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Top 10 Friendliest College Towns in America

The social app Skout has released the names of the top 10 friendliest college towns in the U.S. according to data gained from its mobile app. Skout reviewed data from college towns across the nation to see which cities had the most young people interacting with new friends through the app.

Top 10 Friendliest College Towns:

  • Madison, Wisconsin
  • Los Angeles, California
  • New York City
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • San Francisco, California
  • Boulder, Colorado
  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Dallas, Texas

The data also revealed some interesting facts. For example, Boston, Massachusetts came in at #12 on the list despite its reputation as America’s college town. Also, young people in Los Angeles shared more virtual gifts with friends than their peers in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, and Miami combined.

Many new college students may have some mild anxiety about attending college and having to meet new friends. Especially when this means leaving the many friends they made in high school. However, a recent survey conducted by Skout my help to alleviate those concerns. Skout surveyed college students ages 18-24 across the United States who use its app and found that:

  • Only 37% of students start college with someone they already know.
  • 57% of respondents said they had less trouble making new friends in college than they did in high school.
  • 72% said they made significant friends within their first week on campus.

The survey also showed that the most likely place to meet new friends is in the classroom, (75%), and 73% said that they consider their college roommates to be good friends.

More about Skout

Skout is a global social app for meeting new people and making new friends. The company was founded in 2007 and is headquartered in San Francisco. The app can be downloaded on Android, iOS, and Windows devices. Visit to learn more.

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I Feel Inspired To Be Kind Thanks To Skout

Right now I am dealing with one of my favorite feelings. It is the feeling of appreciation. I didn’t expect it, but someone just did something incredibly kind for me earlier today. I am not surprised because there are a lot of kind people out there in the world, but I still didn’t expect to have that happen to me today. Now I know how all those people felt when people were doing kind things for Random Acts Of Kindness Week. I wish I would have participated in it, but I was kind of nervous at the time. I would do it now though because I see how easy it was for me to accept this random act of kindness from a stranger.

Skout polled their users recently to get a better understanding of the people who use their platform, and it was really interesting to read the results of the survey. The results were posted in an article by Uloop. Uloop even posted the top actions that people found the kindest. I have heard of people doing a few of those acts, but many of them seemed really new and creative. I feel inspired after reading Skout’s survey and the Uloop article. Now, after having someone do a random kind act in my life, I will certainly do some of those acts from that list of kind acts. I want to do the one where you go to a hospital and give flowers to someone that hasn’t gotten visitors lately. That is such a nice thing to do.

Skout is an online social media website, and they have a fantastic application where you can connect with new people all over the world. I made a profile a couple months ago. It was really easy to set up, and I update my pictures every now and then to keep them current. I get a lot of people messaging me to talk. They message me from places close by, and some people message me from other countries. Sometimes they live in countries that I have never even heard of, so I get to learn about other parts of the world. I really enjoy that aspect of Skout. It is refreshing to hear about people’s lives in places that I am not keen to. If you would like to read the article from Uloop about Skout’s survey, go to this url:

How To Win Friends And Make Them On Skout

People criticize me for using social media accounts all the time, but I like to make new friends, and sometimes they like to meet me in person. It’s wonderful to meet so many interesting people, but I strongly recommend that everyone uses this in a safe manner because it can quickly become a fast way to meet people. It’s kind of like speed dating, but you don’t have to date anyone if you don’t want to date them. I try to be honest about my intentions before I meet someone, and I let them know if they are fulfilling my needs as the relationship progresses. If someone isn’t meeting your needs of the right relationships, then you can always go back to the applications to find the right person.

Skout is an interesting online dating site and smart phone app that has really changed the way I looked at the industry. I wanted to meet people, but I didn’t want to necessarily date them. I am always looking for the right romantic partner, but I want to make sure that she is the right person for me. I don’t settle, so Skout has been really useful in terms of always having a new person to talk to if and when the old relationships run stale.

