one is in touch with the world that includes the spirit as well as the body.


Ancient Texts

Those who work with officials at the Kabbalah Centre are able to tap into various kinds of texts that include texts that are all knowing oneself in all possible ways. Those who are in touch with their own inner spirits are those who can feel as if they know what it is to feel at peace inside of themselves. They can read the ancient texts here closely and gain the kind of insights that have been useful to people all across the ages and the centuries. Such ancient wisdom still have a great deal to offer all people today as they look for meaning of life.

A World Beyond

Turning to a world that is beyond the ordinary and one that is within the realm of the senses can be enormously comforting for all those who seek such help. With the help of the trained scholars in this centre, people are able to understand an important worldview that offers them a sense of spirituality. As the seasons change and each holiday comes along, people can come to the Centre to get a sens of how to create an understanding of the passage of time and the marking of important life events and other milestones. Doing so has helped provide a sense of relaxation that allows people to be happier no matter what they are doing.