It’s important that I make it clear that I’m not saying you should use your friends and go about life that way. You should treat people with respect, and always be honest to them about how you feel. If they don’t care about your feelings, however, there are certainly people out there that will care about you. Skout has been that shoulder to cry on for me. If a relationship runs stale, I go to Skout for a new person to help replace the other person.

Skout conducted a recent survey of approximately 23,000 people to find out which people have online friends. A whopping 75 percent of people surveyed reported that they indeed had an online friend or more. It was also indicated that a high percentage of people would meet their online friend from Skout. This is interesting to see because it asserts that people are indeed using this application like I use it. We like to make friends, what can I say? Here’s the link to that article from PR Newswire for you to browse in your own time and space.

What You Should Know About Popular Apps For Your Teen

Using discernment when it comes to keeping up the latest social media apps that teens are using now days, is the right thing to do. Trends vary so it may be hard to keep up, but it’s worth it to stay abreast with what’s going on in the world.

Maintaining an open line of communication is important – you don’t want to be missing in action if something that could possibly be life changing is happening to your child. Letting them know that you’ll be there for them regardless of any mishaps that come along, will assure them that they can talk to you about anything.

As a parent you can’t afford to be technologically challenged. In order to enter their world, you should insist that they download apps from your app store only and open accounts using your email address, not their own. That way you’ll receive notifications every time they download material.

Here’s a list of some apps you may not be aware of. Each app differs; certain ones that allow pictures, snapshots, or photos, and ones that are more-so text centered.

1. Omegle – which is definitely not for teen use. This app has does not require registration of any kind and is of particular interest to teens because they like the idea of maintaining anonymity. Users of this app are able to either text only or chat via video. The app is primarily used for sexual interactions.

2. Skout – allows both adults and teenagers to join. This forum gives participants the ability to post, comment on other posts, submit photos, and text. Skout can be advantageous if your kid is trying to date because it’s got a section designated for teens alone. However, ages are not verified.

Check out Skout on LinkedIn and Instagram

3. Tinder – basically this app has text ability as well as for sharing pictures. Members are able to match up with people who are closer to them. They use a system of swiping as a way to show that they like or pass on someone.

4. ooVoo – users of this app can communicate through voice, text, or video. Typically it’s kept open during homework time and can therefore be distracting. One of its advantages is that only those pre-approved on the teens list of persons who are permitted to contact them, have access.

5. WhatsApp – allows messaging via audio, visual, and text. You do have to meet the 16 years of age requirement in order to participate. There’s also an address book where you can connect with friends who have a WhatApp account.

There are many ways for your teen to get into social communities, but as long as you communicate everything will be fine.

Three Amazing Apps To Get On Your Phone Right Now

Thanks to the way smartphones have taken over the world, people can now access almost everything with a click of a button. Want to watch TV shows as you commute? There’s an app for that. Want to meet new people so you are never without friends on one of your trips around the world? You can download an app that does this, and more. While technology critics may scoff at the attention millennials bestow on their smartphones, they cannot deny that the reason why their critique is reaching so many people is because of the networked world created by smartphones and the internet.

So, what are the three essential apps you definitely need to download right now to improve your smartphone experience?

Skout – There are dating apps and then there is Skout – an app that focuses on building long term relationships between its users. Skout is the best way to meet new people and expand your circle of friends because with this app, you don’t ever need to be alone. If you want to socialize and network with new people, you can find them because this app works on the basis of your location.

It is also an amazing app for networking on a global scale. If you are used to traveling a lot, then you would be able to make friends instantly in a new city and you don’t ever have to be alone. Skout is being used by millions of people for this very reason. Unlike other social networking apps where you only get to interact with your friends online, Skout actually lets you meet them and spend time with them.

Amazon Video – An account with Amazon Video is something on a lot of people’s Christmas Wish List. With this app, you can stream a number of TV shows and movies on the go. If you are a Prime member, you don’t need to pay anything extra. Apart from that, you can also rent and buy a number of titles on Amazon. If you are a Prime member, you would also get access to a number of original series by Amazon like Transparent which recently won a Golden Globe. You would also be able to watch these shows and videos on your iPad and iPhone. Some titles can be downloaded to be viewed offline.

GoPro – If you love sharing videos on Facebook, Instagram and other social networking sites, you would love GoPro because this app lets you connect your phone’s camera directly to these accounts. This means that every time you make a video, the short clip edited by you could be shared with all your friends with relative ease and comfort. Live preview, HiLight tagging, and many other amazing features are offered with this app to make your social life better. Plus, your camera stays updated, thanks to GoPro.

With these three apps, you can take care of three major requirements of your life straight from your phone – networking with new people, catching up on entertainment, and sharing your special memories with all your friends.

Skout Allows People To Go About Dating In A New Way

Skout is an online dating service that decided that it wanted to give people a totally new way to date, and so it set out to become an app that was different from every other online dating service out there. It knew that it needed to do something fun and exciting to get people to be interested in it, so the founders of Skout on skoutorganic set out to try to come up with something fresh and new to do. And the idea that they have come up with has been something that has drawn many people in.

The way that Skout has chosen to be unique from other online dating services is in that it allows those using it to connect with people in their area. It allows them the chance to get out and flirt with some people that they may not have met, otherwise, and it allows them to have a bit of fun. Other dating sites take themselves too seriously, and that is something that Skout does not do. When someone gets on this app they can know that they will have a good time that night. They’ll be able to know that they can connect with other singles who are close by, and that will make them feel very happy.

There are so many great things about Skout and how this service operates, and people have fallen in love with it immediately, no pun attended. People are enjoying themselves when dating more than they ever have before thanks to the creativity of the people behind this app. They are happy that they can get out and date at any time that they want to, and they are excited for the chance to meet locals. No other dating service works in quite the same way, and that is what Skout wanted. It wanted to stand out as being something different.

Every business needs to have something about it that sets it apart from all others. Online dating services need to be just as unique from each other as any other company, and Skout was smart in doing something so extremely different. By allowing GPS to track where the singles are, Skout has become a service that has drawn many people in.

So, whether someone is wanting to meet their mate, they are wanting to get out and flirt, or they are just bored and looking for something to do that night, Skout will help them to do that. Skout will help them to meet someone who is already in their area and connect with them like they never would have been able to without the service.

Skout Connects You to the World

The thing that makes Skout a masterful iPhone app on and is the fact that there are so many users out there. I have used it for networking and dating purposes. I have been successful with both. As someone that works for a hotline there are moments during the day where I simply don’t have any calls. I needed a way to minimize the idle time that I had and Skout became the best way for me to do this.

This has really become my go-to when I am in line at in grocery stores check out lines. If I have to wait for a doctor or dentist appointment I will use Skout during these times as well. I think that it is the perfect app for those that have idle time because it allows you to send a wink to someone that you may be interested in starting a conversation with. I like to check out the people that are online with the pictures that they attach. I can see a pretty face and I will send a wink. Most of the times I get a reply back fairly quick. It is awesome because people will also see me online and send me winks. This makes the process of getting to know someone on the fly so easy.

In most cases I have been able to open up a session while I wait in line somewhere and connect with 3 or more people. When I chat a little, flirt and make jokes I will be able to get some information for chatting later. They understand when I say that I have to go but that I will contact them later.

Skout has some other things on the sites that require points. Some people purchase the points. I check out the advertisements and earn points for the things on this app that require points. The thing that I like to spend the majority of my points on is checking who viewed by profile. I like this because everyone that views my profile may not necessarily contact me, but I may contact them if I knew they were checking me out.

I believe that Skout can be used for a lot of different things. I have made friends, but I have also networked my way into some freelance work. This is the best thing about networking through a site like Skout. Users can get involved with the site and make some cool friends that get job leads. I like this the most because I move around a lot. When I touch down in a new city I like to know if there are any job opportunities to pursue. With Skout I am able to sort out the jobs in new areas quickly. I also find friends and learn about the best spots in town as soon as a I visit a new area. I am a big fan of the Skout app, and I recommend it for anyone that likes finding friends online.